The mother -in -law’s accident, the daughter -in -law "gave life" to donate blood, pushed the door the next day, but painfully chose an abortion

My husband and I were fellows. For three years, we saved money together and bought a second -hand house in the county. I didn’t give anything in my mother -in -law, because I was pregnant when I was married.The days of pregnancy are not good, because my mother -in -law refuses to give a penny and refuses to take care of me. I have to make breakfast for my family every morning to go to work. Later, I had to cook after get off work.One day my mother -in -law was angry to go shopping, and I had to let me follow her, how can I know a car accident on the way.

I called my husband and sister -in -law, but after the phone was turned on, they said that they were very busy and had no time to come.Later, the ambulance sent her mother -in -law to the hospital. The doctor said that there was no blood in the blood bank of the hospital. The woman could only donate blood to her mother -in -law in person.She can’t control her child. After all, the life of her mother -in -law is more important. Through the blood donation of women, the mother’s body has gradually stabilized.

The next day, the woman came to the hospital to visit her mother -in -law, but heard her mother -in -law saying that it was because she did not bring her wedding gift to her, so she never gave me a good look, including this, she would not give her blood transfusion.I will be grateful for me.Also, if I can’t give birth to a boy, she will drive me away.But the husband didn’t say anything in it

When the woman heard these words, she felt very chilling. She felt that her husband didn’t care about herself at all. Only her mother in her eyes was wrong for her husband, no matter what she did, it was even more sad that the woman’s mother -in -law was.There is no good to say good to the woman, and it is added with evil words

The woman who was hit by such a blow decided to abortion. She did not want to continue this bad marriage with such a passionate life child, and she didn’t take a long time with her husband for divorce after the abortion.The husband also agreed with the woman’s request.Do you think women’s approach is right?

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