The spots for spots and acne, who want to remove acne and want to remove the skin color of the whitening circle of friends, the skin care products bought by the skin circle exceeded the standard of 33

No production date, no manufacturer without out -of -the -box packaging

Turned headache, peeling, miscarriage, oral ulcer …

This three -free cosmetics are toxic and harmful

Many people checked and found that urine mercury exceeded the standard

Breeding trial for 8 months of filing the case

Continue to sell skin care products in the circle of friends

CIIII involved in the case

The acceptance case is not allowed to be disclosed

Believe that the law is fair and fair

The spots are spots, I want to remove acne, I want to whiten with dull complexion … After being introduced by friends, more than ten people are purchased from the same micro -business effect in order to achieve different skin effectsSkin care products were later found to be "toxic effects of mercury and its compounds", and the detection of mercury exceeded 330,000 times.Consumers can’t help doubt: headaches, peeling, rotten skin, abortion, and cancer diagnosis, is it related to the use of the product?

>> Frequent symptoms

Symptom 1: Frequent symptoms of gum bleeding and oral ulcers, inexplicable abortion

Ms. He’s rights protection have been for up to one year.As early as May 2022, when she was hospitalized for exceeding the standard for urine mercury, she reported to the China Business Daily Hotline. At that time, she weighed repeatedly and said that she first reported to the functional department. However, one year later, there was no result of protection.

Ms. He told the China Business Daily Dafeng Journalist that on June 3, 2021, she was introduced by a friend and met Wang Moumou, a WeChat business circle in the WeChat circle of friends.In order to whiten, Ms. He bought products such as multi -effect repair and conditioning cream cream, which cost a total of 5,450 yuan."The other party can also use it to promote pregnant women." Ms. He said that it was a lot white after use.However, in the process of use, the symptoms of gum bleeding and dizziness often occur. At that time, she always thought it was caused by the pressure of work.

In May 2022, Ms. He received a reminder from her colleague, saying that her friend Ran Moumou checked the kidney -related syndrome, and it was recommended that the same skin care products were used to go to the hospital to check her body.On May 25 of the same year, Ms. He went to Xi’an Central Hospital for examination to find out that urine mercury exceeded the standard.

In the hospital diagnostic certificate provided by Ms. He, the reporter saw that the toxic effect (mercury absorption) was diagnosed with the diagnosis of mercury and her compounds.Ms. He said that on June 9, 2022, she was pregnant by women and children in Northwest China. "But only 6 days later, Xi’an Central Hospital found that there was no clear echo in my uterine cavity in the uterine cavity, showing that there was a miscarriage."Ms. He, 38, said that she and her family hoped that their children were looking forward to it for a long time, but waited for such a result.

In order to drive mercury, Ms. He was hospitalized twice for 30 days. She did not know if the abortion and the body’s urine mercury had exceeded the standard. Ms. He, who had slowed from the sorrow of the fetus, began to doubt that her body poisoning may be used by the micro -use micro -micro -use micro -micro -use.Skin care products are related to.

Ms. Li, who has the same experience with Ms. He, told the Chinese Business Daily that in order to remove the acne marks on her face, she started using the product of the micro -business product in 2018. After three or four months, she continued headaches., Bleeding gums and swollen throats, I have been taking anti -inflammatory drugs. "I still asked the seller on WeChat at the time, why did I use this medicine, my head is particularly painful." The other party’s reply was "this is an external medicine."Ms. Li said that in February 2019, she had thyroid nipple tumors and performed surgery.I was pregnant in September 2021, and then I was inexplicably aborted. The B -ultrasound showed that the fetus suddenly was not developing."I’m not the same as others. Others are used with this water. I only bought 10 bottles of adjustment cream, which is the yellow ointment that the seller called.It’s not good, so I didn’t buy it again. "Ms. Li said puzzledly that she had been discontinued for more than half a year, but when I went to the hospital for examination in May 2022, the urine mercury also exceeded the standard.

There is also Ms. Feng.From 2018 to 2020, Ms. Feng used the same skin care products for two years, but she could not be sure that abortion is related to the use of the skin care product.Fortunately, when Ms. Feng checked her body, the value of mercury content did not exceed the standard.

