The pregnant mother thinks that the more the baby eats, the healthier the baby, the result is a huge child, and the family collapses.

Xiaoli is a pregnant woman who loves sweets very much, and her family takes care of her needs.She was very poor at home when she was born, and her parents could not give her better living conditions until she married a talent and met a rich husband.Her husband loves her like a princess who loves her to meet all her needs.After pregnancy, she loves sweets and becomes more and more fatter.No matter how her parents and husbands persuade her, she would not help.She feels that she eats too much to get nutrition, so she keeps her eating habits.

Xiao Li’s husband is a very outstanding engineer. He is worried that Xiaoli’s eating habits will affect her and her baby, so he worriedly chose a best hospital and asked Xiaoli to do a complete pregnancy test.As a result, the doctor told them that Xiaoli had gestational diabetes.The news shocked the whole family. Her husband was particularly worried and accompanied Xiaoli for more testing. They finally found that the baby’s size had exceeded the standard.But Xiao Li was not worried that she still went to eat and exercise according to her own ideas and ways. She felt that this would make her children healthier.

In the end, Xiaoli gave birth to a 10 -pound big baby. The baby looks very cute, but unfortunately, the baby encountered trouble during the production process, and the whole process was very difficult.After the baby’s nose and other parts are in a state of hypoxia for a long time, the baby has difficulty breathing when it is born. The image examination also found some infections in the lungs.The doctor sent the baby to the emergency room for treatment.The whole family was endlessly worried. Xiao Li was sad and injured with her husband’s company. She kept holding her baby and praying for the baby to spend this difficult time safely.

A few days later, the doctor told them that the baby’s condition was much better, but he still needed to observe for a while.The whole family was relieved and thanked the doctors and hospitals for their treatment infinitely. They also cherished every hour and hoped that the baby would grow up healthy and happy from then on.Xiaoli suffered a lot of torture and pain. She deeply regretted that she did not listen to the advice of her family and doctors and did not protect her children, but at the same time, she also deeply understood that if she wanted to be a mother, she had to bear to protect the child.For children, she decided to change her living habits from today and pay all efforts to the healthy growth of the baby.

Through the story, Xiaobian has something to say that Xiaoli is a pregnant woman. She loves sweets and insists that the more she eats, the baby will get nutrition.But she didn’t know that her eating habits were actually harmful to the health of herself and the baby, and finally led to problems such as gestational diabetes, excessive weight of the baby, and lack of oxygen, infection, etc.

First of all, Xiaoli’s appetite is because she grew up in a poor family since she was a child. The conditions at home were not good, so she cherished today’s beautiful life and satisfied her appetite.However, excessive diet is the root cause of these health problems.Xiaoli ignored her body that needs to be balanced. She even thought that cutting was a hindrance to his health during pregnancy. This idea and behavior were very wrong.

Her thought is to make the child fatter to make him healthier, but this idea is very wrong.Xiaoli did not seriously consider the nutritional needs of her and the child, and ignored the healthy lifestyle as part of the most important part of pregnancy.This will not only affect her child, but also affect her own health.

Pregnant women need to maintain a good diet and exercise habits during pregnancy, as well as a good mentality and health attitude.This good lifestyle can ensure the health of pregnant women and babies and bring more pleasant pregnancy experience.

During pregnancy, pregnant women need to pay special attention to their own diet and lifestyle to avoid the negative impacts of unnecessary diet, lack of exercise and fatigue, and other bad lifestyles.For the health of the baby and herself, pregnant women should always pay attention to their physical condition, follow the advice of doctors, and take the right actions to maintain a good life and health state.

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