The second month of marriage, my wife brought her pregnant belly, derailed her ex -boyfriend

In the second month of marriage to her wife, she derailed her ex -boyfriend with her pregnant belly …

Although my wife and I did not know each other although they were in the same village, they did not know each other.My condition is a better family in the village. The media who said that the media almost broke my threshold.Before I met with my wife, I was engaged as the same age as me.

Many people in the village know that I have been engaged, but there are still matchmakers to come to the door, because of the matchmaker’s face and scalp to go on a blind date.

On the day I went to meet my wife, I went to the matchmaker’s house early.After a while, a girl who was about 17 or eight years old and the girl with delicate pink and jade -carved jade slowly walked in. I was excited when I saw my wife at first glance. It was my favorite type.Small and exquisite.The two of us just said a few words, and I said to her straightforwardly, I am very satisfied with you, are you satisfied with me?She froze and said that she was going home to ask her mother’s opinion. I thought that the little girl might be shy and sorry to answer it directly.

When I went home, I contacted the girl who was engaged with me and remarried.At that time, the engagement money gave the woman a thousand yuan, of course, the money could not be required, because I proposed to remarried.The girl is rough and short, and looks bigger than me, not the type I like.Later, it was said that the girl was very sad.I often came to play with me after getting engaged, and I didn’t even want to go home to sit by my bed at night, but I really didn’t call her.

Later, she had been in contact with my wife several times. It felt like she had always been cold and hot to me. She didn’t feel about falling in love at all, but I like her very much.She is a single -parent family. Only her mother. Her father died when she was 10 years old. The family conditions were poor. I really wanted to give her a lifetime warmth and want to have her.I proposed to get married, and she did not respond, but her mother agreed quickly.

At that time, the wedding was the most aggressive in the village, and people in the village said that she had married a good family.After marriage, there was no sweetness I thought, but I often quarreled and sleeping with me.For example, I sometimes look at her fascinated, and I can’t help but hold her. She immediately pushed me away and let me roll away with a disgusting face.The normal intimacy of the husband and wife made her very disgusted, but I have always pleased her humblely. She will be meals for her every day, wash her feet for her, and even wash her underwear. I hope she can have a smiley face to me.Satisfied.

My wife was pregnant for the second month, and I think she will change my attitude towards me in the future!Who knows that it has not improved, but hates me even more.One day she said to marry, and I went to pick her back the next day, but her mother said she had never returned.I walked back in a loss, and I met a best classmate on the road. The mystery of my classmates and mystery pulled me, saying that some things do not know what to say, it is about your wife.I suddenly had a bad hunch, but I still let my classmates say that my wife said yesterday that there was a man who took her back to her family yesterday. At that time, many people in the village saw it.

I spent a night sleeping night in anger.My wife was back the next day, I endured the urge to hit her, and said that the classmate saw that she was picked up by a man. My wife acknowledged calmly. She also said that she was married to me.It was not easy for her mother to be in her heart, she didn’t want to make her mother sad, so she agreed to marry me.She never liked me. She wanted to escape marriage on the day of marriage. She saw that I was not pleasing to the eye all my body, and even my every move made her disgusted.

I was completely desperate, my humble, it turned out that this is worthwhile in my beloved wife’s eyes and heart.She is still with my child. Should I continue or end such a marriage?

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