Symptoms 2: Headache is cracked.

Ms. Ba and Ms. He are colleagues, and her diagnosis is the same as Ms. He.But she was hospitalized for a short time, and she only lived for 14 days, because her body couldn’t hold it, she couldn’t carry it.Ms. Ba said that she had to get an injection every day. The role of this needle not only discharged mercury in the body, but also discharged nutrients in the body."It is particularly painful during the hospitalization. The injection is longer than the usual muscle acupuncture time. It is particularly painful. It takes the medicine and infusion of the liver and kidney every day.

Ms. Ba recalled the symptoms of her when using the same skin care products: "The head is particularly painful. At that time, I thought it was not good to rest, or the work pressure was high.. Later, the urine mercury was exceeded. It was not until the treatment of mercury was not treated. "Ms. Ba said that she had never thought of skin care products she had never used at first.She checked the purchase record. Starting from November 17, 2020, she bought a total of 21,000 yuan of skin care products somewhere from Weishang Wang.","

Symptom 3: Face edema, accompanied by tinnitus, will also shake hands

"My problem is acne on her face." Ms. Xie said that she added Weishang Wang Moumou by colleagues on May 26, 2021.Wang Moumou said that her products can be whitening or acne."She sent me a lot of users to compare photos before and after, and I booked 5 sets of cream cream when I bought it for the first time. After use, I felt that the whitening effect was particularly good. Later, I found that the skin was always swollen.It is swollen, accompanied by tinnitus, and will also shake hands. "Ms. Xie also thought it was caused by too tired work.

Ms. Xie said that she used this product to use it frequently. The masks and essences purchased from the micro -business department were used. There were many types.After there was a problem with skin care products, I quickly stopped using it and went to the hospital for examination.

Ms. Nie is consumed more. From 2018 to 2021, Ms. Nie and her friends consumed more than 100,000 yuan of skin care products somewhere."The diagnosis as everyone is the same. My symptoms are always headaches. Occasionally my face will swell, and then the thyroid nodules are found."

Symptoms 4: Peeling, rotten face, joints inexplicable ulcers, dare not bask in the sun

Ms. Zhang said that among the many colleagues, she used the skin care product earlier. Since 2016, "at the beginning, the response was also very serious. His face was red and swollen, severe peeling, hair loss, accompanied by headache symptoms. The seller said that this was a normal body detox reaction, which made me drink a lot of water. It continued for about three years. On May 24, 2022, I heard that there was a problem with the skin care product and went to Xi’an Central Hospital for examination to diagnose and diagnose it.It was also the toxic effect of the "mercury and its compounds’, but at that time, at the Affiliated Hospital of the Jiaotong University, it was found to have thyroid nipple -shaped cancer.

Ms. Guan’s symptoms are also severe peeling on her face. She uses this skin care product to remove freckles. In 2021, she bought skin care products somewhere from Weishang Wang. "The seller said that the product is pure plant, I am there.It was during breastfeeding. After three or four months, the peeling on her face was severe. My mother said that it was abnormal. Let me stop quickly.

Ms. Wang’s reaction after use was afraid to bask in the sun.Beginning in October 2018, Ms. Wang consumed 1,7400 yuan one after another.She said that she was particularly allergic to using her back face. She did not dare to bask in the sun. She was red and swollen when she was exposed. It felt very thin. It was only used in Around March 2022. Two months later, they went to the hospital for physical examination., Had to be hospitalized.Except for her face dare not to bask in the sun, Ms. Wang was inexplicably ulcerated. There was a heel on the heel, where the mosquito bites, and the ulcers were not good for a few months. "Until now, my elbows are rotten.After being injured and not scratching, it was inexplicably rotten, and it would flow pus in severe cases. Recently wearing short sleeves, fortunately, some of the treatment medicines, some places scabbing. "Ms. Wang also proposed to the police to the police.Application for judicial appraisal.

>> Test results

"Dure cream" mercury content 339393mg/kg

During the hospitalization, Ms. He and colleagues complained to the Xi’an Market Supervision and Administration Bureau.

