The principle and usage of pregnancy test strips

As a convenient pregnancy testing product, the pregnancy test strip is the first source of information for most men and women in the pregnancy. The convenience has made it a thing that women can almost come into contact during the stages of women’s pregnancy.Therefore, if friends are also actively preparing for pregnancy, then you must learn about the working principles and usage methods of the pregnancy test strip with Xinbei Parent

Pregnancy test strip is an effective means to help clinically determine pregnancy. Its testing principle is immune colloidal technology. This technology began in the 1970s and 1980s.A kind of immune marker of antigen antibody.The pregnancy test strip uses this technology to detect the concentration of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in urine to diagnose whether women are pregnant in urine.Human chorionic gonad hormone is a kind of glycoprotein produced by the placenta during pregnancy during pregnancy. It can be discharged from urine through glomerular balls. It is currently used as an important indicator for testing whether pregnancy.

Although the pregnancy test paper claims to have a 99%accuracy rate, when women do their self -test at home, they often cause the results to be inaccurate due to wrong operations.If the test operation is guided by a doctor in the laboratory, women can also use the test strip according to the instructions, then the test accuracy rate may be close to 99%.Therefore, the accuracy of the test paper itself is extremely high. The key is how to operate correctly to obtain accurate results.

Women’s ovulation is about the 14th day of the menstrual cycle. Assuming fertilization at this time, the fertilized eggs need to produce HCG as soon as 6 or 7 days.The HCG really starts to secrete a large quantity is that after the bed is bed, the synthetic nourishing cells begin to secrete a large number of HCG, and the pregnant eggs will take at least 11 days.Therefore, the use of pregnancy test strips was first used for 6 days after the same room. If you want to be more accurate, wait until the same room for 11 days, you can calculate the test according to the situation.

1.Open the product packaging bag and take out the pregnancy test product;

2.Operate according to the model (note that the urine must not be soaked directly in the observation area);

Strip: immerse the test strip white at the urine (note that the liquid surface must not exceed the horizontal line) and keep it for 10 seconds;

Card type: Drip the urine directly to the sample pores, about 2-3 drops (note that the urine shall not directly wet the observation area);

Pen type: Pour the urine directly to the additional area and keep it for 5-10 seconds;

3.Place the test strip flat for 1 minute and wait for the red strip to appear;

If the result is observed within 5 minutes, if it is not effective for more than 5 minutes.

1.Incantance: Only the control line (the red line of the control area C) shows that there is no pregnancy;

2.Weak positive: The control line and the detection line (detection of the red line of the T -area) are all color, but the detection line is weaker than the control line, indicating that it may be pregnant. Please use morning urine to test again the next day;

3.Positive: The control line and the detection line are all color, and the detection line is obviously clear, indicating that she is pregnant;

4.Strong positive: The control line and the detection line are all color, but the detection line is stronger than the control line, indicating that it is pregnant for a while;

5.No effect: No color line appears in 5 minutes, indicating that the test fails or fails.

1.Pregnancy testing products are diagnosis of in vitro.

2.Do not use extensive pregnancy test products.

3.Try to test the first urine in the morning. If you are pregnant, the HCG content in this morning urine is the highest, so the result is the most reliable.

4.Do not drink too much moisture to increase urine, which will dilute the level of hormones.

5.After opening the aluminum -plastic bag, you should use it immediately; do not place the test strip in the air for too long to avoid failure.

6.When the HCG concentration is high, the color of the detection line may be lighter, which is normal.

7.Some people with endocrine diseases, tumors (including hydatidal, velvet cancer, bronchial cancer, kidney cancer, endometrium hyperplasia) and other diseases may have positive results due to high HCG content in urine.

8.When the uterus is abnormal and abnormal pregnancy, its HCG level may be very low, and other methods should be used for diagnosis.

The editor of Xinbei Parent -Child Network reminds you all the female friends who are preparing to self -test. If you look forward to improving the accuracy of self -detection, please read the product instructions carefully in advance, carefully follow the test requirements to ensure that the test urine can be accurately immersed in product regulations accurately into product regulations.Areas to obtain accurate results.

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