The pregnant mother dreams of a big python every day, and firmly believes that she will have a son. Doctors: These kinds of fetal dreams are not a good sign.

Regarding "dreams", everyone’s understanding of it is different. Some people feel that dreams are just thoughts and nights.Some people think that dreaming is normal, sometimes a manifestation of sleep quality.For ordinary people, they don’t care too much about their dreams, but there is a group of people who are very deeply deepened by their dream research, that is, pregnant mothers, for them, this is the so -called "fetal dream"Essence

The pregnant mother dreams of a big python every day, and firmly believes that she will have a son

About three months ago, there was a pregnant mother in the Bao Ma group of Happy Guo’s mother, saying that she dreamed of a big python every day.Although, every time I fight with the big python in the dream, I can’t be tired, but the pregnant mother firmly believes that she will have a son, and the son is more difficult to entangle in the future, and the mother needs to educate carefully.

The pregnant mother often has such a fetal dream, and she wants to explore the doctor’s tone by doing B -ultrasound.When the doctor heard the pregnant mother telling her wonderful fetal dream, she asked a few words, and then said to the pregnant mother, "You are not a good sign, you have to pay more attention to sleep quality."

The pregnant mother didn’t take it for granted at the time, but only felt that the doctor was unwilling to tell the gender of the fetus.In the next few months, the pregnant mother felt that she was getting more and more tired. I didn’t rest enough rest. In the end, a daughter was produced prematurely a few days ago.

What is more funny is that the pregnant mother still insists that her son is pregnant very much, thinking that the doctor sees the wrong gender.Then the doctor told her: "First of all, the baby dream is inaccurate. Secondly, there is a part of your premature birth because you do too much dreaming."

Doctor: These "fetal dreams" are not good signs

1. "Frequent" fetal dream

If there is really a so -called fetal dream, then the dream of this fetus should be very deep in the mind of the pregnant mother. There will be no other types of dreams to disturb the pregnant mother’s fetal dream.And, fetal dreams should be warm and comfortable.

If the pregnant mother always dreams frequently, every time the dream is particularly long, and the scenes they dream are the same for a while, it is likely that the pregnant mother has poor sleep quality.

A good quality of sleep plays a more important role in the health of the pregnant mother and the health of the fetus.If you dreamed frequently, it has affected the rest of the fetus. In severe cases, premature birth or even abortion may be induced.

2. "Stimulate horror" fetal dream

Sometimes Xingguo’s mother watched horror movies, and then she dreamed of some stimulating horror scenes and events at night.After being awakened, he couldn’t sleep, and was dominated by fear.Occasionally a dream of stimulating horror may be caused by being scared during the day, but if it is always a dream of stimulating horror for a pregnant mother, then this is not a dream, but a pregnant mother in the usual lifeMood and mood are too nervous.

Generally speaking, pregnant mothers live in a more noisy environment or a harmonious environment, which is easier to have such a dream.In this case, pregnant mothers must learn to relax, otherwise they will not only increase the probability of premature birth and miscarriage, but also have a certain impact on the physical development of the fetus.

3. "anxiety" fetal dream

Happy Guo’s mother remembers a lot of dreams at the time when she was caring.And often dream that the child is born suddenly, or he can’t find his own child. After waking up, he finds that he sweats and touches his stomach to be a little relieved.

For the first time in October, many pregnant mothers are mothers for the first time, and they will always be particularly nervous about their children, so they will have some anxious fetal dreams.If the pregnant mother has such a dream for a long time and the mood is not soothing, the fetus may also develop slow development and malnutrition.

Good sleep is not only important to pregnant mothers, but also more important to the fetus. If there are these three kinds of fetal dreams in the dreams experienced by pregnant mothers, it is not a good sign for pregnant mothers and fetuses.Adjust your status, emotions, etc. in time.Happy Guo’s mother has several small suggestions here, hoping to be useful to pregnant mothers.

1. Don’t "full" before going to bed

Many pregnant mothers become particularly good after pregnancy, and even wake up in the middle of the night.In any case, pregnant mothers should not be too full before going to bed. Too full will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, and it will also increase the burden on sleep, which is prone to dreaming and other phenomena.

2. Don’t cover "heavy quilt"

When sleeping, if you press your arms on your chest, it is easier to dream.There are similar effects to the arms, which is a relatively heavy quilt.This may not exist in summer, but in winter, pregnant mothers can choose a lighter down quilt instead of a very heavy old cotton quilt.

3. Appropriate exercise and more fragrant sleep

When people are a little tired, the quality of sleep will be higher. For pregnant mothers, they cannot do too much exercise too much, but as long as the exercise is appropriate, it will also promote sleep better.

4. Sleep daily "appropriate amount"

Some pregnant mothers have done nothing since pregnancy, and they have been sleeping and sleeping all day.Or some pregnant mothers are still working, and there are relatively few rest time.Whether it is too much sleep or too little, it will affect the quality of sleep, so it is best to sleep well every day and maintain stability.

5. The indoor temperature is appropriate

If the indoor temperature is overheated or too cold, pregnant women will have discomfort.Especially now it is a hot summer. If the temperature is too high, the pregnant mother is squeezed in the lungs, and it is more difficult to breathe fresh air, which will be boring and easier to have nightmares.

In the end, Xixin Guo’s mother had something to say: The reason why many pregnant mothers believe in the dream of fetal dreams are mainly due to your concern for the fetus.However, pregnant mothers also need to remember that the fetal dream is often not allowed. You can use the dream of fetal dreams as a topic of recreational chat, but don’t care too much about the final result.As a pregnant mother, the most important thing is during pregnancy, so that you have a good sleep, so as to give the fetus a better rest environment.

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