The stomach of the pregnant mother becomes this shape.

The weather is warm these days, and Pan Pan dragged his pregnant belly to the community to warm it. It happened to meet the stamens that were almost the same as her pregnancy month. The two talked about childbirth.But hearing a few Baoma said that it was painful to give birth, so he was more scared. Rui Rui also said that she was ready to give birth, but with her mother’s shape, she said that she was not suitable for delivery.For pregnant mothers, it is extremely happy to have a baby to give birth to a baby, but if the pregnant mother’s belly appears this shape, it may not be suitable for delivery.


Many pregnant mothers observe their belly shape changes every day when they are pregnant.This approach is actually very correct, so that pregnant mothers can understand their body shape and baby’s growth.By the third trimester, the stomach of the pregnant mother gradually increased, and the appearance changed.If the stomach of the pregnant mother appears, it is relatively prominent from the front, but the waist is very thin and not as pregnant. This belly is a hanging belly.In the third trimester, if the stomach of the pregnant mother is this, the shape of the small and lower part is not suitable for delivery.

2. What are the reasons for forming?

The shape of the pregnant mother’s belly appears upper and lower, maybe because during pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s diet is relatively sufficient, making the fetus a larger head, more than 7.5 pounds, or the amniotic fluid content in the uterus of the pregnant motherMore, make the belly big.Pregnant mothers with hanging abdomen generally do not have much meat on their waist, but the muscles of the belly are relaxed, so they ca n’t hold the weight of the belly and make the belly drooping.

3. Why is it not suitable for delivery

This belly -shaped pregnant mother’s fetus is relatively large, so it is not easy to make the fetus into the pot. If the pregnant mother insists on giving birth, it is easy to cause cervical torn torn in childbirth. This is for pregnant mothers and fetuses.It is extremely dangerous, so it is not suitable for delivery.If it is in the third trimester, the pregnant mother finds that her belly is in this shape, and don’t blindly persist in the delivery, because this belly shape will make the pregnant mother’s waist and abdomen unable to increase, and it is easy to increase the chance of dystocia. Finally,It is also necessary to turn into a cesarean section. In order to avoid multiple sins of the pregnant mother, it is better to choose a cesarean section.

The baby’s childbirth is the most important thing for pregnant mothers. If the pregnant mother’s belly is shaped, they must obey the doctor’s advice, otherwise there are two people who have suffered.In fact, whether it is possible to give birth, it is the happiest moment that the pregnant mother saw the baby’s healthy birth.

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