The symptoms of pseudo -pregnancy pregnancy are not credible. The only way to determine pregnancy is only this one

After some people are in the same room, do they feel that they are pregnant with a little change in their bodies?For example: nausea and vomiting, delayed menstruation, and when you check it at the hospital, it is normal. For those who do not want children, they will be shocked. For those who want children, they are happy.

This is a pseudo -pregnancy. The so -called "pseudo -pregnancy" refers to some symptoms similar to pregnancy, such as stopping menstruation, nausea, vomiting, etc., and even the occurrence of conscious fetal movement and abdominal distension, but it is not really reallyFor pregnancy, what are the common pseudo -pregnancy?

1. Delay of menstruation: Some people have irregular menstruation, coupled with the influence of psychological factors, such as excessive tension and anxiety can cause delay of menstruation.However, healthy women who have a history of sexual life in childcare periods are usually regular menstrual cycles. Once the menstrual period is passed, it should be considered for pregnancy and menopause should be discontinued for more than 10 days.If menopause is more than 2 months, the possibility of pregnancy is more likely.

2. Feeling nausea: Perhaps it is because of a cold, physical discomfort, too full of diet, and excessive drinking, which may make yourself feel nauseous and vomiting. If this symptom happens to happen after the same room that has not taken safety measures, it is easy to be considered to be considered to be considered to be considered to be considered to be considered to be considered to be.It’s almost pregnant, but pregnancy vomiting is only a phenomenon of pregnancy, not standard for everyone to vomit.

3. Mild headache: In fact, many people will happen when headaches, and they will have headaches when the pressure is too strong. This has nothing to do with pregnancy.

4. Breast pain: Many people feel that due to the nutrition of progesterone after pregnancy, it can cause breast pain, but sometimes it can cause breast pain before the physiological period is not good and stressful.Not to judge the standard of pregnancy.

So knowing so much is not the symptoms of pregnancy. Under what circumstances, it means that you are really pregnant?

1. Pregnancy test stick: positive or two bars

2. Go to the hospital for blood test: HCG levels rise

Every woman is different, as is her pregnancy experience.Not every woman has the same symptoms. A pregnant woman may have all these symptoms, or there may be only one or two, or there may be no.

Women who prepare for pregnancy must pay more attention to the abnormal signals from their bodies, and go to the hospital in time if there are problems.

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