The most annoying character of "Heart" is nearly ended.

The hit drama "Heart Live" is nearing the end, and the story of the whole drama has gradually cleared in front of us.

Like "The World", the reason why it can receive the attention of the audience is more because of the role created by the actors in "Heart", it looks like a person around us, and it is grounded.

The aunt who likes to dance in the square dance, the landlord who lives on the rent of rent, plays four or five part -time tour guides, and gives takeaway full -time mothers …

Although there are such problems, these ordinary characters often make us feel the sweetness and bitterness of life, as well as the struggle of ordinary people’s love, marriage and survival.

Of course, everyone is more than one side. Even in "The World", there is no perfect role, so is "Heart".

The episode has been played until now, and some characters are "hated".

Today, Pi Ge talked to you about the "most annoying" character in "Heart", hate each reason, and they do one more outrageous.

I hate sorting, below, we will look down from the 10th place- one by one–

10. Aunt Gu’s aunt Su Wangzheng

Aunt Gu’s aunt Su Wangxun is the typical small city.

Her son Gu Xin found a director’s daughter and bought a big house. She couldn’t wait for the people on the earth to know that every day bragged.

When her mother -in -law, she was not good at her daughter -in -law.She had a honeymoon, and she had to follow.

In order to make her eat better, Gu Xin’s daughter -in -law Ge Yan had a few more dishes, and she accused him of spending money in public.

I bought her a beautiful silk scarf. Not only did she not thank, but she also talked about it, which was really annoying.

The son took his daughter -in -law home, and she was strange to yin and yang.

In front of Ge Yan, he said that he was a "marrying son" so that Ge Yan couldn’t come down to Taiwan.

You look at Ge Yan’s eyes, and you are almost turning into the sky.

She became inflamed, she was selfish, and her snobbish eyes were gossip. When Ge Yan’s father became the director, she smiled and met her son to marry a second generation of officials every day.

However, after the people were stubborn, she said directly in front of the whole family to talk about her gossip.

She was still in front of Ge Yan and asked her dad to sit in jail.

She was also hypocritical vanity, provoking right and wrong, and when she saw Shi Yuan, she would scold a few words.

Her husband’s sister had cancer, and the whole family had the money to pay for the power to contribute to the money.

Gu Qingyu said a few words, and she asked Yin and Yang to "eat soft rice".

Ge Yan wanted to change the mattress when she was pregnant. She said that she was expensive, and then she went away, regardless of the feelings of pregnant women.

A big family eats, and he has interpreted the three words "snobbish eyes" to the extreme in the past.

With such a mother, no wonder I will teach a derailed man Gu Xin.

09. Feng Danian

Feng Danian was not Feng Xiaoqin’s brother, but Feng Xiaoqin’s illegitimate son.

However, even if you know this fact, you can’t change the child’s annoying nature.

I knew that fighting had nothing to do. I lost 50,000 yuan to the classmates. I didn’t feel bad at all. It was earned by my mother to take a takeaway.

I didn’t know my mother to go to Shanghai by myself, adding a lot of trouble to the family.

At the dining table, not only grabbing food, drop chopsticks,

Also pick three, don’t eat it, don’t eat that.

There is no ability, I have not graduated in high school, I have to stay in Shanghai, and I don’t know where the courage is from.

At the Gu family, grab snacks with children,

Grab the toilet with the old lady, not to lock the door.

Without a little politeness, several elders did not know, and they were rebellious and were not disciplined.

Feng Xiaoqin said, he could say ten words.

It is really big to jump off the building without moving.

The illegitimate child on the stall is really enough to take care of the family and Feng Xiaoqin.

08. Gu Lei

If a woman marrys a kind of investment, the investment of Feng Xiaoqin is obviously half failed.

This failure is because of his husband, Gu Lei.

Although Feng Xiaoqin initially asked Gu Lei to be a husband, just to try his Shanghai hukou, Gu Lei himself was really not angry.

The brain was full of fat, not tall and handsome, and his sister was looking for. Life was taken care of by Feng Xiaoqin. Even if he said two words, he had to write a draft in advance for him.

Even if this is the case, Gu Lei has no knowledge and talent, and does not ask for progress.

Because of the spoil of the native family, Gu Lei couldn’t listen at all. In order to urge him, Feng Xiaoqin reported him for two years. He fell well, either secretly going out to watch movies, or slipped to the Internet cafe during class.

There was no ability to take care of himself at all, and his wife broke his fingers for a day.

I knew that my daughter -in -law wanted to buy a house, and was reminded every day that it was the "top priority" in the family, but when Gu Qingyu asked him if he wanted to buy a house, he said "I don’t care" and gave his daughter -in -law and mud.

