The strange woman did not see production for one year, divorced her husband and left, and finally lived out of her own day.

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The heart of the doctor is eternal;

Patients with fate are like petals,

The kindness will never disperse.

As we all know, in the legend of Nezha, Nezha’s mother was pregnant for three years.This legend makes people even more amazing and special about the birth of Nezha.In real life, there is also such a mother who does not see production in 12 months of pregnancy. The husband took her to the hospital for examination. There was no sign of pregnancy.I have been raised for 12 months.The story of this woman, I watched it in a TV documentary when I was a kid. I believe everyone has seen it. Now she has lived her own sky.

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The woman’s name is Peng Ximei. She was happy at first after her marriage, but they had been together for two years, but they had no children.At this time, her mother -in -law began to worry, complaining about her daughter -in -law, and searching for her son’s recipe, to Peng Ximei.Faced with a large number of recipes, the kind Peng Ximei did not complain at all, and she drank all her brains.

After a period of time, Peng Ximei’s belly really had movement and began to grow slowly.The family thought it was pregnant. They just took care of Peng Ximei according to the traditional method of raising tires.However, after a while, the stomach was getting bigger and bigger, and she did not take her to the hospital for examination.Because Peng Ximei’s belly grows too fast, it doesn’t look like she should be pregnant at all.Not only did she not have a normal personal response, but her body was increasingly thinner, and intermittent faint and weak limbs often appeared.At first, her mother -in -law thought it was her own remedy, which made her daughter -in -law pregnant with many twins, and even showed off in the village.But ten months have passed in a blink of an eye, and all the production things are prepared at home.But Peng Ximei just showed no signs of life.At this time, the mother -in -law began to be anxious. He urged his son to take Peng Ximei to the hospital to see, and the husband took his wife to perform the first birth inspection.However, the results of the hospital’s examinations were like a thunderbolt, which changed Peng Ximei’s life.

Her husband chose to divorce, but after the divorce, she opened her second life.At first she was wandering around her own. As the condition became more and more serious, she wanted to jump into the river to end her life. After thinking, she felt that this approach made herself no dignity.You can collect the corpse, and then send it to the cremation field cremation.So she sat in the hospital hall every day, and some doctors noticed, but did not ask.But the god of fate came to her.In December 2009, Dean Xu of the Guangzhou Fusa Cancer Hospital came to Zhanjiang free clinic.At that time, Peng Ximei, who was sitting in the hall, was surprised.Dean Xu immediately stepped forward and asked Peng Ximei, what happened.So Peng Ximei was pregnant with her tumor and had no money to treat the disease, and she was briefly said that she was abandoned by her family.Looking at Peng Ximei’s bones as thin as a firewood, but she was holding her big belly.Dean Xu immediately said that he would help Peng Ximei for free treatment, and then returned to the hospital and an expert in a group of tumors to start discussions.

On December 23, Fu Da Hospital used an ambulance to take Peng Ximei from Zhanjiang to Guangzhou, and set up a special medical team.After doing an ultrasonic examination for Peng Ximei, the experts found that she was stagnant in the abdominal water due to huge tumors, which caused a hypertension syndrome of the abdominal cavity. The internal organs were squeezed together, which caused the lungs to be squeezed.This situation is very dangerous. Peng Ximei may be coma at any time because of hypoxia, so Dean Xu decided to draw out the ascites in her belly first.But this is not an easy task.If all the water goes out at one time, Peng Ximei’s original oppressed organs will expand rapidly, causing various organs to fail.Therefore, doctors can only release ascites in batches, and everything goes smoothly when it was released at first.But on the third day, Peng Ximei still had obvious symptoms of respiratory failure.

When the doctors were in trouble, Peng Ximei comforted the doctors. She asked the doctors to rest assured to treat it with confidence. If she couldn’t cure, she donated her body to the hospital for cure and was volunteer in the hospital for a lifetime.These words have made doctors more determined to treat treatment.They quickly adjusted the plan and continued to pump the water. Finally, after a few days, they finished the water in Peng Xi’s belly.The measured ascites that were measured reached 50,000 ml.With the excretion of ascites, the culprit of Peng Ximei has been tortured for three years, and finally revealed the original face. The size and location of the tumor can be performed.

It turned out that Peng Ximei’s parents were old and never knew her affairs. It wasn’t until the reporter’s relatives at her family had learned about the matter. The reason why she endured the pain alone was that she did not want to drag her family. Finally, Peng Ximei was in her surgery consentSigned it.After more than five hours of surgery, Dean Xu finally took out the 2,300 grams of tumors in Peng Xi’s belly.After the operation, Peng Ximei gradually recovered, and the help of the hospital, she had resumed her original appearance.Out of gratitude to society, after Peng Ximei recovered, she became a volunteer at the Dagua Cancer Hospital. With her own experience, she encouraged every patient.

Peng Ximei’s story is moving, and she shows a strong will and optimistic attitude when facing the pain and difficulties.Not only did she defeat the disease, she also used her experience to help others and convey hope and courage.The selfless dedication of Dean Xu and the medical team is also admirable. They provide treatment and care for patients without pay.Like the hospital and Dean Xu!

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