The results of the 520,000 couples investigation results: When the husband is drinking during pregnancy, the baby is likely to have defects after birth

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When preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy, people always think that women’s responsibilities are greater. If the babies after birth have any defects, everyone will feel that the mother is not doing well.

Take the matter of drinking: For example:

There used to be a young couple. Husbands were doing business and often needed to drink.Under such circumstances, his wife was pregnant.

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During pregnancy, the young wife drank a drink containing a small amount of alcohol. She was always worried, but the people around me told her that it was okay. Someone had accidentally drank it when she was pregnant before, but there was no problem.

As a result, the young couple’s child was born, and there was a rabbit’s mouth.At this time, the attitudes of loved ones also changed. They all thought that pregnant women accidentally took alcohol during pregnancy, causing children to have problems.

Even the wife himself thinks so, so he feels blame when he thinks of the child.

But what they didn’t think about was that it may be because the husband’s drinking a lot during pregnancy, which caused the baby to have such a problem.

Fortunately, the result of a large -scale research recently proved to the mother that the husband’s drinking during pregnancy is more common, and the harm to the baby is more serious.

Not long ago, the obstetrics and gynecology hospital affiliated to Fudan University studied 520,000 Chinese couples. The result said:

After excluding the age of the woman, smoking, drinking, and folic acid intake, the risk of defects caused by drinking during pregnancy during pregnancy will increase by 35%, and the risk of rabbit mouth is higher.

In addition, drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause other damage.

▶ Affect baby’s intelligence

Studies abroad have shown that drinking during pregnancy will also have a adverse effect on the baby’s brain and behavior development.

▶ Decrease in fertility

Alcohol can cause damage to the quality of male sperm, and it has a certain impact on the body of men, which may cause couples to be broken or prepared for pregnancy.

Most people think that raw children are the responsibility of mothers. If the child’s body, personality, and behavior habits occur, it is the mother’s fault, but in fact, the influence of the father cannot be ignored.

Especially in the incident of having children, there are fewer men who can take responsibility.

In this study of 520,000 husbands and wives, researchers found that Chinese expectant mothers have a consensus on quitting smoking and drinking, but most of the father did not have such a consciousness.Behavior.

In addition, 28.7%of the prospective dad had smoking.

This bad habit will also cause problems with the fetus’s heart, limbs, nerves, etc., and thereby giving birth to unhealthy babies.

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

Researchers at Fudan University said that if men want children, it is best to quit alcohol 3 to 6 months in advance; for smoking men, it is best to consider after 6 months to 1 year quit.

✔ Health and interest

Mysterious problems such as staying up late and irregular life will affect endocrine, cause genetic problems, and affect the health of the fetus.

Therefore, it is important to have reasonable exercise, healthy diet and normal schedules during pregnancy.

✔ Control weight

The University of Copenhagen studied the weight of men and the health of children, and found that obese men have higher risk of having autism babies.

查 Do a good pre -pregnancy examination

Before men want their children, it is best to go to the hospital for an analysis. If the normal indicators have reached normal indicators, the babies born can be healthier.

In addition to during pregnancy, after Bao Ma’s pregnancy, the prospective father should not let Bao Ma suck second -hand smoke, which will also affect the development of the child’s fetus.

The meaning of my father’s meaning to the child is very important. I hope that my dad will take over their responsibilities in time from the beginning of the pregnancy to the baby, and it is mostly for the child’s health and future development.

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