The pregnancy test stick shows two lines, but the doctor said that it may not be pregnant. What should I do next?

During the pregnancy, the woman found that her aunt was a little late this month, and she was a little excited. Is she pregnant?Hurry up to buy a pregnancy test stick to test for a while, but here is a thing that hit everyone, and sometimes the two bars cannot be said to be pregnant. Let’s take a look at it?

After pregnancy, the HCG level will rise, and it can determine the chance of pregnancy by detecting it.This is the first thing that many women will do. After seeing the results, they are secretly happy. Maybe they can’t help telling others to share joy together.

But don’t treat it as a golden test standard. Its accuracy is between 85%-95%and is careful.There is still a degradable pregnancy test stick. After using it, you can throw it directly to the toilet and wash away, which greatly protects people’s privacy.

How to use the pregnancy test stick?What do you think?Why is a dark color and light color?

The method of use is relatively simple. Open the packaging bag, take a pregnancy test stick with one hand, and then urinate in the urine absorption hole. You must ensure that the pregnancy test stick is exposed to urine. If the contact time is not enough, the detection may be wrong.After waiting for about a minute, there will be a comparison line. Seeing one or two, you can probably know the result.

Remind everyone, it is best to use the first urine test in the morning, the accuracy is higher.If there is no display for more than 3 minutes, it may be that the test strip is invalid, and it is recommended to re -test.

If you are pregnant, two clear lines will be displayed, but some people find that the two bars are different in depth, and they ca n’t figure out whether they are pregnant.

The chance of pregnancy is about 50%, and it is necessary to re -test to determine. Generally related to the three reasons:

In the early pregnancy, the HVG level has not risen to high, so the test strip can not be detected, and you can wait about one week before testing.Some women’s menstruation was postponed for a day or two, and it was difficult to test it.

It is also possible that the detection method is wrong, such as the time mentioned above is too short, or wet the observation window, and so on.The reason why you recommend that you wake up in the morning, it is because the first urine concentration is high, and it is easier to find out. If it is tested after drinking a lot of water, it may not be accurate.

Another point is that if female friends usually take certain drugs or have special diseases in their bodies, they often affect the test results.

Show two bars, must it be pregnant?Don’t be too happy first

As soon as some women saw two bars, they thought they had "won the prize", but the doctor poured cold water and said that it might be deceived.

First of all, you must determine whether the test strip is effective and whether the operation is wrong. Even if there is no problem with the test strip, there is no problem with the operation. The accuracy rate of the pregnancy test stick is not 100 %. Be careful not to be deceived by it.If the test strip is useless, the response is not complete, and the accuracy rate will not be guaranteed.

Secondly, not only pregnancy, but also other diseases will also affect the indicators. If you finally exclude pregnancy, don’t forget to check for the reason for finding.For example, breast cancer, cervical cancer, rheumatism, ovarian cysts, etc. These diseases may affect the HCG level.

Regardless of the test results, everyone now wants to know whether they are pregnant, so you should take a blood test and do B -ultrasound, but if you are just pregnant, the B -ultrasound may be unclear.

Really pregnant, the doctor will pay attention to HCG doubled. Do n’t be too excited, just take care of your body. What to check and listen to the doctor.When you do the B -ultrasound after six weeks, you can see where the fetus is, and then you can see the fetal buds and fetal hearts at one time. After 12 weeks, the postpartum inspection is officially checked.

Tell everyone a cold knowledge, men can also use pregnancy test sticks

It can indicate the risk of testicular cancer, but generally no men will think of self -testing with the pregnancy test stick, unless you know this knowledge in advance.

Pregnancy not only requires women to be in good health, but also requires men. If men are unfortunately suffering from testicular cancer, it will definitely affect fertility.However, the incidence of testicular cancer is relatively low. Many people lack their understanding of it, and it is easy to ignore its symptoms. Here you remind you of male friends that if you find that the testicles have swelling, signs of swelling, and even when walking, you can feel the pain.Check in time.

What are the precautions in life after diagnosis?

After knowing that you should add folic acid after you are pregnant, consult a doctor for specific costs.Some women will take care of the medicine imported from abroad. One bottle of one or two hundred pieces is actually not necessary, because the effect is the same. If the effect is the additional effect, it is better to buy some fruits, vegetables, eggs and milk that you like to eat.Essence

There is no need to adjust too much in the diet, and you don’t need to add it deliberately. If the body is not bad, it can be maintained, and the nutrition can be appropriately increased in the middle and late stages.Pregnant women are easy to be hungry, and eat less meals to prevent blood sugar from soaring. If the fetus grows too big, it will not affect childbirth.

Early vomiting is always vomiting. You can eat some honey, jujube, Xi Mei, Xingzi, etc. to help improve your appetite. Do not limit too much. Except for alcohol, caffeine, moldy food, etc., you must not be eaten.Act.

There should not be too much exercise in the early stage, but when the mid -term is relatively stable, it can be appropriately exercised, which can help enhance bone density and reduce knee pressure. At the same time, it can increase skin elasticity, consume excess fat, and prevent gestational diabetes.

If you have worked hard for a few months, you must want to receive good news, but don’t patronize the excitement. First, tell the true and false, and then say that when the B -ultrasound comes out, it is true that you are really pregnant.Late.

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