Ms. He recalled: "On May 26, 2022, the next day I was hospitalized. The comprehensive law enforcement brigade of the Xi’an Market Supervision Bureau came to the hospital to write me. On June 17, they took the skin care products we used toDo inspection. There is a problem with detecting ‘conditioning cream’. "

In the inspection report issued by the Food and Drug Inspection Inspection of Xi’an City, the "conditioning cream" of the two brigades of the comprehensive law enforcement detachment was sent to the sample of the sample, the inspection category was "jointly handling the case", the inspection items were "mercury", and the inspection date was marked.On June 1, 2022, the report date was June 17, 2022, and the test results were 339393mg/kg.The inspection report is based on the "Technical Specifications of Cosmetics Safety" (2015 edition).

What is the concept?After reading the report, a makeup quality inspection engineer in Xi’an explained to reporters that the report did not determine the results, and it was impossible to see how much mercury was exceeded.The limit is 1mg/kg. It is estimated that this conditioning cream mercury exceeds 330,000 times.A guaranteed cosmetics packaging should have product labels. Basic information such as composition, usage method, precautions, and execution standards in the label. If the product label has no execution standards, then the manufacturer cannot ensure the quality of the product.

So, is there an outer packaging of this product?

Ms. Ba provides many skin care products she has not yet used.The reporter saw that the conditioning cream that was sent out was only the word "conditioning paste, 20 grams of net content" on the bottle cap, and there was no other labeling; a skin care product similar to a small watering pot was "multi -effect repair water repair water"There is also a multi -effect repair cream. Both products are marked with 10 effects and the same content: repair sensitive, repair red itching, repair after spots, fade red blood wire, dilute acne marks, deep nourishment … Pakistan …The lady said: "All skin care products bought from Weishang have no production date and no manufacturers. There are no packaging. The courier is wrapped in the bottle body."

>> Case progress

8 months after the case, Weishang’s bail pending trial is still selling skin care products in the circle of friends

Subsequently, the Xi’an Market Supervision Comprehensive Law Enforcement Detachment transferred the case to the Xi’an Public Security Bureau’s environmental and food and drug criminal investigation detachment.

The Market Supervision Law Enforcement Detachment stated that the case was filed on June 6, 2022. As the party’s behavior was suspected of crime, the case was transferred to the environment and food and drug criminal investigation detachment of the Xi’an Public Security Bureau on June 28, 2022, and inIt was copied to the Xi’an People’s Procuratorate on the same day.The Xi’an Public Security Environmental Pharmaceutical Division filed a case on October 31, 2022.

On April 7 this year, the reporter of the Chinese Business Daily and Ms. He and others went to the Xi’an Public Security Environmental Edge and Pharmaceutical Division to inquire about the progress of the case and went to ask a woman who had been asked with a transcript.Ms. He said that she did not expect that she would not have a transcript, nor did she know when it could have results.This time, she proposed to make an appraisal. The police asked her to issue a "mercury -free certificate" in the unit, and to the property company in the residence to issue a "mercury -free certificate", which is called judicial appraisal.submit.

On April 14, Ms. He and others submitted the material to the Xi’an Public Security Environmental Pharmaceutical Division."The police said that it takes about two months to send our medical case materials to the professional judicial appraisal agency in Beijing."

On April 30, several women who had similar experiences with Ms. He also complained to the Chinese Business News Dafeng News. They counted a detailed list for the victim to buy Sanwu cosmetics somewhere from Wang.A total of 20 people were listed on the list. The reporter verified the list one by one. There were 2 pairs of mother and child (mother and daughter) relationship. They refused to be interviewed. One person was shut down and did not contact them.Among the 15 people, several users were because of busyness and laziness. They did not insist on using it. Fortunately, the urine mercury was exceeded.But most of them are unfortunate.

"On June 29, it has been a whole year since taking over the police to take over the case. We asked the materials for the appraisal to be sent to the police for more than 3 months, but still failed to wait for the result."On the afternoon of the 29th, the police handled the police in front of the reporter and asked about the progress of the case. When asked when the appraisal materials were sent to the Beijing appraisal agency, Ms. Ba was emotional.

