The Taiwanese actress is too crazy for losing weight!Diseases have a miscarriage by pregnancy and pregnancy, but now 40 -year -old fat became aunt

In modern society, everyone is thin.Whether it is men and women, you can rack your brains in order to make themselves thinner and slimmer.For ordinary people, of course, the stars are even thinner, and in order to maintain the figure, the method of weight loss used in men and women stars is really eye -opening, which is eye -opening!Today, the Taiwanese actress that Xiaoba wants to tell you is typical to lose weight for weight loss!

This Taiwanese actress is He Jiawen!Speaking of He Jiawen, everyone may be unfamiliar. It seems that she hasn’t heard this name. In fact, she is also a versatile actress, and she has the title of Taiwan’s sweet leader.

First of all, let’s talk about He Jiawen’s acting experience.She is a singer and an actor, and a host.Although she is a supporting role in the drama she starred in, I believe many people have seen it that she has appeared in "Lotus Lantern" and "Peerless Double Jiao".

She also hosted the comprehensive "I guess I guess I guess", "Kangxi is here" and so on.But Xiao Ban can only say that her star journey is not very good.

But what is more attractive is her weight loss compared to her work. Now, compared with her, the star is simply a "little witch to see the big witch". She is the typical person who is not dying for beauty.

Seeing the weight loss method she introduced on the variety show, Xiao Pan could only say that He Jiawen was "ruthless"!She used to learn to eat insects to lose weight with the model. What kind of prescription is this?

In addition, she also tried various recipes to increase weight loss medicine, and her weight dropped dozens of pounds.Because the weight loss was too ruthless, some of her organs had problems. At first, she thought it was just acute pyelitis.

However, after going to the hospital for examination, she was diagnosed with early cancer. He Jiawen was even more blunt. If she went for a few days later, she would have a kidney dialysis.Xiao Pan felt that this weight loss is not a weight loss, but it is life.

In addition to the damage to the organs, due to excessive weight loss and a large amount of medicine, the immune system has also affected her fertility.She and her husband had no children, but helplessly did a test tube, but it was a pity that they ended in abortion twice.Not only that, she was fainted on the set in order to treat sequelae of weight loss.

After some toss, He Jiawen began to recognize his mistakes, stopped working at home, and actively cooperated with doctors for treatment.When He Jiawen was on the show in 2013, he had become aunt.The whole person has no previous look, and many netizens have opened posts and said they did not believe it.

In fact, after He Jiawen recreated, there were still a lot of news about her out of her. For example, like life was tight and needed to do sales and supporters.When asked about it, it was just a way to help relatives, and he was just a member.Seeing these news, Xiao Ban couldn’t help thinking of sighing. A sweet leader disappeared like this and became a fat aunt.

He Jiawen, who is already 40 years old, is no longer filming. It is mainly to pick up some variety shows. Perhaps it is because of fatter, or because he was broken when he was young, he could not answer the hard notice. After allIt’s easier.

Seeing He Jiawen’s appearance, Xiao Pan felt that although everyone loves beauty, pay attention to their bodies when they love beauty.For the sake of beauty and thinness, I temporarily lose weight through various means, and finally ruin the body. This is very worthy. The healthy thinness is really thin. I also hope that He Jiawen can continue to regulate his body.Blind pursuit is thin.

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