The pain that must be done during pregnancy, after the experience, it will be unloaded soon.

When I saw the two bars of the pregnancy test stick, the expectant mothers must be excited to fly, but after a few days of happiness, the various pregnancy reactions rushed up, so that you can not eat well, and sleep without sleep.EssenceAfter pregnancy, what pain must be experienced?

1. Pain of pregnancy

After pregnancy, it followed the pregnancy.The last second was good for meals, and the next second was nauseous.

In the first three months of pregnancy, expectant mothers have decreased their appetite, and their weight will grow slowly or even. This is normal, and the pregnancy vomiting situation will disappear automatically at four months of pregnancy.Of course, there are also a few lucky expectant mothers who have almost no pregnancy vomiting after pregnancy.

Second, pain of urination

Because the physical hormone changes in expectant mothers and the lower uterine increased the bladder, the number of toilets is much more than before. Every time she goes out to go shopping, search for toilets nearby.

Some expectant mothers choose to drink less water to go to the toilet, which is very wrong.During pregnancy, you need enough water to maintain your health of your own and fetus. Remember not to urinate, you should drink water when you drink water!

Third, edema discomfort

In the third trimester, not only the body is getting heavier, but also the swelling of the hands and feet.This is because the uterus in the third trimester is as large as a certain degree, which will compress the vein return, which will lead to edema.

When the body is edema, the expectant mothers are lying on the lower limbs. Properly raising the lower limbs can relieve edema. Try to use the left side sleeping position as much as possible when sleeping, which can improve the blood supply of the placenta and reduce edema.

Five, pubic pain

The uterus of the third trimester is increasing, and the pubic bone cannot bear such a heavy burden. It is prone to separation of pubic bone, leading to pubic pain, especially when bending, turning, and squatting, the pain will increase.

Pay more attention to rest, do not sit for a long time or fight for a long time. Putting a small pillow between your legs when you sleep, which can relieve pubic pain.

6. Stomach burning sensation

After pregnancy, the uterus increases the gastrointestinal and intestines, coupled with changes in the body’s hormone, the gastrointestinal motility becomes slow, the food cannot be digested in time, and the prospective mother will produce a burning sensation in the stomach.

Which one do you think is the hardest pain during pregnancy?

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