The success of installation is inseparable from those small people with flesh and blood and wonderful

The high reputation of "Putting the Terrace" is inseparable from good scripts, good directors, good teams, and of course, even more good actors. Needless to say, Zhang Jiayi and Yan Ni’s acting skills.EssenceAlthough the TV series is finished, it still thinks of those characters in the play from time to time, and there are still reluctant emotions. Today, let’s talk about those little people who impressed themselves!

1. The role of the pistol played by Qin Hailu, a sister of a steel tube dance, came out of his hometown and performed with some Cao platform teams everywhere. He saved some money, but he was getting older, and men always watched some colored glasses.After encountering the pier of the pier, I did not hesitate to flash marriage.

2. Dun Dun is really a stingy character. From a young age, he is a little martial arts. He grows up and wants to save money to marry his daughter -in -law.EssenceIn the middle, the worker’s thin monkey flickered to enjoy, buy lottery tickets, eat and drink (that is, you can’t bear to eat snacks before buying in the small supermarket), and even cut B skin.After encountering a pistol, the two people quickly fixed their lives, and they had to give a pistol gift straight, but there was nothing good to turn around. Finally, I went to the supermarket to buy it.Chocolate, a teasing pistol laughed.

3. The big amount of great strength and a large amount of meal, reluctant to spend money, was said to be raised with two milk by the workers. In fact, he was for his daughter Lili.Lili was burned and needed to change the skin. Daquan would make money desperately. Without day and night, she would not let go of the chance of making money. In the end, she died unfortunately.He really interpreted a rural man who really performed well for his children’s father’s image. The audience always remembered his simple smile, reliable teammates, and the image of the hard -working father.

4. Uncle Scar is dressed like a social person, but it is actually not good at all, but it is particularly lovely.His dog Mao Mao was pregnant. Uncle Scar issued ruthlessly to take off the other dog owner, but when he went to find Diao Chrysanthemum, he was scratched by the chrysanthemum.Scream.Uncle Scar was really cheap and cheap when he spoke to Badao.Provide a free place for your own love rivals to make love rivals become friends. For the sake of tossing, the method of chasing the eighth is really full of tricks. In the end, he even went to the mountains to practice.It is really a cheap and lovely invincible image.

5. Diao Juhua’s temper is hot, although the image of constant heavenly work is a bit too hard, it makes people feel bored in the early stage.There are emotions, and they are willing to come to the end, so although the reputation is not very good, it definitely makes the audience remember.

6. On the one hand, Diao Diaojun was very popular and loved his niece. After he met Lili in the later period, he was also very good for Lili. Although he was down, he still had to see the only gold necklace for Lili for a doctor.Before death, I still remembered the son of Peach Blossom.Especially for children, no matter who the child is, the selfless love makes people feel that this is really a good elder.

7. Director of the iron buckle and iron played by Sun Hao, especially selfish, goes over the hair.Continuously use the identity of the Director of the Qinqiang Tuan Office to get the benefits, and the image is really good.When he was working on Zhangjiabao, he was fragrant and spicy, no matter the group of people who worked, he finally deducted the project funds to buy a car.The person who made the Taiwan team was very angry when he saw him, and he didn’t give him face in the later period. He had nothing to do with a car, which really made people feel itchy.

8. Director Tie’s wife Dan Sister, a person who closed his mouth closed, and how much they Denmark, are really good for Tie buckle, and earn money in the teahouse.Although it is a bit embarrassed with the iron buckle to a certain extent, the couple’s feelings are really deep. When the iron buckle was deceived to go to the teahouse to find her, the two of them were on the next stage and looked at each other.The interpretation of what is the husband and wife suffering from the Communist Party.

9. The person who turned the abduction, in order to live the house to his son, he dates a blind date with Ba Ni, and became the tenant of the uncle of the scar after being discovered by Uncle Scar. Since thenIt is not easy among the two people, and it is necessary to let Uncle Scar send out at any time to accept the supervision of Uncle Scar at any time.Later, Uncle Scar went to the mountains to practice, and left him on the mountain to practice together. The two people finally lived in the place where they lived.

10. Black is always a real rich person in Diaojia Village. When you have nothing to do, drink tea and read the newspaper. He eats and lives in your own car. He is very responsible for the environment in the village.Good person.

11. Director Jin of the Qin Qiang Tuan, the female director asked strict, his temper was particularly straight, and he was particularly straight.In this year, they did not become a family, and the family was chaotic into a pot of porridge. She didn’t care about her life at all. She was a person who worked for work!

I can leave a deep impression that there must be a lot of roles that play the particularly successful role. They are deeply staying in everyone’s hearts. Good works must not be a success.They bring more and better works!

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