The queen Li Yan died of suicide, and no artificial pregnancy was unsuccessful for nine years.

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On the evening of July 5, Hong Kong media broke out of major bad news!

Coco (Coco) depression committed suicide lightly. When he was sent to the hospital, he had been in a coma. After the doctor’s full rescue, he died unfortunately on July 5th and disappeared into our world.

As soon as the news of Li Yan’s suicide, the news of the entire fan circle instantly detonated the entire fan circle. Most people couldn’t believe that the queen who was passionate on the stage fell.

During his death, he was tortured by illness, and his husband was derailed many times.

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<Tenmoring Highlights>

Li Yan was born in Hong Kong, China. In 1993, he won the runner -up of the "Rookie Singing Contest" hosted by the Hong Kong TVB.In 1994, the first album "Love must take advantage of the present". In 1996, he joined the Sony Records of Taiwan. He released "Li Yan" and won the runner -up of the golden song dragon and tiger list year.

Everyone knows that COCO’s emotional life is not good.Li Yan, who was the highest at that time that year, chose to be comfortable and married Le Yumin, 16 years older than herself. When she thought that she had found the true love and lived a stable life, the accident happened.

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When they fell in love, the rich boyfriend often did not go home at night. At first, Li Yan didn’t doubt it. He thought he was really busy working overtime, but he slowly did not get right and more.I didn’t go home until Li Yan found that his boyfriend hugged his boyfriend in the mall in the mall when he was shopping.

At this time, Li Yan was still thinking about his beautiful life, so he did not choose to question, but chose to bear it.Soon Li Yan chose to marry Le Yumin, and his life after marriage was unsatisfactory.

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And her age has passed the best time to get pregnant. They have experienced 9 test tube infants as unsatisfactory, because this incident is a great harm to Li Yan’s body and psychology.

God has deprived her of her desire to be her mother. When Le Yumin divorced, he brought two daughters. Li Yan treated them as his biological daughter.

This is also the most distressed thing for Li Yan. When the two stepdoms learned that his father was frequent derailment, he did not choose to comfort Li Yan. Instead, he alienated her with Le Yumin and excluded her.When Li Yanfei went to the United States for treatment, only his sister was accompanied.

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<Congenital disease>

In February 2023, Li Yan once said on the Internet that her physical disease was on the Internet. She said that she had defects in natural left legs and had undergone a major surgery.So successful.

In the year of Li Yan, his father died of illness and left his mother and daughter for many years.She is the crystallization of the love of the excellent female doctor and the high -quality students of Peking University. When Li Yan was born, her mother was in a deep sadness due to her husband’s death.disease.

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When Li Yan was born, due to the absence of the fetal position, the doctor hurriedly pulled her left calf and pulled her out forcefully. In the case of a last resort, the doctor chose to use this method, because this time she would put Li Yan’s calf’s calf this time.Pull dislocation.

Since then, Li Yan has caused irreversible consequences, and his left leg has fallen permanent disability, which has also made Li Yan laugh at and receive the difficult process of his peers since he was a child.

In Li Yan’s childhood, because of the influence of life, the mother helplessly immigrated to the United States with herself and seek a living in a foreign country. Therefore, her mother opened a Chinese medicine museum on Chinatown, and worked hard to pull her sister three.

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Fortunately, the three sisters have worked very hard since childhood, and they are even more sensible when they grow up.The most obedient is the younger daughter Li Yan. Under the teachings of her mother, she has a good academic performance, and is the top of the class every time.

But even if he is in the United States, he still has the blood of his motherland, and Li Yan has never forgotten.

At an adult, Li Yan returned to Hong Kong, China under the consent of his mother to participate in a singer competition. With his natural voice, he was pushed all the way, and he played his place among the major red singers at that time.

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But they did not see the field that the queen was really good at it, and blindly made her into a lyric player.

They did not find the hotness and lively appearance of Li Yan.Fortunately, "Qianlima finally met his own Bole" and did not have a long time to make Li Yan meet the "noble" who benefited himself for a lifetime -Yao Qian.

When Yao Qian saw Li Yan at first glance, he found that this girl was not easy. In the future, there must be a big deal in the future. Whether from her temperament or hot dance posture and the voice that were kissed by the angels, they were all listed.He also finally said goodbye to his lyricist, and finally returned to the right track.

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Under Yao Qian’s continuous packaging, she successfully made a lot of songs for her, such as DI DA DI.Since then, Li Yanhuo’s hair is out of control, so Sony Records saw that the light on Li Yan successfully signed her, and supported Li Yan to the world -class music scene.

