The unmarried girl’s belly bloating is like a full -moon pregnant woman. She always thought it was obesity, but I didn’t expect …

At the age of eighteen, he touched a small mass on his stomach, because he was embarrassed to tell others that with economic difficulties, unmarried girl Xiaoya (pseudonym) kept dragging and not going to the hospital for examination.I didn’t think a year later, the stomach was like a pregnant woman who was pregnant.After Xiao Ya’s uncle felt wrong, he took her to the Cakang Hospital (hereinafter referred to as: Ruikang Hospital) affiliated to Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and finally removed 40 pounds of mucus gland gland tumors.

Unmarried girl’s belly is as big as "full moon pregnant women"

"It feels very easy now, after all, such a big tumor is removed." On the morning of September 30, Xiaoya, who had returned to Guigang, told reporters on the phone that after she found a small mass last year, she did not put it on her heart and waited for the lumps to wait for the lumps.After growing up, a colleague felt that she should be sick and persuaded her to go to the hospital."Don’t dare to go, it’s a bit scared. Because it’s just a big stomach, it feels fat, it is normal in other aspects, and eating and drinking is normal."

In the Spring Festival this year, when Xiao Ya, who was working abroad, returned home for the New Year, found that her "fat" was a bit wrong, so she took her to the hospital for treatment.Local hospital diagnosed Xiaoya to suffer from giant ovarian tumors in the abdominal cavity. However, many hospitals were rejected for surgery because the risk of surgery was too high.

On August 25 this year, accompanied by her, Xiaoya came to Ruikang Hospital for medical treatment.Director Zhou Yinghui of the hospital was checked and carefully checked the video materials carried by Xiaoya. While soothe her nervousness, she immediately arranged Xiaoya to be hospitalized and started a pre -surgery examination that day.Full abdomen CT flat sweep+enhancement indicates huge cystic lumps in the abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity. The range is 333mm × 236mm × 430mm.Essence

"I have been working in the hospital for more than 20 years. For the first time, I saw such a large ovarian plasma tumor." Zhang Ji, associate professor and deputy chief physician of the gynecology department of the hospital, said that when Xiaoya first arrived in the hospitalHuman heart rate is 60 ~ 100.The tumor reaches the sword, and the pubic bone is issued, and the left and right are reached the axillary back line.

40 pounds of huge tumors in 4 hours

The pelvic abdominal cavity grows so huge, just like a timing bomb that explodes at any time. Medical staff knows that to remove such a mass, which will be a very severe test for Xiaoya’s body and surgeon’s skills.

In order to formulate Zhouquan’s surgical plan, Director Zhou Yinghui led all medical staff of the gynecological department to conduct multiple preoperative discussions. Preoperative anesthesia consultation also gave professional guidance and related suggestions.Considering that Xiaoya is young and has not been born, the pelvic abdominal cavity is possibly possibly possibly of the benign tumor. In order to maximize the trauma and promote postoperative recovery, Director Zhou Yinghui and Xiao Ya and his uncle fully communicated and negotiated, and decided to perform laparoscopic surgery.

"But the tumor is so large, and the tumor may be worn when the laparoscopy is the first hole. After discussion, we decided to open a small hole of one centimeter, slowly release the liquid in the tumor, wait for the tumor to narrow, and then beat again.Pores are surgery through laparoscopy. "Zhang Ji said that the liquid in the tumor alone was 20,000 ml.

On August 28th, after nearly 4 hours of surgery, the surgery team finally thoroughly peels up nearly 40 pounds of tumor lesions in Xiaoya’s abdominal cavity. The frozen pathological tips during the operation:The ovaries are also retained.

After surgery, the medical team in a gynecological area was guarded by Xiaoya for 24 hours.After careful care from the medical staff, Xiaoya recovered smoothly after surgery. Xiaoya and his family members were very satisfied and they were discharged from the hospital.


Participate in "Two Cancer" regularly screening every year

Zhang Ji reminded that when he found that there was a block or a sudden "fat", the number of times to go to the toilet increased or had constipation, poor appetite, etc., and should go to the hospital in time.Early discovery, early diagnosis, and early treatment are the key to improving the effect of cancer treatment.Pay attention to the early signs of cancer, and find that abnormal situations should seek medical treatment in time.

Cancer screening and early testing are important ways to discover cancer and pre -cancer lesions. It is conducive to early detection and timely treatment of cancer. Actively participate in regular cancer examination.Adult women should regularly participate in cervical cancer and breast cancer screening, and they should also perform breast self -examination.The state provides free cervical cancer and breast cancer examination for rural women in some areas.

In addition, a healthy lifestyle can prevent a variety of cancers.Such as quitting smoking can reduce the risk of lung cancer; a reasonable diet can reduce the occurrence of colon cancer, colorectal cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer, and gastric cancer; prevent and treat human papilloma virus, can reduce the occurrence of cervical cancer.

It is reported that preventing gynecological tumors in daily life is the most commonly called first -level prevention, which is to prevent the disease from the source of the source. It is the best way to prevent using vaccines. Therefore, for cervical cancer, young women advocate advocateFor vaccination of cervical cancer, for patients with ovarian cancer or family of breast cancer, some tumor genes can be detected to improve possible factor.

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Source: Nanning Evening News

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