The phenomenon of get off work in the early stages of pregnancy, thought it was a aunt?Actually you have been pregnant

"My aunt hasn’t come yet, I won’t I get pregnant?" Most of the women who have a sexual life do not come on time, and most of them will think of pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, menopause is the most significant symptom in the early stages of pregnancy, so everyone thinks that pregnancy is naturally stopped.

Some pregnant moms were pregnant with a baby, but the aunt arrived as scheduled, which not only panicked the pregnant mommy.Seeing red as soon as you are pregnant. Is this a false alarm or an ominous sign of abortion?

I am pregnant, why do I still come?

Xiao Lan, who was preparing for half a year, finally got to conceive the baby she dreamed of, but the two months of pregnancy, one day she suddenly found that there was blood on the underwear? Thinking that it was easy to have a miscarriage in the first three months of pregnancy.Shocked and scared.In the tension of the whole family, Xiao Lan was sent to the hospital for examination.As a result, it was found that it was a false alarm. It turned out that the "Auntie" reported.Xiao Lan is very happy at the same time: I am pregnant, why do I still come?

Far East experts explained that the reason why the aunt usually came was because women had ovulation once a month. During this period, the functional layer of the endometrium was peeled off, which caused the wounded noodles in the palace.After the aunt, the base layer of the endometrium was divided and proliferated, moving to the wound of ulceration, and gradually repairing and forming a new functional layer.After this cycle, the ovaries are lined up once a month, and menstruation has been formed every month.After fertilization, the human body will regulate the secretion of hormones and maintain the endometrium without falling off, which will be mana.But in some cases, even if you are pregnant, there will still be a aunt patronize.

After pregnancy, the two major reasons for the aunt to patronize

If you are pregnant, your aunt may not come. So, what is the reason for the aunt to visit as usual after pregnancy? Far East experts said that there are two main reasons:

Reason one: Fertilized eggs are unstable in bed

[General situation] Auntie is a bleeding phenomenon caused by endometrial necrosis after ovulation. In a sense, the arrival of aunt is preparing for women’s uterus for pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, fertilized eggs successfully bed on the endometrium, women will not ovulate, and this preparation is not needed, so during pregnancy, menstruation generally stops.

[Special circumstances] Because the fertilized eggs are not stable, the placenta has not been formed, and it is close or to the coming day, there will still be mature eggs discharged, and then the endometrium will fall off the body."Menstruation".

Reason two: uterine endometrium falling off

[General situation] After women are pregnant, the ovaries will secrete a large amount of progesterone, estrogen, etc. to promote endometrial thickening, thereby providing a fertile "soil" for the fertilized eggs and growth.At this time, as the level of estrogen and progesterone in women’s body continued to increase, the endometrium will no longer fall off, and women will not have menstruation again.

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