The pregnancy test will also play "scammer"!What’s the problem?

Menstruation has been postponed for a few days, is it pregnant?What people think of is to test it with a pregnancy test stick to see if it is the winning prize.One test, two bars, happy to fly, but after a period of time, it was a bar. Why?

This test result does not mean that you are pregnant, and there is a situation that the pregnancy test stick is wrong.What?Will there be errors in the pregnancy test stick?Yes, although the accuracy of the pregnancy test can reach 80%, the accuracy is still quite high, but after all, the accuracy rate is not 100%.

In the following situations, the test results of the pregnancy test will also make mistakes.

First, the pregnancy test stick expires.The pregnancy test stick also has a shelf life, not to say that I have been putting it after buying, thinking that it can be used for use.If it expires, it will affect accuracy.Therefore, you must look at the shelf life before use.In addition, it is best to go to a regular pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick during the shelf life.

Second, the test time is relatively long.In theory, the pregnancy test stick was detected by urine after 7-10 days delayed menstruation.Because it is tested through urine, it is inevitable that there will be too much urine and too long soaking.If the soaking time is too long, it will also affect the test results.It is recommended to read the instructions properly after careful reading.

Third, women’s own disease.The pregnancy test stick is determined by detecting the chorionic gonad hormone in the urine to determine whether it is pregnant.If a woman suffers from ovarian tumor -related diseases, biochemical pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, and hormone drugs, hormone imbalances will also occur, which will lead to two bars in the pregnancy test stick.

This can be seen

Two bars 妥 妥 Pregnant pregnancy!

Don’t forget to go to the hospital for an early pregnancy examination ~

"Leave" or "flow" must make a decision early

There are many ways to get early pregnancy examinations, such as blood test or B -ultrasound examination.The testing time for different testing methods is different. When the early pregnancy check time depends directly on the early pregnancy check method you choose.

1. Early pregnancy examination can exclude the error of the pregnancy test stick

When the results of the pregnancy test stick test are uncertain, the blood drawing examination is more accurate.The HCG concentration in the blood is higher than the urine, and it can be measured earlier and more accurately.

2. Early pregnancy examination can exclude abnormal B -ultrasound in early pregnancy and pregnancy mainly to help eliminate abnormal pregnancy.You can also check the development of the embryo, including the size and position of the fetal sac, whether there are fetal hearts.

3. Early pregnancy examination can determine whether the baby is good for women who have had a history of abortion, and have an important role in blood testing, indicating whether there is a threatened abortion.

Therefore, if you want to confirm whether you are really pregnant, you still have to go to the hospital to find a doctor to test the blood or do a more accurate examination. Only the doctor will give the most accurate judgment and suggestions.In addition, you can also intervene early when other adverse situations occur.

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