Because Gu Lei’s "seeing people talk, seeing ghosts and ghosts", the contradiction between Gu Qingyu and Feng Xiaoqin could not be reconciled, which eventually caused him to die unexpectedly in the conflict.

When I met such a mother, a woman had to drop the skin.

07. Shi Yuan’s father

In the eyes of many people, Shi Yuan’s father is a reasonable person.

He did not get angry because of the flash marriage of Gu Qingyu and Shi Yuan, but understood his son’s feelings.Faced with Shi Yuan’s mother and Gu Qingyu’s family, he has been acting as the lubricant to ease the relationship between the two.

However, when Shi Yuan and Gu Qingyu’s feelings conflicted, Shi Father finally exposed his nature.

Father Shi is an extremely hypocritical person with a set on the surface and a set behind.

Gu Qingyu secretly helped his wife to pay a large amount of kidney change and treatment. Each time he went out, he was spent. The father not only did not gratitude, but instead resented his virtue. The three views were incorrect."of.

Because of his numerous debts in cure, after Shi Yuan and Gu Qingyu were separated, he simply encouraged his son to borrow money from Gu Qingyu to repay the debt.

In the end, the ghostly pulled "a slap to make a slap", and the husband and wife of the husband and wife could not turn his spoke as a father -in -law.

His wife’s illness was not money, no one, no one was treated. Gu Qingyu helped to see the disease. He also hit a rake, thinking that this was the obligation of others.

Those who do not know how to be grateful are no wonder that they live unhappy.Shi Yuan’s father is the root cause of the increasingly declining family conditions.

06. Old lady Gu family

If it is most annoying, I think most viewers should choose the old lady of the Gu family.

Although Gu Lei’s death was unexpected, it was essentially because the whole family did not treat the daughter -in -law as their own, and the glass at the mouth of the stairs.

But after participating in the funeral of the grandson, the old lady Gu family pushed all the responsibilities to the grandson.

Not only did she accuse her of "killing her grandson" in public, but she also had to stay at home to "make her uncomfortable."

To put it plainly, it is nothing more than because their family names Gu, only Feng Xiaoqin has an "outsider". She thinks this woman is just bullying.

The old lady of the Gu family is the typical evil mother -in -law. She has served her for eight years without a sentence. After Gu Lei died, she also stabbed her in front of Feng Xiaoqin’s son.

Pushing her in front of Father Feng Xiaoqin.

Both Feng Xiaoqin and the gas should be used as a servant, and he dislikes it.

Feng Xiaoqin went out to send takeaway to make money, and she felt that they went out to find a man.

Feng Xiaoqin left some food for her sister. She scolded others to open a small stove to her family. It was really none to count who had to eat a few duck legs and duck wings.

This kind of evil grandma who does not treat Sun’s daughter -in -law as a person, it is estimated that Feng Xiaoqin’s mother -in -law’s early death could not get rid of her.

Others dare not say that the old lady Gu family must be a evil mother -in -law.

05. Shi Yuan’s mother

Shi Yuan’s family is annoying, and Mother Shi is even worse than Shi Father.

Although suffering from many diseases such as bipolar disorder and uremia, the mother has always been self -proclaimed by the sea. Although it is not as good as that, it still retains the pride of her own house decades ago.Everyone is high, and everyone is not looking at anyone. The nostrils are daily.

I always abduct my son morally.

When she learned that her son was "fake marriage" to make money, she felt a humiliating style, and said the words "Sorry for the ancestors" humiliating her son.

But their family was an ordinary working class. She owed more than one million debts because she had cured diseases, and she couldn’t pay it back. What reason did she condemn her son?

Shi Yuan is a small guide without a Shanghai account, and Gu Qingyu is an executive of a foreign company that has entered a million annual income. She also feels that Gu Qingyu is not equipped with her son.

For the first time Gu Qingyu came home, she took out her old album to show off her family and show off her tea ceremony.

When eating, Gu Qingyu and Shi Yuan didn’t know, and asked Shi Yuan’s "doll kiss" person Huang when he was young, and deliberately disgusting Gu Qingyu.

I also felt that Gu Qingyu’s marrying Shi Yuan had taken advantage of their family, which was really ridiculous.

The husband and wife quarreled, and the mother always entered first, and called the daughter -in -law "that woman".

Soon after getting married, he taught his son to "get married but can’t leave."

Gu Qingyu was optimistic about her illness and transplanted her kidneys. In order to retain their self -esteem, she also said that it was money from charitable institutions.

