The third -child mother is pregnant and eats the "Bao Men’s Recipe". The child is born with a happy family.

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Seeing a post on the Internet, a post from a doctor in the center of the otolaryngology department. They took a two -year -old deaf boy. Every time this boy came to see a doctor, he came out of the family. Mom, mother, grandparents came together.

The doctor asked her mother in detail if they took some drugs that caused their children to deafness before the child were two years old?However, my mother said that every time the child saw a doctor, he went to a large hospital. He gave the child medicine according to the doctor’s doctor’s order. He had not eaten other things.

Then the doctor felt very magical, and then asked his mother, did he take medicine during pregnancy?My mother thought about it and said that when she was 40 days of pregnancy, she ate a hometown of her hometown!

It turned out that the mother was a daughter in the first two, and the local area was very persistent in her son. The first two gave birth to a daughter, and the third child wanted a son very much.

But I was worried that the third child was not a son, so when I was 40 days of pregnancy, I listened to the statement of others and said that eating a majestic recipe can make the child a boy, that is, the "Bao Men’s Recipe".

Mom ate this recipe at 40 days of pregnancy. As a result, when the child was born, there were 6 fingers, and the left hand was 6 fingers. In fact, it was a small problem.Operation.


Unexpectedly, after two years of age, the child has a bigger problem, that is, congenital deafness, and the child’s congenital deafness is actually a lifelong disability for children.

How happy the whole family was when the child was born, and after two years, the child’s severe deafness regretted it.

The doctor said that the remedy of this man does not guarantee that you have a boy. Your child is originally a boy. You eat this recipe and cause damage to the child’s body.

Especially at 40 days of pregnancy, that is, about 6 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, it is exactly the critical period of the child’s limbs, so the child will grow 6 fingers on the left hand, and if the food is not right at this time, it will cause the child to cause the childdeaf.

The doctor’s words made the family regret it!

The so -called "protecting the man" during pregnancy, or the tire pills that are eaten during pregnancy, these seemingly useful drugs are actually a kind of harm to children, especially the tire pill.

This kind of tire pill is actually mainly the illusion brought by methyl testoside.

In fact, after the girl was born, she was like a boy, but she was not a complete boy. Her chromosome was a girl, but her appearance looks like a boy. Slowly waiting for the child to grow up, you will find that she looks likeThe boy looks like a girl, and these children are actually deformity!

I hint one: Sour men spicy girl

Some people say that if you like to eat sour, you will have a boy, and you will have a girl after eating spicy food!

In fact, I like to eat sour or spicy food after pregnancy. It is different from everyone’s taste. It is different from everyone’s diet preferences. It has nothing to do with men and women.

Just like Guangxi likes to eat sour food, but Guangxi is not said to be boys, and there are many places in many places in Wuhan and other places in Hunan, Sichuan, but they do not necessarily say that they are all girls.

Therefore, the so -called "sour men and spicy women" have no scientific basis.

Impression 2: The belly is round is a girl, and the tip of the belly is a boy

When we find that when the newborn is born, if you only look at the appearance, you ca n’t see any changes in him. The child’s body, the size of the child, and the length of the child are actually not much different, whether it is a boy or a girl.

Therefore, when the mother’s belly is inside, the belly is round or pointed. In fact, it depends on the fetus of the fetus and the position of the fetus. This has nothing to do with men and women.

Impressing three: The boy is so moving, and the quieter is the girl

Others say that boys are more naughty, so they are generally boys in the mother’s body, and they are usually quieter.

But in fact, some boys will be relatively quiet, and girls will be more naughty, so this is not absolute.

The boy or a girl is pregnant. In the end, you have to see the B -ultrasound to see it, and the B -ultrasound is not 100%accurate, so mothers should not trust boys or girls, as long as they are healthy.

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