The mother -in -law was 45 years old, and her father -in -law cried and hurriedly gave me 200,000.

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After the second child policy was opened, many of my friends moved, and my wife also discussed with me, but before we had a movement, my 45 -year -old mother -in -law was pregnant.My wife said that she couldn’t accept this fact. The mother -in -law was so old. Whether it was energy or the body, she was not suitable for the second child, but she insisted on giving birth. We all took her.Mother -in -law discussed, but the old man shook his head and said nothing.

Seeing that the mother -in -law’s belly was getting bigger, my father -in -law was anxious. When I got home from work that day, I saw my father -in -law and wife crying. I don’t know what happened. When I saw me come back, my father -in -law took out a passbook and handed it to it.I saw 200,000 when I looked at it, and my father -in -law cried and said, "This is my life savings. Now I give it to you, I blame me, I am still at this age.! "

My father -in -law’s words made me unable to touch it. My wife told me that the child in my mother -in -law’s belly was not her dad. The father -in -law said that the mother -in -law was derailed.Now she is pregnant with that man’s child. She still wants to give birth. Father -in -law is afraid that she will be confused for a while to leave the family property to outsiders. Then she is anxious to give us money.

After knowing the news, I cried and runny, and my father -in -law was honest and loyal. After marrying my wife and I, he has always been good to me. Now I am really uncomfortable for him when I encounter this kind of thing.People, housework after marriage is all father -in -law. She doesn’t care about anything. She does not cherish such a good man. Her daughter is all home and is still hacked outside. Now she is pregnant.This is only to swallow the voices. Now that the mother -in -law is still raising a fetus at home, she is unmoved to her father -in -law’s cry. His wife is so angry that she wants to pull her mother -in -law to get the fetus and was scolded by her mother -in -law.It’s really distressed but powerless.

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