She fell well, and after being sick, she scolded Gu Qingyu and said the ghost of "I would rather wait".

For the first time, I met my in -laws, and they had no mouth. They both said that they were upstarts, but also said that they were just good.

The most unbearable thing is that she always takes her illness as an excuse, and her son, daughter -in -law, and husband all follow her.

Every time she quarreled, she ended with her onset.

Although it is pitiful, there is such a mother, which is not blame Shi Yuan in this way. After all, this is the same.

I don’t know if everyone can’t stand the small moves of playing with my fingers like Pi Ge’s hands.

It is unable to accept reality. It has always lived in the background of Guangzong Yaozu’s family.

04, Feng Qianqi

Feng Qianqian’s can on this list is not doubting how bad her character is, but because of her two most significant disadvantages.

The first is not independent.

Although there is no education, her sister found a good job for her through her interpersonal relationship. She has reached her age and should have moved out of her own life.

Not to mention, a little sensible girl, when her sister experienced the pain of my husband, the family should also act a little on her fame to her, but Feng Qianqian was really "parasitic".

The relationship between her sister and her family was not good. She not only asked her sister to worry about her work and life, but also provoked separation between her sister and her family.

Just one year after the death of my brother -in -law, she made her sister remarry, and her thoughts were really not simple.

The second is to be unable to grasp the degree of getting along with people.

It was her and Gu Xin.

Gu Xin is the elder brother of his sister -in -law’s house. He knows that he is a woman, and the two do not keep a safe distance.The lonely and widows in the late night ran to Gu Xin’s new house to drink. In the end, he was chaotic after drinking, causing Gu Xin to be derailed.

Not only that, she also lied to her sister and ran to Gu Xin "as if it was before."

The matter of men and women said nothing happened, Feng Qianqian was a hypocritical white lotus.

03. Gu Xin

In "Heart", Gu Xin is a flawless "scum man".

In order to climb the branches, he abandoned the skilled girlfriend Sun Qi who had been in love with him ten years, and turned to marry the director Qian Jin Geh.

Whoever wants to get married is just married, the old man was double -ruled because of corruption and bribery. Gu Xin’s Ruyi abacus declined, and he was so funeral every day, and even his wife was too lazy to comfort.

I just want to get benefits and never fulfill their obligations. Gu Xin’s ugly face is clearly exposed after the old man came out.

His daughter -in -law was pregnant for two months, and Gu Xin didn’t know that he was very clear about the movement of his ex -girlfriend.

Do not give his wife any face at home, his mother has taken several differences to his wife. He never helped her say a word.

Instead, her daughter -in -law in front of her physiological reactions counts her temper and disrespects her elders.

With a little quarrel, he was full of his predecessor, and he wanted to return to love with Sun Qi when he dreamed.

Divorce is raised by some grievances.

He did not accompany his wife’s birth check, but interacted with my ex -girlfriend Qingqing.

Graw Sun Qi in front of the foot, and lying at Ge Yan at the back.

Knowing that Sun Qi was going to Germany, he was even "derailed" and ran to the airport to retain others, hoping to start with her again.

At this point, the pregnant wife had long been forgotten by him.

After Sun Qi rejected his composite request, he hooked up with Feng Xiaoqin’s sister Feng Qianqian, and the two were still romantic overnight.

In the end, Gu Xin became a dual scum man of "spiritual derailment"+"physical derailment".

Such a scumbag is not miserable enough, but unfortunately, such a good girl with Ge Yan picked up and picked her personal scum.

In this way, some people say that his comprehensive conditions are "one thousand miles" in the blind date market.

It seems that the three views of some audiences are really crooked.

02. Feng Xiaoqin

Although in the later period of the play, Feng Xiaoqin played by Hai Qing was independent and could do it slightly, but this could not change her nasty nature.

Why do you say that?Feng Xiaoqin was originally a foreign woman. The only reason why she married Gu Lei was to see his Shanghai hukou.

Knowing that her husband didn’t ask for progress, she had to look at her husband Jackie Chan, and rushed to force Gu Lei to learn, and eventually caused a tragic disaster.

She is smart and tacky.

There were only 30,000 yuan in her hand, so she dared to borrow money to buy a house.It’s like you draw a ticket full of 10,000 minus 300, and dare to buy Maserati, and your appetite is really not small.

The most disgusted is her moral abduction method.

Although Gu Qingyu and Gu Lei are sisters and sisters, Gu Qingyu’s assets are always his own, forced his family to borrow money on himself. This method is indeed a little bit down.

Gu Qingyu did not borrow it, and she turned her head to make a public pension.

