The reason why Yang Mi’s nostrils became large, the small pillars of the nose in the early years were obviously not good enough, and the small pillar of the posterior nose disappeared

As a popular actress for the entertainment industry for so many years, Yang Mi has one of the best in appearance and temperament. Even after she got married and gave birth to her daughter, she was still strict with her appearance management.Yang Mi also has a nickname "Girl Mi", but as he gets older, Yang Mi’s face value has also been questioned. Among them, the most controversial is her nose.

Many netizens’ controversy about Yang Mi’s nose comes from her nostrils. Whether it is the angle of the side or the angle of the face, she can see Yang Mi’s nostrils, and it is still more obvious.Especially on the side, Yang Mi’s nostrils look bigger than ordinary people.

However, some netizens found that in the early days of Yang Mi, her nose was not like this now, let alone the condition of the nostril.Yang Mi’s early positive photo almost could not see Yang Mi’s nostrils. Compared with now, there was a clear nasal pillar under Yang Mi’s early nose. Later, this small nasal pillar disappeared.

This relatively long photo can also be seen. The positive angle of Yang Mi cannot see the nostrils, and the small nose under the nose is also obvious.Although I can’t see the nostrils, at this time Yang Mi’s nose is relatively wide, and the nose is a bit large, which seems not delicate enough.

In this period, Yang Mi’s nose still has a clear state of nasal pillar. In fact, Yang Mi’s nose during this period is not ugly, but the female star has always been high in pursuit of face value. Compared with the delicate nose, Yang Mi’s nose at this time at this timeIt really doesn’t look good enough.

Later, Yang Mi’s nose changed quietly. At this time, it can be seen that whether it is front or side angle, Yang Mi’s nostrils are very clear under the camera, and the nose pillar under the nose before can not be seen.Essence

Later, slowly, Yang Mi’s nostrils became more and more attention, especially when expressing expressions, the nostrils were really obvious.Although Yang Mi’s nostrils affect the face value, after the small nasal pillar disappears, Yang Mi’s nose does not look so "bulky"."The feeling of Xiaoqiao’s nose makes her overall temperament a lot.

However, Yang Mi ’s nostrils in recent years are indeed very obvious. Sometimes when the angle is not good, it is easier to expose the problem of the nostrils.Appear?

Some netizens also feel that after the small pillar of the nose disappears, she has a big change, almost made people unable to recognize it. Some netizens think that her early nose is really not good enough, but now the nose tip of the nose is tilted, although delicate but although exquisite, butHowever, the problem of the nostrils revealed, it can only be said that this kind of beauty is really like pursuing perfection.

Although female celebrities value their face value and figure more than ordinary people, after all, female stars are just ordinary people. Everyone does not have to be too demanding about their appearance.As a top female star, Yang Mi is very dedicated to the management of her appearance.At the age of 34, she kept about 90 pounds of weight all year round, and her figure has hardly collapsed for so many years.

In addition, Yang Mi is still a very materialized type. She can maintain the proud of the upper around, but she is really self -disciplined.And for her 34 years old, her acting strength is the most important thing.

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