The most "big heart" pregnant mother was on fire: until the baby was born, she found that she was pregnant

It wasn’t until the baby was born that he found that he was pregnant!

This pregnant mother has been in the news because of "big heart" …

According to the Jiangsu Radio and Television General Station, Ms. Zhao in Jiangsu Province suddenly had a pain in her abdomen when she went to work. She couldn’t go to the hospital for a doctor.

In October, I didn’t feel the child. I made money in the class. By the way, I went to the hospital to have a baby?

There are really strange worlds.

It turned out that Ms. Zhao had a long -term menstrual irregular menstruation and she was fat. She was diagnosed with adhesion of uterine cavity during abortion two years ago and was not easy to get pregnant.

It is for this reason that although she did not come to the aunt for 10 months, Ms. Zhao didn’t feel a problem.

Doctors said that although patients with mild uterine adhesion are not easy to get pregnant, they may also be pregnant naturally and can give birth in full moon.

After the report was issued, the pregnant mother was so "big" that made netizens feel incredible:

"Is there no menstruation? Will there be fetal movements when pregnancy! How can it be impressed?"

"Does anyone really feel pregnant at all? I am sick when I just get pregnant."

Although the experience of this Baoma is really bizarre, it is not only she who knows that she is pregnant until the moment the child is born.

The British BBC reported such a news:

Girl Caleca is a bar manager who works for up to 12 hours a day and is usually very busy.

One morning, she suddenly felt the intermittent abdomen’s severe pain, and thought that she had come to the aunt, so she didn’t take it to work at all, ready to go to work.

It wasn’t until 2 hours later that the lower body suddenly bleed that she found out that the situation was wrong, and quickly called the ambulance.

But before the doctor arrived, Carlaica completed childbirth alone in the bathroom and successfully gave birth to her daughter Amelia.

During the whole pregnancy, Kaleka did not have any discomfort, and the weight only increased slightly. Even in 8 months, I moved the whole box of wine to climb the stairs …

Caraka did not expect that he had always been irregularly gave birth to a doll.

In fact, these "big heart" pregnant mothers are not a few.

According to media reports, one out of each 2,500 women did not know that he was pregnant until he gave birth.

One out of 500 women did not know that she was pregnant until 20 weeks.

Although these expectant mothers did not find that they were pregnant until they were about to give birth, they didn’t seem to be guilty, but in fact, there was nothing to envy.

Because for the fetus and the mother itself, the risk is not ordinary.

Take the above Ms. Zhao, for example, she was found to be found in the hospital for the early stage of high blood pressure and severe eclampsia. The doctor had to arrange a cesarean section for her.

If an accident really occurs, the consequences are simply unimaginable.

Therefore, after pregnancy, our bodies will send a variety of signals. Everyone must pay more attention, and be careful in life.

Some women have irregular menstruation, so even if the aunt does not come to visit, she will think it is normal.

But in fact, in addition to menstruation for a long time, as long as we observe it carefully, we will also find some other symptoms of the body, which also implies that it is breeding a new life.

1. Aoretseng

According to statistics, three of the four expectant mothers will feel nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

Although it is not yet clear for specific reasons, it is generally speculated that this is related to the rapid rise in estrogen in the early pregnancy.

2. Bloating

Similar to the feelings before the aunt, hormone changes caused by pregnancy can also cause symptoms of abdominal distension.

Although this feeling is not obvious, we can still feel that the clothes are more personal and the abdomen protrudes outward.

3. frequent urination

After pregnancy, the blood will increase the filtration of the kidney through the kidneys, and the speed of the bladder filling will be faster, which will cause many expectant mothers to have frequent urination.

And with the increase of the gestational week, the blood capacity of expectant mothers increase and increase the uterus, compress the bladder, and frequent urination symptoms will be more serious.

4. Fine

Suddenly, one day, we will find that we become weak and sleepy, just want to sleep.

This unknown fatigue is also one of the early pregnancy symptoms.

Generally speaking, in the second trimester (after 14 weeks), expectant mothers will be much more energetic, but this fatigue will appear again until the third trimester.

5. Breast pain

During pregnancy, the hormone level of mothers changes, and breasts will be significantly affected.

Often only for two weeks of pregnancy, we will feel breast tenderness. When the body adapts to hormone changes in the middle of pregnancy, this feeling will weaken.

6. Rise body temperature

It is also due to hormone changes, and the basal body temperature of expectant mothers will also increase significantly after pregnancy.

If we have been monitoring the basal body temperature and found that the basal body temperature lasted for 18 days, it has not declined, then it may be pregnant.


After confirming that we are pregnant, we need to pay more attention in all aspects of life, and more importantly, we need to check on time.

Therefore, although the baby knows that he is pregnant until the baby is born, it seems to be much worry -free, but the risk behind it is quite large.

I hope everyone can receive the signal of the baby’s arrival in time, don’t be too great!

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