And because of the lack of money, Feng Xiaoqin’s eyes are all money. Even when he reprimanded his son, he had to use "tuition" to say things, and he valued the material too much.

Secondly, although Feng Xiaoqin has taken care of the Gu family for eight years, there is also a daughter -in -law’s daughter -in -law.

She should not pull her sister Feng Qianqian and her illegitimate son Feng Danian to Gu’s family to raise it.

Father Gu said well, a family of six, three surnames Feng, not afraid of people jokes.

Regardless of ethics or moral quality, this is a bit too much, just like taking the blood of the family and raising their own, which is no different from parasites.

In the end, the most unacceptable thing for Pi Ge was that Feng Danian, the illegitimate child of Feng Xiaoqin, had already had it before she married Gu Lei.

With someone else’s son, marrying Gu Lei, and hiding all the people of the Gu family, this behavior is simply "deceiving marriage."

No matter what the purpose is, no matter how good Feng Xiaoqin is in the future, the behavior of "deceiving marriage" is a stain that can never be washed away.

If Feng Xiaoqin’s final care of love is harvested, then Pice himself is a bit unacceptable.

01. Gu Qingyu

Gu Qingyu, the elder sister Gu family, "Xiti" was the most annoying list.

Gu Qingyu is "Heart Live", perhaps the kind of petty women in all the play.

They live gloriously, decent work, generous return, and don’t worry about eating and wearing. Opening their mouths are tens of millions of big businesses. Buying is to buy buildings where others can’t afford to buy.

It may be because of the superiority of engraving in the bones. She maintains a rational gesture of all above. No matter what she does, she is educated and the eyes of educating.

Feng Xiaoqin has taken care of the Gu family for eight years. She has lived in freedom of finance.

But whenever she raised her brother -in -law, she would challenge their marriage relationship in front of her brother.

Either teach my brother and my brother -in -law for centrifugal.

Either preset others into a bad person and make a good intention of "everything".

From the perspective of interests, Gu Qingyu was the most unbearable place.

Besides, you consider buying a house of 20 to 30 million. What can you do if you borrow one million younger brothers to buy a "old break"?

It was precisely because she was heard by Feng Xiaoqin on the "Gu family family small meeting" that she was heard by Feng Xiaoqin that her brother -in -law left home, which indirectly killed her brother.

Feng Xiaoqin will sue the court to ask the court to ask for a statement at the staircase. She questioned others for the first time: Are you for compensation?

Please, the husband who died, even for compensation, what can be questioned?

The younger brother was alive and dialed his brother -in -law’s relationship; his brother died, provoked the relationship between his nephew and mother, and never regarded Feng Xiaoqin as his loved ones in Gu Qingyu’s eyes.

As a child, Gu Qingyu not only did not bear the obligation to support, but his dad was at all.

Before she decided to marry Shi Yuan, she didn’t even tell her family, and took Shi Yuan directly to the dinner table of family dinner after receiving the certificate.

Let his dad go directly to Taiwan, and a person lives awkwardly.

When the marriage relationship is good, he kicks away the pursuit of his own, regardless of his feelings.

He quarreled with her husband, had a contradiction, and immediately disappointed with Zhan Xiang.

The two people eat hot pot and climb the mountain again.

Are you not afraid that others are gossip, and your husband Shi Yuan is not afraid?

The relationship between Zhan Xiang and Gu Qingyu is just like the relationship between Feng Xiaoguang and Zhou Rong in "The World".

Although it is not clear, for Gu Qingyu, Zhan Xiang is a tool person for a long -term spare tire plus rice ticket and emotional trash can.

If you do n’t like others, you can make it clear that if you like others, you will marry him directly and maintain an ambiguous relationship as a married identity.

The neighbors lost their things, and she suspected that Feng Xiaoqin stole it for the first time.

Knowing that her husband Shi Yuan didn’t inferiority because she made money, she just poked where she hurt, and she had to pretend to be ignored.

Although she helped Feng Xiaoqin say a lot of good words and silently cured Shi Yuan’s mother’s illness, Gu Qingyu’s role, from Tong Yao’s interpretation to the character’s characteristics, is very unpleasant.

This may be related to her, the shelf and forced grid at all times.

The ten roles are because of vividness that people are disgusted. It is because they are disgusted. After watching "Heart Live", they will gain something.

It tore the tacky and hypocritical ones, and show us the warmth of human feelings and the coolness of the world. The glory of those human nature is revealed, and the darkness naturally has nowhere to hide.

In everyone’s heart, who is the annoying character in this drama?Welcome to leave a message to discuss with Pi Ge.

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