The obstetric production diary of the Second Hospital of Huaxi (1) From the construction of the file to the production and the preservation process of children’s preservation

I am 41 years old and my wife is 36 years old. I have been engaged in software development for 20 years. I usually stress, I often stay up late, sitting for more than 12 hours a day, and I do n’t love sports without time.Maybe my own reasons have led to low sperm vitality and more deformed sperm, so I have never conceived a child.In fact, I also want to thank my wife and my wife at home for a long time this year. I arrange exercise time every day.We plan to go to Chengdu Xiyu Hospital for examination in June. If we have not improved in all aspects, we are ready to be artificial insemination or IVF babies.Who knows that in June, the values we went to Xiyu for inspection were all within the normal range.Then I discussed with my wife to go back and try to see if I can get pregnant naturally for two months. If I fail, I will be a IVF.

We did a check from Xiyu on June 19th. On July 11th, my wife’s menstruation did not come, but we couldn’t believe that we were pregnant so soon, so we waited until August 8th’s routine holiday.Come to go to the hospital for examination.During this period, we used two pre -pregnancy check sticks and test strip tests to show pregnancy.

From the beginning, we wanted to go to the West China Second Hospital for obstetrics for obstetrics, but because the number of Huaxi was too difficult to hang, and we must make an appointment two weeks in advance.

In the women’s and children’s hospitals, we have made a progesterone (PRGE) and human chorionic membrane to promote hormones (HCG) and liver function, as well as liver ultrasound, and determine that the wife is really pregnant.Because his wife is 36 years old, she is already a mother -in -law, and many people who see a doctor in women and children are also far away from our family. In order to see a doctor, they are more worry -free. I also decided to hang out the obstetrics of Huaxi No. 2 Hospital.Huaxi knows that it is the best hospital in the southwest. The obstetrics department of Huaxi Second Hospital is also the most authoritative obstetric clinic in Southwest China. At first, I wanted to directly hang the Huaxi Industry Department Expert Number, but I consulted my friends.It is a file number. Only when the registered successful interface is displayed after the number is registered, it will display whether it is a file built -up number.This greatly increases the uncertainty of the construction number number.Therefore, I decided to directly hang out the obstetrics of the Second Hospital of West China, because as long as the number is hung, it can be built by West China.

Only after hanging up, I knew how difficult the outpatient number of Huaxi was needed. I joined the WeChat army on WeChat at 8 am and 8 pm on WeChat from July after menstruation in July.Until August my wife went to the women’s and children’s hospital and I did not hang the special number of the Second Hospital of West China. You must know that each doctor’s archive number has a limited amount every month, and the original patient enters the hospital for a new archive number.It will be empty, so only 6-7 experts need to have only 6-7 experts in the face of thousands of demands for Chengdu every month.

I am going to find the problem to solve the problem with the special depression and helplessness.When my wife went to Huaxi a few years ago, a few oxen had a business card. We asked the price. Hangwascus required outpatient registration to register 2000-3000.This price is really difficult to accept.

So during this period, I rescued WeChat friends again. I have worked together with a friend who worked as a network security before and said that I could help me register.At that time, the time was tight, because if his wife had to build a file in Huaxi, it had to be hung to the establishment number within 11-14 weeks of pregnancy, leaving us for 5 weeks left. If the number is not available within 5 weeksSecondly, go to the maternal school to build files.Who knows that the buddies who do network security are really awesome, and they helped us hang the special number within one week after communication. It was really overjoyed. He immediately sent a 500 red envelope to express his gratitude.You must know that even if you find a scalper registration, you may not be 100 % hung up, and the time is very rushing. It seems that network technology can indeed improve productivity.

In summary, we are the experience of we need to hang out in the Second Hospital of West China. Next, I will tell the situation and expenses of the outpatient clinics in West China Coscopy, including what pits and risks we encounter, and the people I hope to see.If it is also built in West China, it can be used as a reference and avoiding risks.

I also hope that friends who have experienced the same experience can communicate and communicate together.

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