The pregnancy test strip is done by oolong. In fact, there are indeed the results of fake pregnancy in three cases.

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Immediately, the May Day holiday is. For me, I have no plan to go out and always do full -time mothers at home.But it is always a holiday, and it is okay to cooperate with the child to show a happy appearance.

Just when Dabao and I discussed his holidays halfway, one of my friends sent me a video invitation to me. When I was connected, I suddenly thought that she told me that I was going to the hospital this morning to do a B -ultrasound.See how the fetal baby is almost two months old.

Because of the problem of the fallopian tube, this friend had a good result in order to have suffered a lot, and this time finally had a good result. It was really gratifying.

"How about the baby?" As soon as my words fell, I found that her eyes were red, swollen and swollen, and suddenly I regretted my recklessness and didn’t dare to speak.

Sure enough, she choked and said that B -ultrasound did not find embryos, that is, she was not pregnant at all.

Then, she wiped her tears and continued to ask me: "But why did I use 2 pregnancy test strips, both of which were two bars!"

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Suddenly when I first discovered that I was pregnant, I was also the result of the pregnancy test paper.At that time, I was a little red. When I went to the hospital to see the doctor, I said that there was a pregnancy and redness. The doctor told me very disapprovingly: The test strip was not authoritative. It was not that you can prove that you are pregnant with two bars.Still make the final diagnosis through blood drawing and B -ultrasound.

At that time, I thought, since the test strip is not accurate, why should I sell it?

Later, she deliberately found a aunt of the obstetrics and gynecology department. Her explanation made me open:

The pregnancy test strip mainly detects a chorionic gonadotropin (that is, HCG).

During pregnancy, a woman will secrete a hormone that is not available on weekdays, that is, the choric membrane promotes gonadotropin. This hormone starts with the fertilized eggs and the placenta is formed.HCG is maintained at that level.

HCG in the blood can be checked 11 days after bed, and HCG in urine needs 12-14 days to detect it.The pregnancy test strip is designed according to this principle. To concluded that everyone knows that when two bars appear, it means that I am pregnant.

The accuracy of pregnancy test strips is about 90%. The advantage is convenience. You can make preliminary judgments at home at home, but this is by no means the final judgment.The B-ultrasound requires 5-6 weeks of pregnancy to see the embryo sac, so in the middle period, if you want to determine whether you are pregnant or not, it is best to go to the hospital for a professional blood test test.

In these three cases, the pregnancy test strip is the most likely to cause errors-

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Whenever there are detailed instructions in the pregnancy test paper, it is best to take out the test strip within the specified time according to the requirements of the instructions to see the results within the specified time.Because if the test strip is soaked for too long and the urine volatilizes, sometimes it will give the second weak positive line, causing false positive results.drug

I used to know a very young girl. She was more depressed after breaking up with her boyfriend. After using this incorrect pregnancy test method, she always thought that she was pregnant.Dare to tell my parents that there are all the thoughts of life.

Later, I had a good persuasion and promised to accompany her to abortion.As a result, the night when I talked to her, she suddenly told me that she was "big bleeding" … I scared me to take her to see the emergency department. Later, she knew it was her holiday.The correct pregnancy test model made us make a big oolong and left the hospital embarrassed.

Fortunately, now this girl is happy and happy, because she has experienced it, so cherish everything!

There are also some active pregnancy couples. Doctors will suggest that their wives take some progesterone. Some of these drugs will contain HCG. If you use pregnancy test strips during the medication period, you may get pregnant fake news.This is because the HCG increases due to taking drugs in the body, but it is not HCG generated by pregnancy.

Similarly, generally postpartum or after abortion, the HCG content in the body will last 4-6 weeks.This may also be because the placenta is not completely excluded after postpartum or abortion. As long as there are residual placenta tissues in the uterus, HCG will be available.Therefore, if you are worried that you will have a pregnancy test paper again, you may also have the result of fake pregnancy.

This is a kind of oolong about pregnancy test strips. Fortunately, there is a small chance.Because the chemical reagent in the pregnancy test paper has a certain shelf life, the chance of false positive after the shelf life is very high.

Therefore, it is recommended to prepare for pregnant mothers. Do not save a lot of test strips at home at one time.In case the shelf life is used again, you will get false information without knowing it!

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In fact, there is another kind of oolong situation about test strips.

Usually the probability of abortion in the early pregnancy is 20%. During this period, the abortion situation is mostly due to the survival of the fittest that occurs in the unhealthy embryo, so many people who have occurred in early pregnancy and do not know.Bleeding naturally thought it was postponed.

Although only a few days of pregnancy, it will also cause HCG to change. If you use pregnancy test strips before abortion, there are indeed two bars, and then a holiday.Essence

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Therefore, if the unborn mothers who are preparing for pregnancy are detected with two bars at home, they may wish to go to the hospital for a confirmation!Everything is correct, and nourish the fetus at ease!

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