The menstruation that can be reported to the six -year infertility can be reported. See how she loves it.

Source: Qilu Evening News

Menstruation is a female physiological cycle, and it is also a barometer for women’s health. Any small change may signaled which links of women’s bodies have problems.The thinness of the uterine endometrium, whether the endocrine is unbalanced, see the micro -knowledge, so female friends must not take it lightly about menstruation.Ms. Niu Binzhou Wudi used to go through infertility and infertility diagnosis and treatment after six years of menstruation. Finally, she finally met the moon in the clouds and won the love.Today, she welcomed Director Zhang Yanjun of the attending doctor Jinan Jiale Reproductive Hospital at home.Add Director Zhang Yanjun’s WeChat, and the reproductive experts in the province will answer your doubts.

The menstruation that can be reported by the medication allows her to be infertile after marriage

Ms. Niu, Wudi, Binzhou, Shandong, did not expect that she would encounter infertility after her marriage.Originally at the age of 22, he was married to Mr. Li, a age of 22.After the marriage, the couple began to actively prepare for their children. Ms. Niu felt that she was healthy with her husband and a young age. It would be a matter of time to ask the child.As a result, I did not expect that the expected doll could not come, and the second class could not come.In this way, after a year, the young couple couldn’t sit still, and began to go to the local hospital for treatment.

Ms. Niu who came to the hospital knew that she was her menstrual disaster. It turned out that Ms. Niu had been abnormal from menstruation since she was a small menstruation. She had to rely on drugs to come to menstruation.However, due to the lack of reproductive knowledge, Ms. Niu did not know that abnormal menstruation would affect the problem of fertility, and there was the current situation.Later, the doctors in the local hospital prescribed a lot of Chinese medicine and western medicine for Ms. Niu, but they still couldn’t get pregnant after taking it for half a year.The young couple ran a lot of hospitals for this, and even the hospital in Hebei had been there. This shake was 28 years old.

On this day, by chance, Ms. Niu chatted with her previous colleagues and accidentally mentioned her infertility problem. The colleague told her that her second child was not good at the time, and later passed the Jinan Jiale Reproductive HospitalDirector Zhang Yanjun was successful after treatment.Ms. Niu held the last line of hope and went to Jinan Jiale Reproductive Hospital with her husband to find Director Zhang Yanjun for treatment.After reading the past medical records, Director Zhang Yanjun combined with Ms. Niu’s previous medical history, diagnosing may have problems in the uterine endometrium, and there may be problems with uterine polyps.After inspection, it was found that Ms. Niu’s fallopian tubes were unsatisfactory.

Director Zhang Yanjun combined with Ms. Niu’s physical condition and related condition, and suggested that she perform minimally invasive surgery for treatment.Ms. Niu gladly agreed that she then dredged the fallopian tubes through minimally invasive laparoscopy in the uterine abdomen. It was found that there was a problem of polyps during the operation. The pathological diagnosis was not typical proliferation.Director Zhang Yanjun was specified for Ms. Niu for cyclical treatment after surgery, and it was very good for the development of follicles for two months.At the same time, Ms. Niu’s husband, Mr. Li, also cooperated with the husband and wife. After conditioning, Ms. Niu was pregnant smoothly.Ten months later, Ms. Niu successfully gave birth to a healthy boy on August 18, 2019. Grandma named him Li Lianhao, which means a man with a standstill.

It is reported that when Zhang Yanjun and his party visited the little prince of Jiale at Ms. Niu’s house, they also met an infertile patient who came from.Director Zhang Yanjun learned that the patient’s condition was very complicated, and unfortunately, because the professional reproductive hospital was not a professional reproductive hospital, it was also delayed by the condition. As a result, it was now as high as 40 years old.After pregnancy, I have never been able to go to my own child.However, because there are too few cases that patients carry with them and the check report form, Director Zhang Yanjun can only give patients some inspection suggestions. At the same time, Director Zhang told patients that the cause of infertility in the treatment of infertility was the top priority of treatment.After listening to Director Zhang Yanjun’s suggestion, the patient said that he must go to Jinan Jiale Reproductive Hospital as soon as possible to find Director Zhang Yanjun in Jinan, hoping to go to his own child as soon as possible.If you also have infertility problems, please add Director Zhang Yanjun’s WeChat, you can communicate with experts in the same time.

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