The radiation of the fetus is not a mobile phone, a computer, but these these

Today is a very developed era. Electronic products such as mobile phones and computers have long become the standard in people’s lives. No matter which one is missing, it is a big problem.

However, the radiation problem of electronic products has also attracted the attention of many people, especially the damage to pregnant women and fetuses, which has always been a topic that people have been hot.

But now there are radiation everywhere in life. What harm do these radiations cause the fetus?

Xiaojuan is a girl in 1994. After graduating from college, she did not work, but started her own online shop. After so many years, the business of the online store was very popular.

Earlier this year, she checked that she was pregnant, discussed with her husband, and decided to pick up her mother -in -law. After all, there must be an experienced person around her.

However, just a few days after her mother -in -law came, she had a great opinion on Xiaojuan. It turned out that her mother -in -law felt that Xiaojuan looked at the computer every day to watch her mobile phone.

My mother -in -law said, "You are all pregnant, don’t always face those, you are okay, what to do if you hurt your child!" Xiaojuan was also very aggrieved, because she was worried about this problem, she had already come to a special person.Help, she only needs to handle about 1 hour in front of the computer every day, but her mother -in -law is still unwilling.

Don’t say that you can watch the computer, just look at your mother -in -law’s mother -in -law for a long time. The husband said it several times.

In fact, this problem is also experienced by many pregnant women. Many people can’t figure it out. Is the harm of radiation really so great?

After all, there are too many radiation things around us. It is small to mobile phones, computers, large to communication stations, TV transmitting stations. These are radiation, so how should we separate their harm?

1. Computer radiation

We are now necessary for computers to handle work, while the computer’s radiation is mainly due to the display and host. As long as the computer is turned on, electromagnetic radiation will be generated.

However, you don’t have to worry too much about this. Its impact on the human body is not as great as we think, but if it is a pregnant woman, do not use a computer very high frequency, otherwise it is likely to affect the development of the embryo.

2. Mobile phone radiation

Compared with computers, mobile phones are more common, and mobile phones are also radiating, but when mobile phones do different work, radiation is also gap.

Usually, the damage to the human body is not great. When talking, the radiation generated by the mobile phone is the highest, so if pregnant women use their mobile phone to call, they must choose to use headphones instead of sticking the phone on the face.

3. X -ray radiation

Everyone must remember that the radiation of X -rays is very dangerous for pregnant women. Generally speaking, pregnant women who know that they are pregnant will not make X -rays.

However, if in the early pregnancy and did not know that the pregnant woman who was pregnant, she had to make an X -ray, then it was likely that the fetus would cause malformations and may cause abortion.

In these three kinds of life, the most common radiation, mobile phone and computer pregnant women only need to pay attention to use time, but X -rays must be far away.

However, you may not know that compared to these three, there is actually one of the most radiation hidden and the most dangerous!

Everyone is no stranger to cigarettes. Even if we do not smoke or have no smoking, it is difficult to guarantee that no one outside smokes outside. It can be said that there are second -hand cigarettes around many pregnant women.

But do you know?Cigarettes are also radiating. It is radioactive and lead. It is actually the most common and most harmful source of radiation in our lives!

1. Pregnant women do not smoke

Although pregnant women smoke less, they are not without. According to relevant surveys, the malformation rate of babies born of pregnant women who smoke smoking are much larger than those who do not smoke, so even for babies, they must quit smoking.

Especially in the first three months, it is a critical period for the formation of important organs of the baby.

2. It is forbidden to smoke at home

There are many men who smoke now. After all, although the living conditions in life are a lot better, the pressure is even greater.

But everyone must remember that if there are pregnant women in the family, do not smoke at home, otherwise the radiation of second -hand smoke will also affect the fetus in the pregnant woman.

3. Do not go to places with many people and poor air circulation

The family can be controlled without smoking, but the people outside cannot control it, so at this time, it is necessary to depend on the self -protection of pregnant women.

Avoid many places where there are many people, it will reduce the possibility of second -hand cigarette harm. If you do not go to the place where the air flow is not good, even if there is smoking, the smoke will disappear quickly.

Of course, don’t be too nervous about this matter, otherwise it is not good for the baby. As long as we report it with our usual mind, and then pay attention to a lot of attention during the regeneration.

Do you know what kind of ways to prevent various radiation during pregnancy?

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