The mother cat gives birth to a child, which will make the owner particularly excited. But will the female cat take the child in the first child?

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The female cat does not take the child in the first child. Many female cats have no experience when they have the first child. They will not give the kitten in time, and they will not take care of those constipation kittens. Most of the kittens are difficult to survive.The owner can help the female cat, comfort the female cat, and help it settle down as soon as possible with its children.

The reason why the female cat will not bring the child for the first child

In fact, most female cats may do well, but because they are the first child, many female cats can’t take care of their kittens.

Some female cats are weak, which means that after the kitten is born, the female cat cannot bring their children well.The kitten is called, and it does not care. It will not hold the kitten to warm it, and often press it to the kitten, and it will not clean the kitten.At this time, the cat mother may be afraid of kittens, and even attack and abandon their children.

Excessive maternal instincts can also cause problems. It will care too much about children. The most typical is to continue to lick their children crazy.Excessive licking the kitten may accidentally hurt the kitten and accidentally bit the kitten’s leg or tail.Some female cats show too many maternal instincts. If they over -protect the kittens, they may be too close because the kitten and the female cat are too close, so that the space is too small, and the kitten cannot eat smoothly.

The kittens are defective or abnormal when they are born. Female cats may abandon it. Some female cats even eat defective kittens, which is a primitive instinct.Don’t let the female cat less than one year old get pregnant. At this time, the cat itself is still in the stage of continuous development, and it will not be likely to bring children.

What should I do if the female cat does not bring a child for the first child?

When the female cat does not want to bring a kitten, she will ignore the child. She will not feed and will not help children lick hair and anus.If it does not want to lie with the children, scratch its belly, and most cats will lie down automatically.

If possible, let the kitten eat colostrum to enhance the immunity of the kitten.You can let the kitten close to the female cat to milk, touch the female cat in one hand, disperse its attention, and make it accustomed to the kitten’s breast milk.It is unwilling to lick the cleaning kitten, and it can apply what it likes to eat on the kitten’s buttocks, and the female cat will lick.

If the female cat does not allow the kitten to eat, you can prepare a bottle, give the kitten for some pets for pets, and eat more manual feeding every day.At the same time, use a cotton swab dipped in wet warm water to gently wipe the kitten’s anus to stimulate the kitten to discharge stools.

Also pay attention to the warmth of the kitten.

Female cats cannot be responsible, which is very troublesome for breeding people.If the female cat’s sexual instinct is not strong, it leads to some adverse consequences, to cultivate its instinct, or no longer let it breed.

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