The state of the pregnant mother will affect the physical and mental development of the fetus, understand the emotions of the fetus, and prevent it early to prevent it

When we are pregnant, we can feel that the state of the fetus is fetal movement.When we are hungry, he will use fetal movements to remind us to eat.When we are quiet, he will invite us to play with him with fetal movements.When we hear a huge sound, he would tell us that he was very disturbed with fetal movement.When we eat bad food, he will tell us that he doesn’t like it with fetal movements.When we do a long -term inspection time, he will tell us that he is uncomfortable with fetal movement.

We can’t see what the fetus is doing, but we can perceive that the fetus will change in different cases. In fact, according to scientific research, the fetus will have emotions in the uterus.Pinghe is the same as our adults.The fetus has nothing to worry about in the uterus. All the joy and sorrows come from the influence of the mother and the outside world, so the pregnant mother should pay attention to avoid affecting the baby’s emotions.

If we pay attention to some four -dimensional photos, it is not difficult to find that many babies are full of smiles and are very satisfied. This is the baby’s happiness.Dr. Stuart Ebell, a private clinic in London’s "Create Health" private clinic, found that the fetus has "learned" smiling from 6 weeks. They will laugh more and "beautiful" before birth, which indicates that they have inner hearts in their hearts.Satisfied.The fetus also eats and drink Lazar in the uterus. When he is full, drinks, and has fun, he will smile naturally.

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to maintaining balanced nutrition and allow the baby to absorb sufficient nutrients.Pregnant mothers pay attention to the appropriate sleeping position when they sleep, avoid sleeping and falling on their heads, and provide enough oxygen to the baby.Pregnant mothers should avoid severe exercise so that the baby can be safe in the uterus.

The baby has the ability to hear in 16 weeks. As the hearing is getting more and more complete, if you hear a big voice in the outside world, the baby will cry unhappyly, whine, just because the sound is blocked by amniotic fluid and belly.It’s hard to hear his cry.The baby will feel hungry. If the mother does not eat in time, the baby will cry because of hunger.The baby likes to play the umbilical cord. If he can’t catch the umbilical cord at once, he will cry disappointing.If the baby is wrapped around his neck or stomach, he feels uncomfortable and crying.When the baby lacks oxygen supply for various reasons, he cries uncomfortably.

According to the British "Guardian", scientists use the 4D ultrasonic imaging system to check the fetus during the fetus that the baby’s baby will already be a few weeks before birth!

Pregnant mothers should avoid going to an environment with a fierce sound to avoid causing the baby’s anxiety.Pregnant mothers should pay attention to the regular diet to avoid being too hungry, and the baby cannot absorb enough nutrition.If the pregnant mother feels that the baby is a bit wrong, go to the doctor in time to prevent the baby from dangerous.

At 21 weeks, the baby has a sense of taste. If the mother eats food that makes him unhappy, he will show resistance in a way of making a face, severe fetal movement or vomiting for pregnant mothers.If the mother’s emotions are unstable, the baby will also be affected, and he will respond with fierce fetal movement, indicating that he is angry.

Belgian doctors observed the emotions of 100 pregnant women with the emotions of the fetus with the Doppler measurement instrument. When they found that the mother dreamed, the eyes of the 8 -month -old fetus moved with dreams.There are also information that the nervous system’s malformation rate of the nervous system during the Second World War exceeded 6.5%, which shows that the development of the fetus was affected by the sadness of pregnant mothers.

Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention not to eat spicy stimuli and other foods that are harmful to the fetus to ensure that the fetus is peaceful.Pregnant mothers should also pay attention to controlling their emotions. Poor emotions can cause a series of physiological changes in the body. Passing to the fetus through the placenta, affecting the physical and mental development of the fetus.

It can be seen that the fetus can laugh, cry, and angry in the uterus, and is closely related to pregnant mothers. Pregnant mothers must pay attention to their own lines to maintain a good attitude and work hard for the baby’s health.

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