The pregnant mother feels all kinds of gastrointestinal discomfort without paying attention. The most obvious summer. What should I do?

At noon today, a heavy rain came, and the power of the sun was washed. The wind from the balcony window was a bit clear. At this time, a nap was really comfortable.Holding Xiaobao and pulling a thick curtain, when he was drowsy, the mobile phone rang uniformly.The cousin during pregnancy gave me a serial call.After picking up the phone, I heard my cousin crying at the end of the phone and couldn’t get angry: "My stomach hurts severe, I guess the baby can’t hold it! Sister, are you coming!" Ah?Yesterday, I accompanied my cousin in August to do pregnancy examinations. Everything was so good. Why did you suddenly say that the baby had a problem?While trying to comfort my cousin, I asked her to rush directly to the hospital according to her situation, or called an ambulance; and made an appointment with her to go directly to the hospital to register and wait for her.

Soon, she saw her pale cousin covered her belly, and came down from the car with her brother -in -law’s help.It only knew that in the morning, she felt a bit too hot, so she ate a piece of ice cream. At that time, she ate very comfortable. As a result, she started to feel uncomfortable after eating.She quickly drank some hot water, but felt that her stomach became more and more painful.This was panicked, especially afraid of the baby in the stomach.After walking the green channel, I went to the doctor as soon as possible.The doctor first checked the various situations of the baby’s baby, and affirmed that the baby was normal. No matter whether the fetal heart or state, there was no slightest problem.Then I asked the cousin in detail. Finally, under the comprehensive consideration of several inspection documents, I determined that the cousin was just a gastroenteritis that was cold and cold and cold.Fortunately, it’s a virtual shock!

For pregnant mothers, summer is the season when gastritis, gastric pain, gastroenteritis and other are easy to attack. The resistance of pregnant mothers is weak, so it is necessary to pay more attention to the maintenance of the stomach.[Reasons why pregnant mothers are easy to be uncomfortable with the stomach]] 1. After hormone changes are pregnant, female hormones will have severe changes.The progesterone in hormones can make the gastrointestinal tract of pregnant mothers slow down, the tension becomes less, and the time for emptiness will easily cause constipation and cause abdominal discomfort.2. Organic compression Due to the greater uterine during pregnancy, the uterine becomes larger, and the gastric and intestinal organs are oppressed, causing the stomach and intestinal organs. While the gastric and intestinal organs are shifted, the original ligament will be pulled, and it is easy to be easyMakes pain in the abdomen.3. Blood -effect women increase their blood flow during pregnancy, and blood flows into the uterus in large quantities to provide the nutrients needed for fetal growth. Under the results of the blood flow effect, the abdomen becomes uncomfortable.

[How to deal with the gastrointestinal discomfort of pregnant mothers] During the pregnancy, the functions of women will change all aspects of the body during pregnancy. If the diet is not controlled, they often overeating according to their own feelings.Lienal, indigestion, loss of appetite, etc. It is also common for gastrointestinal discomfort.Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay special attention to protecting her fragile stomach, and they are also protecting the health and safety of the baby baby!1. Reasonable diet for pregnant mothers should be timed, quantitative, and fixed.Of course, you can also eat 4-5 meals as needed a day. Eating less meals is also a very correct choice for pregnant mothers.But it is best to control for 30 to 60 minutes.The process of eating should be calm and happy.Three meals should not be ignored or merged.Pregnant mothers should pay attention to nutritional balance, eat more vitamin -rich foods to help protect the gastric mucosa and improve their defense capabilities, and promote the repair of local lesions; eat more fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables.2. Proper exercise is very good for gastrointestinal motility. For pregnant mothers who are very prone to gastrointestinal discomfort, do not lie directly on the bed for a while after meals.Especially after dinner, walking and relaxing are very good for promoting digestion, so that gastric acid will not go up.However, it is not possible to exercise vigorously after a full meal. The severe exercise will stop the stomach and intestines. Although the stomach is resting, a large amount of food does not digest in time, which will cause indigestion.3. Adjusting the diet of pregnant mothers should be warm, soft, light, vegetarian, and small. Pay attention to avoid mouth.Although it is a hot sun now, the more this time, the more you ca n’t be greedy, and you are not afraid of ice cream, cold drinks, and so on.After satisfying the libido, it severely hurt the health of the stomach and intestines.Therefore, pregnant mothers try not to eat too much foods such as cold, too hot, too hard, too spicy, and sticky; eat more digestible foods, eat less cold foods such as lettuce.To eat less meals and quantitative time, so that foods and gastric acid are often neutralized in the stomach, preventing gastric mucosa and ulcer surfaces, which aggravate the disease.If pregnant mothers have severe gastric discomfort, they should seek medical treatment in time.In addition, it is recommended that pregnant mothers drink a cup of yogurt, yogurt and other daily fermented dairy products every day.4. Keeping warmth in the stomach. As the organs of the human body, the stomach does not have muscles and fat outside the outside. It is the most organs surrounded by the appearance.When the human body is stimulated by cold air, the secretion of gastric acid increases a lot, and spasm contraction of the gastrointestinal and intestines causes stomach pain, indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the warmth of the stomach.In addition, pregnant mothers who have gastric disease themselves, if you can’t learn from gastritis or gastric pain caused by pregnancy, it is recommended to go to the hospital to prevent gastritis from worsening.5. Whether the stomach is healthy is also very related to mental factors.Excessive mental stimuli, such as long -term tension, fear, sadness, depression, etc., can cause the functional disorders of the cerebral cortex, promote vagus nerve dysfunction, cause gastrointestinal blood spasm contraction, and then induce gastritis and gastric ulcers.Therefore, pregnant mothers usually have a happy spirit, cheerful personality, strong will, and be good at liberating themselves from the predicament.This will also help the improvement of your gastrointestinal and intestines!

Many pregnant mothers spit out that they would have stomach pain, bloating, and uncomfortable stomach during pregnancy.This is normal, and it has a lot to do with the changes in hormones during pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant mothers must learn to adjust themselves, pay attention to diet, ensure three meals, and exercise in moderation. It can effectively prevent and relieve stomach pain.As for the healthy babies of the baby, as long as the pregnant mother is in time for check -up, and can insist on recording the fetal movement or listening to the fetal heart in the third trimester, he will definitely grow up healthily and happily in his mother’s belly, waiting for the mother and child (female) to meetThat day.Therefore, if the pregnant mother encounters the situation where she feels uncomfortable, don’t panic, or immediately fall into a pessimistic, panic.Believe in the strength of the baby’s baby, and also believe that you can provide the best growth space for the baby.Pregnant mothers are waiting for the baby’s baby with the most sincere love!Disclaimer: Reprinted this article is out of the purpose of passing more information.If there is an error or infringe on your legitimate rights and interests, the author is requested to contact the ownership certificate with this website. We will correct and delete it in time. Thank you.(Article source: Momo’s quiet years)

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