The top ten main points of the rabbit during pregnancy and postpartum are the most difficult to raise rabbits.

First, strengthen the later management of pregnant rabbits.The survival rate of the rabbit stage and the growth and development speed after weaning are directly related to the growth and development of the fetus.More than 70%of the fetus grows from the growth and development of the late pregnancy. It is very important to strengthen the feeding management of the later stages of pregnancy. It must be provided with sufficient feed, rich nutrition, strong mouthful, and rough protein content of more than 18%or more.High -quality diets allow them to eat freely to ensure the normal growth and development of the fetus.If the amount of feed supplies is small, the protein content is low, and the lack of a certain nutrients will affect the normal growth and development of the fetus.

Second, the thorough arrangement preparation preparation.For preparation preparation, the following four points should be achieved.① Based on the breeding records, put it in the box 2-3 days before giving birth.Install the dried grass and poultry in the box, and let the disinfection before putting it before putting it.② Keep a quiet living environment.It is forbidden to capture at will before childbirth. Visit to prevent dogs, cats, and mice from entering the rabbit house to prevent suddenly scare.③ Prepare the food.The mother rabbit is very fast, usually about half an hour. After childbirth, I feel tired and empty. I urgently need to eat and drink. If you are not prepared for food and drinks, you will be forced to eat rabbits because of hunger and dehydration.Such as soy milk, thin porridge, etc., high -quality mixed feeds are placed in the grooves, such as radishes, sweet potatoes, etc. for their free food.④ Help the mother rabbit pull hair.Individual initial female rabbits do not pull hair, they can only make grass for nests, and they need to help artificially pull their chests into the part into the nest, promote their polymilids and protect rabbits.

Third, try to improve lactation capacity.After the birth of rabbits, naked hairlessness, closed eyes closed ear, lacking the ability to regulate body temperature. In addition to eating milk 12 days ago, it was sleeping.In order to ensure the nutrition of female rabbits, in addition to providing protein, minerals, and vitamin rich mixed concentrates every day, fresh green and juicy feeds are also required to provide breastmilk, such as dried grass, dandelion, and king.

Fourth, ensure that rabbits eat enough milk.Make sure that rabbits eat colostrum in time, and eating more milk and milk is the basis for improving the survival rate of rabbits.If the female rabbit has milk without feeding, it is necessary to perform artificially for lactation. The method is to put the female rabbit into the baby’s box and let the female rabbit breastfeed. After breastfeeding, take it out. After a few days of training, you can breastfeed.

There should be too many kinds of babies to foster care. The mother and rabbit will breastfeed once a day and night. The strong rabbit can eat milk every time. The weak rabbit can’t eat it, and there will be a strong and weakness.However, because the mother -in -law has a sensitive sense of smell, it can smell the rabbit that is not her own. Not only does it not feed, but also bites the foster rabbit.Can’t smell the rabbit with another nest.

Fifth, we must completely prevent fatal diseases.The fatal disease of rabbits is mainly luteum and amine sepsis.Thoroughly prevent it and prevent it from being infected.

Yellow urine is a rabbit. It develops the disease with breasts that suffer from breast inflammation female rabbits infected with bacteria.In the early stages of the disease, it was acute enteritis, and then yellow like urine-like fresh dung, polluting the anus around the anus, the back of the back was humid and smelly, the sick rabbit was asleep, the whole body was soft and thin, the course of the disease was 3-4 days, and the mortality rate was very high.

The rabbit purulent sepsis is caused by the rabbit’s body’s tip of the tip of it or eaten by the milk infected by staphylococci.Inflammation occurred in many places or whole body after the disease, showing a large white pustules in millet, and the body’s thin mortality rate was high.Once this disease occurs, it should stop breastfeeding. If pus virus acne occurs, iodine can be applied to the affected area, and a 0.1%rinsein aquatic solution can be used to take a bath. It 2 times a day and 3 days in a row.

Six, prevent hanging milk from death."Hanging milk" means that there are too many rabbits, and they are not full.Under normal circumstances, the mother rabbit jumps out of the nest after 3-4 minutes. When breastfeeding is suddenly alarmed or suffering from breast inflammation, it causes pain to immediately jump out of the production box.Take out the box and cause frozen death.

Seventh, do a good job of avoiding the cold and heat to ensure the warmth.Although the outside temperature needs at the time of the rabbit is higher than the adult rabbit, if it is higher than 35 degrees, it will also cause heat stroke, and it will cause frozen frozen after 16 degrees.Important work.The insulation performance of babies in the cold season should be high.Choose materials with good thermal insulation and strong hygroscopic materials.Plastic foam in the bottom of the box, poultry, rabbit hair, soft weeds after disinfection.After childbirth, the mother -in -law was separated, moved the rabbit into the greenhouse, and worked artificially every day.Take heatstroke prevention and cooling measures in hot weather.There must be shading equipment outside the entire rabbit house, and the doors and windows should be open to ventilation.

8. To prevent accidental casualties.There are many reasons for accidental casualties during the production process.I was injured outside.The management is not strict, the sense of responsibility is not strong, the rabbit is put into the cage and was bitten by the big mother rabbit, etc., and will be bitten by the mouse, etc., and even the whole nest will be taken away.Therefore, all measures should be taken to prevent accidents.

Nine, make early replenishment to ensure development.As the rabbits increased by increasing the amount of age, the supply of breast milk needs to be increased, and it needs to increase the supplement.Under normal circumstances, the rabbit started eating at the age of 17-18, and at the beginning of it, it was rarely ate. Only the soft vegetable leaves and leaves that were eaten only chewed and digested well, which gradually increased in the future.It is necessary to provide high -quality feed with rich nutrition, strong mouthfulness, and easy digestion. The protein content is more than 20%, the crude fiber content is less than 10%, and the appropriate amount of yeast powder is needed, the growth, vitamin and charcoal powder, the high beam noodles, soil, soil, soil, soilMotcin and so on.It can ensure normal growth and development, and prevent dilute dilutes.

Ten, weaning must be performed in a timely manner.The normally weaning time of rabbits is between 28 days and 42 days.

There are two methods of weaning: the one -time weaning is neat and evenly and developed in the rabbit. In the case of the mother rabbit’s milk without milk and the thin body, weaning is used, that is, all the mother -in -law rabbits leave no longer the same nest.The other is the staging of milk for milk. In the mother rabbit’s body is strong, there are more milk in the breast, more rabbits, and those who are weak and weak can adopt the installment of milk.Leave a thin and weak person to continue to breastfeed for a few days. If the mother is still more after separate, in order to prevent the mother rabbit breast inflammation, the weak little rabbit will be fed for a few days on a regular basis.

Weaning is an important pass to the rabbit. After weaning, it depends on the feed to provide nutrition, and the resistance to the external environment and epidemic disease is still low. The higher the rate of death if it is not strengthened, the earlier the weaning.Weaning at one time before the 28th, other female rabbits can be weaned in advance or errors.In order to prevent breast inflammation in the mother rabbit, the supply of concentration and juice feed can be reduced before weaning, controlling drinking water, and providing more high -quality green materials.

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