The old mother taught me to stew olive lean soup, autumn and winter children often drink less cold, moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough is effective

I can remember when they were young. As long as the three of our children caught a cold and cough, my mother would stew olive lean broth to drink for us. At that time, there was no casserole, water stew and other appliances.Olive, then put it in a large pot, stew in water, and simmer for about 2 hours.This olive lean broth is salty and sweet, light and not greasy, and you will return to sweet every time you drink the throat.Want to drink the soup stewed by my mother.

Moms, they do n’t understand the nutritional value analysis of olive lean broth at all. They are all learned from the previous generation, and then the effect is passed down from generation to generation.Children drink.In many people’s impression, olives are eaten as crickets such as honey.However, it is also very good for cooking stew soup. Different regions have different use of olives. For example, some people like to use green olives to stew soup. We often use salty olive stew soup.

It turns out that the olive vitamin C content is 10 times that of apples, 5 times that of Tao Li. Olives are also rich in vitamin E. The weather is dry in autumn and winter, and it is a good choice to eat more olives.Because olives have the effects of clearing heat, throat, and alcoholic toxication.This day, the child coughs and runny nose again. I stew the soup to drink the soup according to the method told by my mother, and write down the [Salted olive Smooth Soup] tutorial to share with you.

1 catties of lean meat and 3 olives (because I am divided into three copies for water, so prepare 3 salty olives)

Step 1: Let’s break the salty olives first so that we can taste more when stewed.If you add salty olives, don’t add more salt and chicken essence, because marinated salty olives with salty sweetness is enough to make the whole soup taste.Olives are salty, and generally 1-2 pieces can be added. If it is green olive, it can be appropriately increased according to your own taste.

Step 2: Wash the lean meat, cut the small pieces, put it in a cooking machine and stir it into a foam. I chose the forehead meat this time.It is easy to chew, and the meat will not taste too dry.You don’t have to worry about being greasy, just a little bit, will not affect the light soup base.

Step 3: Divide the lean meat into three parts into a stew pot, then add an olives to the inside, pour in boiling water, just fill in 9 points, cover the pot, put it in a water stew cooker for 2 hours.Just accept it.

Such a classic salty olive stewed skin soup is done well, isn’t the method simple?I didn’t add other seasonings, it was delicious, and children liked them.

Of course, if you feel that the stew soup is not used to drinking, dry autumn and winter is dry, and eating more green olives is also a good choice. I have sore throat and cough for a long time during pregnancy. When I can’t take medicine, I bought a lot of green olives to eat.It’s slow.This is so careful to share with you, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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