When Li Yan successfully stood in the Chinese music scene with his own strength, he soon wanted to march into the international music industry, but she did not expect that this road would be so difficult.Although Li Yan’s long -looking and dancing posture is very attractive in the Chinese music scene, but in front of European and American singers, it is not so good. This is one of the reasons why she gradually disappears from the music scene.

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Just as netizens began to forget her slowly, it was unexpected that Li Yan took out a song "Moonlight Love" again, re -stood on the stage, and appeared in the public’s horizon again in the way of explosion.First English song.

At the award ceremony of the theme song "A Love BeFore Time" for the theme song "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", said, "I am Chinese, I will appear on the stage of Oscar as the Chinese."

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Such a patriotic heart has since been called "the light of Chinese" by the Chinese.

It was never expected that until the death of Li Yan, many netizens found that her left leg was born with disability. When she was young, she had a leg correction surgery. It was not very successful.The surgery was performed again in February, and she had no depression at that time.

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<Life after marriage>

Li Yan married the Diamond King’s five actresses in the entertainment industry’s envy, but it is unexpected, how miserable her life after marriage?

Li Yan’s husband Leyin is a wealthy businessman in Canada and has a large industry in Hong Kong.Who would have thought that he was actually a tennis coach in his early years. Later, when he earned the first bucket of gold in his life, he started to open the road and became more and more rich.

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When they get married, the luxury of the wedding is unimaginable. The flowers used at the wedding alone were transported from Paris that day. On that day, Li Yan had the dick ring with the big pigeon egg.

The wedding dress that Li Yan wore that day was Vera Wang’s one million -level. In this way, a world -class wedding spent a total of 150 million yuan. The scene was simply spectacular, and it was super far away.

At that time, what kind of pain did my major netizens shock at that time, but under the appearance of such a glorious appearance, what kind of pain did my heart be affected?

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There is a big wish since Li Yan just fell in love, that is, I want a child who belongs to himself to experience the feeling of being a mother, but because of his physical reasons, with the age of his best pregnancy, natural pregnancy is already a natural pregnancy is already a natural pregnancy.Impossible.

So Li Yan tried to do nine artificial conception. During that time, she shuttled around the hospital every day and the family.Every day, I take medicine and take medicine to allow my body to meet the appropriate standard, but this time God did not care about her after all.

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After experiencing the 9th failure, she could no longer stand this kind of blow. After returning home from the hospital, she couldn’t hold back the pain in her heart.The child, but this mood also brought her endless pain.

In addition, she broke her pelvis from the stage and made her loud in the treatment. Such a result was still difficult to accept for a voice who was eaten by her voice.Don’t know what you can do?From then on, I can’t come to power.So many things were stamped together, so that she was about to suffocate, and she was about to collapse. Depression started to attack slowly at this time.

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On this day, her husband was derailed and the hot girl was discovered by Li Yan again. She could no longer hold back the grievances in her heart, and depression broke out comprehensively.

She was hit by her for the first time, and Li Yan did not investigate too much. She chose to forgive unconditional, but such a derailment once made Li Yan’s heart dead. It can be saidPart of the reason is that she is crazy outside her husband’s side, and it is likely that this is the reason.

Li Jie

<Feting of the Queen of Heaven>

Afterwards, Li Yan’s sister once said in the Internet that her sister has been suffering from depression for many years. After years of struggle with the illness, she still has not resisted, and her condition has become more and more serious recently.

On July 2nd, he was born lightly at home. When he was taken to the hospital, he was already in a coma. After the doctor’s rescue day and night, he finally returned to the soul on July 5th and left us forever at the age of 47.

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Coco also sent a voice to the fans on the day of the decision to leave:

"My dear, I am Coco. Thank you for your love and support for me, and then you are backing with me. I will cheer at this time. I hope you are healthy and happy. I miss everyone very much.. I also miss you very much. I love you and love you. "Now I understand what she meant. At that time, how desperate she was, after all, she did not resist the infringement of the sick demon, and embarked on this path of light.

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<Miss of the Star>

Gem Deng Ziqi: I will always miss you.

Sun Honglei: Li Yan, go well.

Jolin Tsai: R.I.P will always remember, you with a bright smile.

Zhang Xinzhe: Never forget you who love to laugh …

Yao Chen: Thank you for being here.Goodbye, coco

Lang Lang: I learned that this bad news is very sad, I hope that heaven has no pain

Mao is not easy: At first sight, you have a good mood, except today, it will always be.

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