The process and preparation of the production inspection and archives are shared with novice parents here

Children’s birth can always bring a lot of joy to a family. So which work do you need to do during the preparation stage? After the 90s, novice parents to share the first big inspection and file construction process after pregnancy, and record the growth process of the baby.Record a busy and exciting moment.

We went to the hospital for check -up at 13 weeks of pregnancy. At the same time, we had a must -have inspection during early pregnancy. The same day was built, but I did not recommend that pregnant women did this.Secondly, check the growth early to better understand the growth of the baby baby.

Well, the following is our busy day.


(Appointment and registration online in advance.)

1. Get number, confirm the inspection items, and pay.

In the case of uncertain the doctors to work, we rushed to the hospital at 8:00 at 8:00, took numbers, queue up, and then all the blood drawing, sampling, and testing.

Remarks: There is still some benefits early.Because doctors also want to hurry up, they will be close to helping patients who arrive in advance to make some preparations.

2. Row number (NT).

The doctor will tell you the order of the number to avoid unnecessary waiting time.

Remarks: This is really time -consuming. After I ranked, I waited for nearly one or two hours to do it.

3. Pump blood and body fluid.

I forgot a few tubes, I forgot.

4. Patient.

Will ask your physical condition and past history.

5. Volume.(Dispels)

Check the 22-24 weeks, but you need to make an appointment in advance.

Then, I took the test report to find a doctor and listened to relevant knowledge and opinions.

A total of 3 hours and 30 minutes.

The results of the inspection are not so fast, it is recommended to wait patiently.

The above checks should be done in 6-12 weeks, but when I was B-ultrasound for the first time in 6 weeks, the doctor did not remind me that I was not very clear, so I missed it.

File roads in the afternoon:

When you go out at 3 o’clock, go to the community health center first, and the file is told that he cannot build the file and gives the relevant archive information. Then go to the community hospital and be told again that you need to receive the filing number issued by the community; then return to the community for inspection and receive the filing number numberEssence

When opening the community filing number, the staff will ask the specific family address (house number and house number), as well as other common but meticulous issues, such as blood type, smoking, drinking, family medical history, etc. Finally, please bring your ID card.

After the relevant questions are asked, fill in the information, and it is basically possible.

have to be aware of is:

The archives of the archives need to be returned to the residential community to collect it;

The archives need to provide a check report,

The working hours of various departments are different, so be sure to confirm;

The doctor is also very tired, please calm down, so that everyone can be faster.

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