The poor also want to take children to travel in the summer vacation, advise you to give up!

The biggest feeling of going to Nanjing last time with my husband was: the poor are really not suitable for travel, and suffer!

My husband told me one week in advance that he was going to Hangzhou to travel on a business trip. After returning to Nanjing, I could go to Nanjing to play with him on Saturday and Sunday.Money.

Later, my husband told me that he was a member of Rujia. We can set a hotel around an attraction. About 200 yuan, it is equivalent to me, and it costs about 500 yuan, and we can play Nanjing for two days and nights.

What I didn’t want to go, as long as the husband said that it only took 500 yuan to play, it was still very exciting.

I still couldn’t help it on Friday night, and told my husband that I would play on Saturday and asked him to set the tickets and hotels.On Friday night, I started searching on my mobile phone. Where is Nanjing fun, what are delicious, I can’t sleep at night.

After all, I have been married for six years, and I only went to Xiamen for three days for a honeymoon. Later, I was preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy, and giving birth to children. Now my child is six years old.This idea.

After all, travel is a matter of laborious and laborious. Thousands of dollars are enough for a few months of living expenses, but when my husband says 500 yuan to travel, to be honest, I still move the heart of my poor tourist.

Originally planned to bring the child, her husband said that the weather was hot, and in the end he was carrying a bag to Nanjing.At the moment when I got out of the car with my husband, my heart was full of excitement, and I told her husband full of strategy.

We got out of the car, went straight to the hotel, took things to the hotel, and went to Nanjing’s first stop -Lao Mendong. According to the online description, it was a place to eat, drink, and play.

When my husband and I came there, my stomach gurgled hungry, and I didn’t want to go inside at all. My husband said to eat first. As a result, we ordered 38 bowls of family portrait duck blood fans. My husband ordered an egg fried rice.A cup of sour plum juice spent 70 yuan in total. To be honest, it feels very expensive, the weight is not much, and the price is not cheap.

When we finished eating, we found that we were suffering.There are a lot of snacks in it, the price is not very expensive. We should go in at that time, and we would not buy this thing at 70 yuan. The key to go to Nanjing to eat egg fried rice. It is estimated that I and my husband.

I remember that the sun was very large and hot that afternoon. The two of us kept buying drinks, milk tea, and ice cream for one or two hours. The last was tired, and it was full of sweet taste.

Then I proposed to change the attraction-Xuanwu Lake.

When we went, it was two noon. There was no one at the Xuanwu Lake. Only a few rowers were training. The sweat was soaked. The two of us also dripped their hair. In the end, there was no way.After sitting for half an hour, I saw a place where couples took pictures and feed pigeons.

Starting to continue to change the attraction-Muzi Temple, they all said that the night scene was beautiful, but when we went, the night scene had not yet come out. Only the people coming and going, there were many people and livelyThere are salt water ducks everywhere. We planned to buy it and take it back. When we saw the plastic packaging packaging, it was still possible to think about it.

I originally planned to find a specialty at Muzi Temple, but found that there seemed to be nothing to eat. My husband suggested that we wait for the night while eating.But I couldn’t lift my feet tired. He saw that I was weak. In the end, our consistent thought was to go back to the hotel to take a takeaway.

On the way back to the hotel, we saw the stalls in Nanjing. The two hurriedly got out of the car and spent 200 yuan. After eating a barbecue, we saw only 900 meters from the hotel.Point fees.

After returning to the hotel, my husband asked me where to go the next day. I did not hesitate to go to the Nanjing Museum. As a result, I saw a ticket to make an appointment on the Internet. As soon as I opened it, I gave the appointment a week later.Disappointed.

I had breakfast the next morning, saw the dark clouds in the sky, and told my husband: I want to go home and miss my children.

Because the ticket was booked in the afternoon, my husband quickly changed the ticket and changed to 12 noon. We spent 70 yuan and ordered a McDonald’s packet as his own lunch.

So two days and one night. After calculating, we stayed in 200 and spent about 400 yuan. In fact, I did n’t dare to eat it, and I did n’t buy some souvenirs of scenic spots. My husband spent 15 yuan and bought a fan to prove that he had come. Really, it ’s really.It was a poor swimming for two days.

I said angrily to my husband, don’t call me in the future, it is not fun at all.My husband said with a smile, and we are still too poor. When I have money, we must take you and my son to the hotel in the scenic area. You can watch the sea at the hotel and run on the beach. There are thousands of dollars a night.

I said he was dreaming, so expensive, and it was necessary to go?

Husband said: This idea is gone, how do you live?Poor is temporary, but there must be no passion and beautiful fantasy of life.

Therefore, if there are not many holiday budgets, it is not recommended to take the child to go out to play, spend money, don’t spend money and feel sorry for the child, it is better to buy a ticket for the child near home.Go home that day, adults and children are happy.

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