The seven -month pregnancy check "has no fetal heart", which is mostly related to these factors. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to prevention.

During pregnancy, it is not smooth sailing, and often it will be unexpected.When the pregnant mother is about seven months of pregnancy, many people will be informed that they have not checked the fetal heart. At this time, the pregnant mother must urgently need to seek medical treatment and check further.Many times the fetus suddenly occurs when the fetal heart stops.

@ @: I conceived my baby since I was married. At first, my baby’s development was quite normal. I went to the hospital to check it many times. There was no problem.During the night shift, I felt inexplicably feeling that my belly was calm. When I was unhappy, I quickly went to the hospital. Finally, I checked that the doctor said that the fetal heart stopped beating and the embryo died.It’s hard to imagine but what kind of state you are, you can only obey the doctor’s advice for abortion surgery.

In fact, for the situation without fetal heart, many things are caused by these factors, and pregnant mothers must pay attention to prevention.

At present, the cases of fetal fetal hearts recorded in the medical community can be divided into four categories:

1. Pregnant mothers have diseases in their bodies themselves

Suddenly there is no fetal heart for seven months of pregnancy. Sometimes it is because the mother is infected or too much in the cavity; sometimes it is due to expired pregnancy, pregnancy hypertension, cardiovascular disease, toxic shock, etc.Dip the front placenta.It is recommended that pregnant women go to the hospital to check and receive the corresponding treatment immediately once they find it.

2. Pregnant mothers usually have bad living habits

The seven -month fetus is at an important stage. If the mother does not have a regular health at this time, the hormone level in the pregnant mother’s body will exceed the standard level, which will indirectly cause the fetal fetal heart to stop.At night, there is no enough rest time, which not only puts great pressure on himself, but also to suffer this pain at the same time.It is very important to have a good living habit during pregnancy.

3. The problem of the fetus itself

At this stage, the fetus is in the early stage of active, and the fetus will perform in the uterus. Excessive activity may cause umbilical cord entanglement around the neck to cause the fetus to be hypoxic and cause the fetal heart to stop.In many cases, such as umbilical cord lesions: umbilical cord reversal, umbilical cord prolapse, etc. will have a certain impact on the fetus.

4. Placenta problem

Early peeling of placenta due to placenta factors and the front placenta will affect the continued pregnancy of the fetus. On the other hand, it will cause premature or abortion of the fetus and affect the survival of the fetus.In addition, the placenta’s early peeling to the mother’s body is also extremely great. Its biggest damage to the mother is that it can cause major bleeding in pregnant women.

Pregnant mothers must pay more attention during pregnancy, especially for pregnant mothers with poor living habits, they must be corrected in time. For some pregnant mothers with hidden diseases, they must conduct extremely detailed examinations before pregnancy.Nothing can be recovered.

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