The standard of leek farmers is raised, and the benchmarking Japan and South Korea provide convenience for exports?

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Starting from May 11 this year, the national standard of compulsory food safety in my country ’s mildew residues in leek has been adjusted from 0.2 mg/kg to 5mg/kg.According to this calculation, the new standard is equivalent to raising the residual limit of mildew in leek by 25 times.

Rotten mold, a low -toxic insecticide, is widely used worldwide to prevent and treat crops of vegetables, fruits and other crops.Register on the crop.

my country has approved rot and mildew in 1993 to register on leeks, and was released in 2005. It has been in use to this day.Among the latest "Maximum Residual Limited Limited Edition of 112 Pesticides, including 2,4-sodium diced sodium salt" (GB 2763.1-2022), the maximum residual upper limit in leek increases to 5mg/KG.

The adjustment standards are mainly due to the two major conditions in the past: one is that the original standard quotes onions, not the limited edition of leeks; the other is that there are differences with other national standards.

First of all, although the state approved rot mildew in 1993, it was registered on leek, but the detection standard was limited standards in the onions.Due to the weak scientific research foundation in the 1990s, it has not been formulated for limited standards for rotten mildew residues in leek.At the beginning of the 20th century, due to the lack of pesticide residue experimental data, when my country formulated limited standards for pesticide residues, it referred to the relevant standards of the International Food Code (CAC).The CAC does not have the limited limited standards in leeks. At that time, the limited edition standard of fungillum residue in the CAC onion was quoted by 0.2 mg/kg as a domestic standard.

Compared with other countries, China’s original standards are stricter.The United States and other Western countries have not developed relevant limits because they do not have the habit of eating leeks.The limited quantities of rotten and mildew in Japan and South Korea are 5mg/kg.In addition, the quoted CAC onion is also higher than other fruits and vegetables.

It is worth noting that the raising standard does not mean that consumption of chives is no longer safe.The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has reached a conclusion that leeks that have rotten residues within 30 mg/kg are safe and consumed.Therefore, this adjustment is not to relax pesticide residue standards, but the revision of previous standards.

The detection standard is too loose to be good for consumption, but too strictness can easily lead to excessive leek farmers’ disability."Almost as long as it is used in the production of leek production season, there will be residuals exceeding the standard." Hu Bin, a senior agronomist at the Beijing Plant Protection Station, said in an interview with "China News Weekly".

According to the information of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry, the Department of Agricultural Quality and Safety Supervision has analyzed and summarized the unqualified sampling inspection of the consumption agricultural product market supervision department in 2020, showing that in the 2020 market supervision bureau and the provincial market supervision bureaus, a total of 14,295 batch of agricultural products were sampled by the annual batch of agricultural products.Edible agricultural products were unqualified 3799 batches, accounting for 26.57%.Among them, the rotten profits exceeded the standard of 352 batches, all of which were detected from leek.

Not only that, the limited standards of rotten and mildew in foreign leek are not consistent with China, which has also restricted domestic leek exports.On April 5, 2021, the Ministry of Health and Labor and Ministry of Highway issued a notice No. 1 No. 0405. During the import monitoring and monitoring, it was found that the littering in Chinese leek violated the limited standard of pesticides.It is 30%to strengthen the monitoring and inspection of Chinese leek.

The limit value of rot mildew residues in this chives is adjusted by reference to the Japanese and South Korean standards, and it is convenient for domestic leek exports.

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