The recent melon makes you feel destruction?Not as good as this Japanese drama stimulates "The Love of the Sage"

Recently, this melon has been a bit, and many people’s three views have been refreshed.

In the past, Chen Moumou’s wife Zhang Moumou was derailed in the marriage of "Warriors who loved the love" and found someone to fight her husband in the marriage. Later, Zhangjiajie bride Wu Moumou sent the green grassland to the upcoming husband on the day of marriage.

However, it is really necessary to say that the three views must be played by the island country.

The plot of this island country is called "Love of the Sage"!Absolutely let your three views be destroyed!This Japanese drama is very short, with a total of four episodes, full of essence, and the plot is not procrastinating. It mainly tells the plot of plastic sisters flowers, super green tea, and various scum men. The woman watched the anger and the man watched silent.

The hostess Shinzi is a simple white flower. His father is a PhD. The family conditions are very good. Although he has no mother, Shinozi is loved by his father as the only daughter, and he is very happy to be accompanied by a fiance.

The end of Zhenyizi is the appearance of a girlfriend Lily. Lily is the child of the neighbor’s house of Zhenyazi. Lily has two younger brothers, so Lily is not valued at home. Lily’s lack of love has led to his envy, jealousy, and hate for Zhen Yizi!

Lily will use girlfriends as an excuse, and does not hesitate to go to the true Yizi necklace, earrings, dolls … what she really likes, she snatches away!At the same time, she told Zhen Youzi that he would do this because of my lack of love. We are good girlfriends!You have to give it to me!

Therefore, girls have noticed that in daily life, not only should they be alert to PUA of the scum man, but also the PUA of the fake girlfriends, be careful of being plundered by people, cut leeks!

The more lily made in the scoot, and the second thing he did was even more bold. He went to Shinuko’s family to seduce Shi Zizi’s father. Zhen Yizi’s father kept teasing Lily. The salty pig’s hand stretched to the girl’s thighs.

Zhen Yizi was unable to think about it, and his father committed suicide in the garden a few days later. Lily did not feel guilty about the death of Zhen Yizi’s father. Lily stood in front of the body and said: It was a pity that it was hard to grab the Zhen Yizi.

Is it a human story to hear this?Lily’s heart was indifferent. When the youngest brother drowned in the bathtub, Lily looked at it.

At home, she was to be alert to her father’s followers to her salty pig. She envious that Zhenzi is loved, so she must grab everything in Shi Yizi.

In order to further plunder the happiness of Zhenzi, Lily locked the target to the dry fiance of Shinuko. Shin Yuzi seduced to deceive him and said that he was a virgin.After the joy, the lily became pregnant, and he had to abandon the true Yizi and Lily for the child.

The plot is very disgusting here. The indulgence and cowardice of Zhen Yizi made himself lose everything. For Zhen Yizi, the audience was unfortunate and angry!

Lily is a psychological pervert that is short of love. Her method is not to pay love but plunder directly, or even feel guilty. As a green tea, not only grab a man, but also grab the lives of others.Morality, under the behavior of harming self -interest is difficult to hide selfishness.

In the face of all this, there is no real relationship with Lily’s girlfriends. Instead, after the birth of Lily’s children, helping lily take care of the child. This is the beginning of the revenge of Yizi.

Zhen Yizi chose to treat evil with evil, and began to revenge for 20 years. Her and Lily’s son Zhenxuan became the closest person. Not only that, she also played the sexual enlightenment teacher of her girlfriend’s son. In this wayThe more you can’t do without the true Yizi.

Lily and the avengers of Zhen Yizi decided to stop the truth, telling the son’s truth, but after knowing the truth, the son was still unable to extricate the true love of Zhen Youzi!

Lily has taken away everything from Shi Yizi, but she can’t control her son. Although Lily is the golden stone of the scumbag, she cannot test and move her son by herself.The bold idea is to kill his son, and the so -called unacceptable will be destroyed!

Who will win the war between Lily and Shi Yizi?You can search for the answer to the Japanese drama "The Love of the Sage".

This is a Japanese ethics film with shameless and even incorrect views. After watching this drama, some people like the heroine Lily, and some people like Zhenyako.

Some people say that they like lily’s frankness, really because of the frankness of Lily?

We have to admit that everyone’s heart has a lily!

Our evil imagination of my girlfriend’s boyfriend is the idea of his own man!

We have imagined to replace the world’s richest man and have endless money!

We have complained why we are not a rich second generation!

We have thought of these greedy ideas, but Lily puts their own ideas into practice. Lily is the flower of sin and the practitioner of the plunder.It is difficult for us to confess the darkness of our hearts, so we changed the concept and said that we like lily’s frankness.

True Yizi finally adopted the evil to treat evil, letting lily collapse, in a word, it was beautiful!

"Love of Sage" may only be in Japan to make this kind of devastating three -view drama!Mary Su, silly white sweetness does not exist, it directly shows the naked performance of human nature to the audience, burst into three views, exclaimed!

Finally warn the female comrades!Fire fire anti -theft and girlfriends!

Comrade male!It’s delicious but dumplings!Be careful of the brothers around you!

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