On the phone, the police officer who handled the case in this case said that if the case constitutes severe consequences, mercury causes severe injuries, and appraisal to minor injuries, he can convict the criminal suspects. Of course, specific, specific, specificHow to judge, you have to look at the court.

Regarding the question of "why the arrested micro -merchants can be free of the law", the armed police officer introduced the process of handling the case and stated that the case was requested to arrest the Xi’an People’s Procuratorate with cosmetics that did not meet the health standards.However, the procuratorate made a decision to not arrest, and also listed them some content that needed to be added.After that, the public security organs changed their compulsory measures on the suspect Wang Moumou and took the measure of bail pending trial.He also said that there were a total of 7 people who applied for the appraisal. The inspection materials were delivered to Beijing on May 12.After everyone’s identification results come out, they will be arrested to the procuratorate.The police did not respond positively to the result of "the victim Ran Moumou had been identified as a result of minor injuries."Not everyone will have a result. All the victims are a case together and will not be treated separately.

Ms. He also questioned: "She hurts us, but she can be free. During the bail period, she also travels everywhere, and in Yunnan for a while for a while. The police said that the other party was taking the old father to see a doctor." HeThe lady said that the most important thing is that she still sells skin care products in the circle of friends during the insurance period. "We know that the body is hurt in a small scope. Can she sell it only 20?How can you be guaranteed? "

>> Reporter connection

The question involved in the case did not answer the reporter’s question saying that the law believed that the law was fair and fair

The above users say that the seller promotes her products to whiten, remove acne, and remove freckles."Tell me that her products are equivalent to Chinese medicine skin care, and pregnant women have no problem." Ms. He and the above women provided reporters with a chat record with the seller.

The reporter saw from the chat history that the skin care products sold by Weishang seller Wang Moumou are called ointment or Chinese medicine skin care. Among them, the amount of cream cream is used many times.It is necessary to use 1.5 soybean grains and multi -effect repair water mixing.

The phenomenon of "peeling, dry, black rough tightness", the seller also gave a detailed explanation: "The face of the early face will feel dry, tight, anti -black, rough.At the same time as detoxification, it will also promotes blood circulation and stasis, and accelerate the growth of new skin. The rapid growth of new skin will absorb the water and nutrition of the original surface skin, so you will feel dry, and some will peel. "

It said, "You don’t need to worry about the thinning stratum corneum, and the stratum corneum that has become thinner will let it fall off by itself. New skin is the healthiest."

The explanation of "the face feels black after using the customer": "The yellow ointment will also accumulate the sebum and dirt that has accumulated over the end of the skin over the years.East -west is on the face. Especially for freckle customers, anti -black is a cycle process. It is impossible to discharge all melanin out of the skin with one peeling. Anti -black is a gradual process.There will be fewer and fewer melanin … "

Ms. He and Ms. Ba and others said that they later learned that these symptoms were actually the reaction after the body’s mercury poisoning.

Ms. Yang stopped the product because of fear."I used it for only a month, and everyone saw that I said that I was particularly white. The immediate effect made me scared." Later, I heard that there was a problem with the product’s product."The measured urinary mercury value is normal, and the loss is short."

Some victims also sued the seller to the court.However, due to the investigation of the police, the victims filed a suspension of "civil claims" to the Yanta Court.

For many issues of the products sold, on June 28, the China Business Daily reporter contacted the seller Wang Moumou.It stated that the case was under acceptance. She believed that the law was fair and fair and would not change due to personal will.She said that if the reporter did not understand, she could find the Yanta Court or Circle Edge Division to understand the situation, because she was not allowed to disclose the relevant situation in the case she was told.

>> Lawyer says

This case has social harm and should be cautious with the bail pending trial

Zhao Liangshan, a senior partner and a well -known public welfare lawyer of Shaanxi Hengda Law Firm, believes that my country’s criminal compulsory measures include: five types of criminal compulsory measures, criminal detention, arrests, bail pending trials, and monitoring and living.The length of the criminal detention notice does not exceed 37 days. Within 37 days, if the prosecution is arrested, the criminal suspect will be sent to the arrest and continue to be detained;The suspect either takes bail pending trial or monitoring residence measures, or is not guilty.If the criminal suspect takes bail pending trial or monitoring residence measures, the case will continue to be investigated; if the case will not be released without criticism, the case shall be revoked and will not be investigated.In this case, although the criminal suspect was taken for bail pending trials, the case was still under investigation and did not withdraw the case.

