The three changes in women’s pregnancy can not be aware of themselves, but the people around them have obvious feelings

Women who have given birth to a baby have such a feeling, that is, a lot of changes will happen in the body, which is completely different from the state before pregnancy.In fact, as early as when she was pregnant, the woman’s body had begun to change quietly. These changes were prepared from appearance to body, from physical to movement, and the fluctuations of hormones inside the body.

Many women who are pregnant for a long time do not want to be too high -profile, so they will not tell the news of the people around them.Even some are more careless, not even you can not only realize the changes in your body.But even if the pregnant woman does not say, some people who come over can still see at a glance, so where did these people see it?What are the obvious changes in women after pregnancy?

Xiaojia has been pregnant for 4 months, but she is not obvious at all. Because she is thinner, she basically can’t see that she is a pregnant woman.When taking a bus every day, no one gave her a seat for her, and there was even an old lady asked Xiaojia to give her a seat.

Xiaojia did not mention her pregnancy with her colleagues around her. She felt that it was better to let it go. Moreover, she did not want to be specially taken care of by her pregnancy. When the pregnancy was more obvious after a while, others could see that others could seeIt’s right.But a elder sister in the office suddenly asked Xiao Jia: "How many months are pregnant? When is the due date?"

Xiaojia was very surprised. Asked how the eldest sister knew she was pregnant, the elder sister smiled mysteriously, saying that with experience, Xiao Jia continued to ask, and the elder sister began to keep confidential.After returning home, Xiaojia told her mother -in -law that her mother -in -law said that there was nothing mysterious. As long as a woman who had given birth to a child, she could see at a glance that in fact, when Xiaojia was pregnant for more than a month, her mother -in -law had already watched it.She was pregnant, but she was not embarrassed to ask.

After women are pregnant, their shapes will change significantly.Even if a thin woman is thin, the chest, abdomen, pelvis and pelvis will change significantly after pregnancy.These changes are relatively slow, and maybe women have no obvious feeling, but for people around them, it will be easy to find.

Due to the increase of estrogen, it will stimulate the breast, leading to the accumulation of chest fat, and the breasts gradually expand. This is all prepared for future breastfeeding.Coupled with the increase in the uterus, it will cause compression to the abdominal cavity, which will cause the diaphragm under the chest to top, so it will also cause the chest to be more protruding.Therefore, women after pregnancy will increase significantly, usually more than 6 cm.

The changes in the abdomen are even more obvious, which is due to the increase in the uterus.From the size of the oranges at the beginning, the uterus expands to the large watermelon, which is the so -called "show".Some women are "promising" earlier. There may be obvious pregnant belly in the early pregnancy, and some women are later, but most women will change significantly after 4 months of pregnancy.

Another change of body shape is that the pelvis will become larger and wider, that is, the hips look significantly larger.This change is also due to the expansion of the uterus, which causes the bones and muscles of the pelvis to be opened, and it will look wider.Another reason is that due to the relaxation hormone secreted by the body after pregnancy, the relaxation hormone can further wider the pelvis to ensure that the uterus has sufficient space and help delivery, so the "mother hip" will appear in the crotch.

After women are pregnant, skin hair will also change significantly.Many people can feel that the skin is very different from before. Some women’s skin before pregnancy is very fair and bright, but after pregnancy, it will turn black, spots, and even wrinkles.Some women’s skin before pregnancy is not good, but after pregnancy, it will become white and smooth.

Many women also find that the hair has become more dense after pregnancy, and the hair of the underarm, private parts and limbs is darker and more darker.And the skin of the underarms and the skin of the abdomen and the private parts also began to black, looking a bit ugly.

These are also caused by fluctuations in hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and progesterone after pregnancy. The changes in these hormones will change the endocrine of women, so the state of the skin will be very different from before.The change of hormones can also cause melanin in the body. These melanin is more likely to accumulate under the armpits and chest, so it becomes darker.

After women are pregnant, their posture and movements will also change significantly.Many women in the late pregnancy are too large, so they walk on their stomachs, so they will shake, and they look like penguins.In fact, as early as early pregnancy, women’s movements and posture have been quietly changing. These changes are often unconscious, so they do n’t even know, but the people around them can see very obvious.

Due to the expansion of the uterus and the fluctuations of hormones after pregnancy, some women will have back pain, backache, and lumbar muscles. Therefore, the posture of walking will be unnatural and looks stiff.Other women will subconsciously protect their stomachs with their hands, especially when people are crowded, such as elevators or restaurants, they will block the front of the abdomen with their hands.Discovered by the people around.

Pregnancy is a long process. Women’s body will change various changes, so each pregnant woman should pay attention to their physical condition. If discomfort or abnormalities occur, they should seek medical treatment in time so that they can guarantee that they and the baby’s baby’s baby canhealthy.

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