The reason why the calf cramp is quickly relieved, there are wonderful tricks

Leg cramps are the muscles of the calf and shrink involuntarily.This muscle spasm is not controlled by human will. If it lasts for a long time, it will bring a very strong discomfort.The muscles are obviously tight and contracted during cramps. Some pains are unbearable. It gradually relieved after a few seconds or tens of seconds, and some have pain after pumping.

Zheng Guangliang, Dean of Xiamen Light Bright Orthopedic Hospital, said that common leg cramps are related to the following diseases:

1. Low calciummia.Refers to a series of metabolic diseases caused by the low level of calcium ions in serum, which causes tissue function or structure to abnormally occur. It is generally related to factors such as a large amount of vitamin D in the body lack of vitamin D or thyroid functional reduction.Once suffering from hypocalia, patients will have muscle spasms such as facial, legs or back. Without any rules, they will be relieved by themselves.The disease will also be numb or tingling with lips, tongues, hands and feet, etc. Some patients have dry skin, crispy nails, rough hair, etc., and emotional anxiety and depression have spiritual aspects.

2. Neurological disease.Muscle abnormal activity may be caused by the nervous system, including brain problems (such as encephalitis, encephalopathy, Parkinson’s disease, Hennon dance), motor nerve problems (such as lumbar disc herniation, sciatica pain), and diabetes.

3. Liver disease.Liver disease can cause abnormal metabolism and detoxification function of the liver, which will cause excessive toxins to accumulate in the blood and cause hepatic brain diseases. Repeated muscle spasm will occur, including leg cramps.

Other common situations of leg cramps are: cold stimulation; muscle contraction is too fast; too much sweating; excessive fatigue; improper sleeping position; pregnancy factors, etc.

Zheng Guangliang introduced that there is a way to quickly relieve leg cramps:

1. Toe cramps.It is necessary to do the opposite, that is, the toes in the opposite direction of the cramps, and insist on the effectiveness for 1-2 minutes.

2. Calcut.You can sit or lean against the wall, pull your toes with your toes upturned, and then try to straighten your knee joint as much as possible.

3. Swimming cramps.Take a deep breath and hold it up, the body is floating, grabbing your toes with the hand on the opposite side of the legs, pulling your toes in the direction of the body.Press your knees down with the other hand to stretch the back of the legs, and then go ashore to continue massage and rest.

Zheng Guangliang said that the harm of leg cramps is small, and it can be relieved as long as it fights against traction plus local massage.If the seizures are frequently, the specialist must be asked to check and treat it to avoid delaying the illness.(Reporter Bai Li)

Source: Xiamen Evening News

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