Zhao Shanliang emphasized that the law of the law of bail pending trial stipulates stricter conditions and procedures.Article 67 of the Criminal Procedure Law stipulates that the following four situations may be available for bail pending trials: 1. Perhabited, detained or independent application of additional prison may be sentenced;3. Women who have severe diseases and cannot take care of themselves, are pregnant or breastfeeding their baby, and take the bail pending trial without social danger. 4. The detained period expires.Here, it is important to emphasize that the premise of the above -mentioned legal provisions is that the bail pending trial will not cause social risk.In this case, cosmetics that do not meet sanitary standards are social harmful. For example, suspects who criminals take bail pending trials, and the suspects will inevitably continue to sell cosmetics that do not meet sanitary standards in the society, which will endanger others and thus have social, when the police and prosecutors use the bail pending trial, they must be different from person to person and depending on the specific cases.

>> Expert reminder

Skin care products heavy metal exceeding standards will also appear dry, anti -black and rough phenomenon

The reporter interviewed Wang Lin, deputy chief physician of the Department of Vocational Diseases of Xi’an Central Hospital on the precautions for skin care products.

Wang Lin said that contact with heavy metal cosmetics may achieve the effect of rapid whitening in a short time, but as the use time is prolonged, the skin may become dull and lustrous.The main reason is that mercury ions can temporarily lose tyrosinase, which inhibit the formation of melanin in the skin, and achieve the effect of freckle or rapid whitening.But this role is short -lived, and the consequences of the ultimate result are tyrosinase or unlimited catalysis of the formation of melanin, which aggravates the skin to turn black.

The most common heavy metals in cosmetics are lead, mercury, arsenic.Frequent use of cosmetics containing heavy metals, the color of the skin will become gray -white, cyan -gray, no natural rosy and bright, stratum corneum thickening, and rough skin; some users can also cause irritating dermatitis, contact dermatitis, etc.EssenceLong -term use will not only cause local symptoms of the skin, but also cause irreversible damage to various systems of the whole body. For example, it causes damage to the liver, kidney, blood system, nervous system and other organs, causing poisoning reactions to varying degrees.

Long -term contact with mercury -containing cosmetics can cause damage to the central nervous system. Most of the patients will have symptoms of neurasthenia in varying degrees. In severe cases, it can merge personality changes, oral ulcers, gum bleeding, gingivitis, two -handed tremor, proteinuria, nephropathy syndrome, nephrotic syndrome, and nephropathy syndrome.Symptoms such as limbs; long -term contact with lead -containing cosmetics may cause symptoms such as fatigue, anemia, insomnia, abdominal pain and other symptoms. Children’s contact may also lead to slow development. Long -term contact with arsenic cosmetics may occur., Herpes, hair loss, gum swelling and pain, continuous pain of limbs and trunk muscles, soreness during the day, tingling at night, and twitching muscle pain and other symptoms. At the same timeCauses skin cancer.

Wang Lin reminded that when you buy skin care products, you must first go to a regular store to choose a regular brand. You need to be alert to products that can achieve whitening effects immediately; if you find skin discomfort during use, you should first stop using it.Be sure to go to a regular hospital for a detailed examination in time, and use the correct method to treat according to the doctor’s advice.In addition, drink more water to make the toxins in the body be removed faster. You can eat more winter melon appropriately to achieve diuretic effects; eat more fresh fruits and vegetablesEssenceMiao Qiaoying Wenwen/Picture of the Chinese Business Daily reporter Miao Qiaoying

>> Tips

What is mercury?

Commonly known as mercury, it is the only metal element that exists in liquid at normal temperature. It is a silver -white shiny liquid. It is easy to evaporate, strong adsorption ability, and easily absorbed.After the mercury in cosmetics exceeds the standard, it can cause mercury poisoning, the most damage to the kidneys, and can cause urine protein, hematuria, uremia, and even death.

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