The pregnant mother has three feelings, or the signal of "hungry" of the fetus reminds you to add more nutrition

Pregnancy is a very sacred and amazing thing. A small life breds growing up in the mother’s belly. During the birth of October, he was living with him.I was perceived by my mother.

For his healthy growth, mothers also eat a variety of nutrients during pregnancy, so that he can develop normally and the birth of healthy and healthy. Although he can’t see it, he will actually give it in his stomach.Moms pass on some signals, which requires pregnant mothers to observe carefully and perceive correctly.

After the Wenwen and her husband got married, the two went to work in Beijing together and rented a house over there. After a while, Wenwen was pregnant and concentrated on raising the fetus at home.It’s okay, so I didn’t let them take care of themselves, so I lay at home at home every day and went out to take a walk with my husband at night.

After pregnancy, because I was more drowsiness, Wenwen often got up at noon, and had hardly eaten breakfast. I had some things at noon, and when my husband came back at night, he would take a serious meal together.

For the first time, Wenwen felt the fetal movement for the first time.During this period, Wenwen regularly checked, and the children were very healthy. The doctor said that Wenwen was too thin and should be supplemented. Otherwise, the child would lack nutrition. Wenwen promised, and he didn’t take it seriously.

Seven months old, the little guy often kicked Wenwen in it, making Wenwen laugh, and felt that this was a naughty child, but one of them suddenly felt that the baby in the stomach was quiet at noon.There was no movement until night.After her husband got off work, Wenwen cried, thinking that he had stopped his fetus, and hurried to the hospital for examination.

As a result, the doctor reprimanded the Wenwen. The child was fine, but the irregular dietary habits of Wenwen could not keep up with the nutrition in the belly, and the baby in the belly was two weeks younger.Eat on time, pay attention to nutrition, and then go home after prescribing some medicine.After returning home, Wenwen called her mother -in -law to cook for himself. Three meals a day did not dare to neglect until the baby was healthy.

It can be seen that the baby in the stomach during pregnancy will directly affect the diet of pregnant mothers. You must know that he can obtain the nutrition of the mother through the umbilicus, and the pregnant mothers must pay attention to their diet!

If the active baby is suddenly quiet, Baoma should pay attention.Each Baoma can clearly understand the frequency of fetal movement in the belly, or a certain regularity every day. If you feel that the fetal movement is not as frequent as usual at some point, it may be that he has consumed his energyAfter all, and the nutrition in the uterus is no longer supplied, at this time, the mothers need to supplement their nutrition in time to "cheer up" for the baby in the stomach.

On the contrary, the baby, which has always been fetal movement, suddenly became very restless within a period of time, which is also the "hunger signal" sent by the baby to you.Under normal circumstances, the baby’s fetal movement is the rhythm within a range, but when he is hungry, he suddenly moves and practiced "Sanda" in his stomach."To eat", maybe when you eat something at this time, you will be quiet.

Sometimes not only the baby feels hungry, but the pregnant mother suddenly feels hungry and panicked. Maybe at this time, the nutrients in the body are really serious.Many pregnant mothers may have this experience. Occasionally they ca n’t stand hungry at night. They are anxious to fill their belly. At this time, the nutrition of the mother’s body is exhausted.Need to add some foods in time.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should feel the baby’s changes carefully and carefully, and pay attention to supplementing nutrition daily. So what do you need to do?

Eat less.Do not take too much food every day, but it is balanced and can be divided into a few meals. This can better consume nutrients and not get fat.

Check on time.Go to the hospital regularly to do the checkup, listen to the doctors’ suggestions, clarify their own situation, and be targeted.

Do not consume junk food too much.Although these foods are delicious, they do not contain their body nutrition, but they will have the risk of getting fat. It is also very unfavorable to the fetus. It is possible to properly solve it. Don’t be greedy.

Cherish the time when the baby is in combination with himself, carefully feel the changes in each day in the stomach, ensure the balance of the mother’s nutrition, and let him grow up healthy!

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