The pregnant woman was touched by the man’s chest, and the woman resisted decisively. The police believed that the two sides were fighting each other.

There was an incredible case in Zhuhai, Guangdong. Ms. Cao was obviously harassed and violated, but she was informed by the Zhuhai police that if she did not agree to mediate, both sides needed to be detained for 15 days!

Ms. Cao was waiting for her boyfriend Mr. Chen at the front desk of the hotel. During the waiting process, Xie stepped forward and asked Ms. Cao to smoke. Ms. Cao was a woman.To Xie’s abuse.

Xie Mou was very likely to treat Ms. Cao as a woman engaged in a special profession, so she wanted to move Ms. Cao from her head from her head.I did not expect that Ms. Cao was a martyr who was rejected, and naturally became angry.

Ms. Cao was entangled by Xie and hid out of the hotel door to call the police!I never thought that Xie Mou had followed up and touched Ms. Cao’s lower body in the eyes of the public.

Ms. Cao was shocked. In order to protect herself, she kicked Xie Mou’s foot at the moment Xie Mou came to her chest!Seeing Ms. Cao’s resistance, she was even more arrogant.

The staff of the hotel came to persuade him. Xie Mou was beaten by Ms. Cao. These monitoring was shot clearly!After the police arrived at the scene to extract the monitoring, they even reached a conclusion that Ms. Cao and Xie Mou were fighting each other.

Ms. Cao dissatisfied, very aggrieved!However, the police were unwilling to change the conclusion. As the victim, Ms. Cao stayed at the police station for more than seven hours. Ms. Cao accepted the mediation before returning home.

Xie Mou was very arrogant. On the way to the police station, he told Ms. Cao fiercely that his son -in -law was working at the police station. He had an acquaintance and was not afraid of her!

At first Ms. Cao thought Xie Mou was talking, and she didn’t expect this to be true!When the Zhuhai police dealt with the entire case, they seemed biased and had been talking to Xie.

Ms. Cao understands a little bit of law, sexual harassment, and sexual assault are criminal crimes. She is a veritable victim, and Xie should bear criminal liability compensation.

So far, Ms. Cao was harassed and finally ushered in the turn!The Zhuhai Police was pregnant when she learned that Ms. Cao was violated. She had changed the qualitative of the case and was no longer fighting each other. Ms. Cao was the victim.

Although it is said that this case has been changed, Ms. Cao did not get compensation, and Xie Mou did not bear the corresponding criminal liability!Not only that, Ms. Cao didn’t even know what the victims were calling, let alone thanks to the active apology and so on.

Ms. Cao’s boyfriend, Mr. Chen, learned that her girlfriend was harassed and violated, and she was angry!He and Ms. Cao exposed the incident on the Internet, hoping that Xie Mou, who was able to make sexual harassment sexual assault with the help of public opinion and paid a price.

When a woman is violated, it is necessary to use the exposure to make the victims rope to the law. What a sad thing is.

The legitimate rights and interests of women and children should be protected, and the perpetrators who try to infringe the harm to hurting women and children should be charged!I believe that the Zhuhai police will treat the case carefully, and the case of handling the case should only be discussed, and cannot care for people!

Xie Mouguang Dayuan Day, under the monitoring, arrogant and arrogant!I believe it is not the first time!If he is not severely punished this time, this kind of thing will never be the last time!

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