The owner accidentally let the golden retriever pregnant, and gave birth to a football team, and the owner regretted it.

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At a certain age of pets, the owner will take them to sterilize. On the one hand, for the health of pets, on the other hand, it is to reduce their burden.The chaos at night is very easy to throw up during her estrus, so many pet owners will choose to send the dogs to sterilize, which can avoid a lot of troubles.

Some pet owners feel that this approach is a bit cruel, and it is very bad to deprive them of their parents’ rights, so there is no choice of sterilization.But there has always been controversy for this topic.Xiao Li’s home had two golden retrievers. It was just a male and one mother. Seeing that the dog grew up to the age when the dog could have a baby, there was something that had troubled her, which was sterilization.Each shoveling officer has different opinions, and she doesn’t know what to do for a while.

But one day, Xiao Li found that his mother’s physical condition was a bit strange, so he took it to the hospital for examination, and then learned that it was pregnant!Xiao Li just reacted. Recently, they have been in estrus. On this day, they did not separate them to work. If you are not careful, do you get pregnant?Come down, anyway, it is also a purebred golden retriever!

Time is fast, and Golden Retriever gave birth to a nest of little milk dogs. There are 11 in total. You can set up a football team!But this made Xiao Li regret it very much, and immediately took the two dogs to sterilize.You look at so many puppies with so many mouths, the daily food costs are so expensive, and the little milk dog is noisy. He is noisy every day. Golden Mao parents are very distressed. You can only wait for the puppy to grow up.They are looking for a good family!

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