The rural daughter -in -law suddenly hurt my stomach. My mother -in -law was busy playing mahjong and I didn’t want to leave. As a result, the child was gone.

From ancient times to the present, the relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law has been talked about. It is a person who can’t go around in the marriage.

But the same rusts, different families are different, each has different.The mother -in -law’s pattern directly determines the temperature and happiness index of a family.

It is said that I have been watching my mother -in -law for ten years and my daughter -in -law for ten years.In the first ten years when the daughter -in -law had just passed the door, the father -in -law taught carefully, caring for care, consideration, and tolerance, so that the new daughter -in -law felt the warmth and happiness of the husband and family. In this way, the daughter -in -law would naturally be grateful and grateful, and the end is a completely different ending.

In fact, people’s hearts are long. If you change your heart with your heart, you are good to me. I treat you well. My mother -in -law gets along. One party always pays first, and then the other must look at it in my heart.Will live a good life.In the relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law, do not care about who pays or more. All the feelings are slowly cultivated. Most of the clever mother -in -law knows to "make a pre -making person."

In a case shared by netizens, the approach of a rural mother -in -law caused heated discussion.

Nowadays, everyone is more popular with a sense of discussion. It is the most ideal state to keep a bowl of soup between mother -in -law.Indeed, the contradiction between mother -in -law and mother -in -law often occurs because of living together. If you can maintain a certain distance, you will be fine.

Then, the ideal is full and the reality is very skinny.In daily life, especially for many rural families, there is no concept of separation, let’s talk about separation.After entering a family, it is a family. Many times, it is difficult to separate because of children’s problems.

In rural areas, as the pillar of the family as the pillar of the family, most of them chose to go out to migrant workers, and because women were pregnant, they were left alone in my in -laws and in -laws.For her daughter -in -law, she has become her shelter and spiritual reliance.

After the woman was pregnant, she followed her in -laws alone in her hometown. On weekdays, her father -in -law went to work in the ground. The mother -in -law liked to go out to play cards. The woman was basically a person at home. Only when the checkup would let her mother -in -law accompany herself.

Because the in -laws are not very convenient to travel in the countryside. Every time they go out, they have to take a car with a road to the town or county.In addition, this is her first pregnancy and lack of experience. Sometimes she can ask her mother -in -law when she encounters something, so her dependence on her mother -in -law is getting deeper and deeper, and even surpass her husband who is not able to work outside.

One day, the woman felt that her stomach was not very comfortable, so she quickly found her mother -in -law, hoping to get help from her, but her mother -in -law was busy playing mahjong, and she had no time to take care of her daughter -in -law, so she perfunctory two sentences to let her lie down.Just take a break.

Now that my mother -in -law said that there are no big problems, the daughter -in -law can only observe it first, but the uncomfortable feeling of her uncomfortable feeling after lying on the bed is getting more and more obvious. Finally, I have to call her mother -in -law to go to the hospital with herself again.Essence

A few times in the middle of the three times were interrupted by the daughter -in -law’s mother -in -law. My mother -in -law was a little unhappy. I felt that the rural people had no birth checkup in the past. All of them could give birth to a big fat boy.necessary.Children’s vitality is very tenacious. How can it be so coquettish, the daughter -in -law is uncomfortable and the probability is hot. Just take a break.

After the mother -in -law went home after playing Mahjong, she found that her daughter -in -law was not right, so she quickly asked the car to take her to the hospital. Unfortunately, the child was gone when he came to the hospital, and everything was too late.

The thought of his grandson was gone like this, and the father -in -law jumped like a thunder, and he smashed all the family in anger.As for the culprit of his wife, the father -in -law naturally didn’t want to let go easily. He violently stunned her and wounded all her legs: "Let you run around and play mahjong regardless of his home, now the family has been played by you.You’re so happy! Break your legs and see you can’t get out to play cards! "

The mother -in -law who was broken her leg was lying on the bed and watched this thing that was a person who was wrong. I thought it was because of delaying the best time to deliver the doctor to the child.No, the daughter -in -law must hate her.

After seeing this mother -in -law’s approach and the woman’s encounter, netizens felt very sorry. A good life was because her mother -in -law was gone, it was a pity.

Some people are accused of being a daughter -in -law himself. The daughter -in -law should not expect too much about her mother -in -law, and she should go to the hospital for the first time when they find that they are uncomfortable. After all, their bodies are the only one.

There are also people who are not in trouble for their daughter -in -law, because in the countryside, for a pregnant woman, medical treatment alone is not an easy task, and the daughter -in -law can no longer rely on her mother -in -law, but unfortunately this mother -in -law is too incompetent.

There is no regret medicine in life, not all regrets can be made up.Just as this family is concerned, the whole family could have been looking forward to the birth of the new life, but the child had an accident due to a wrong move.

For the daughter -in -law, the first time to be a mother will indeed have a lot of unknown moments, and the mother -in -law can help and take care of her daughter -in -law as a person who comes over. After all, this little life is also related to her mother -in -law.

After the accident occurs, many people may say that they should blame them as a son. After all, when his wife is pregnant, he should take care of himself, instead of throwing it to his parents to work. Indeed, as a husband, he does have a place where he has lost his job.Helpless, it is really difficult for some families to accompany and support the family at the same time. Perhaps he just wants to earn more money to give your child a better life in the future.

After the accident, it is meaningless to blame anyone, but we can understand it from it. Life is not as strong as we think. When you feel uncomfortable, don’t be embarrassed, we must ask for help in time!

Although the mother -in -law can’t really be as close to her mother and daughter, since she has the fate to become a family, when she can help each other, whether it is her mother -in -law or daughter -in -law, please don’t help his own help.Only when both sides have a sincere heart, can they be truly family and everything.

Today’s topic discussion: What do you think of this mother -in -law’s approach?


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