The vaginal relaxation of postpartum, how to break the leakage of urine in the yin?Remember these tricks, return to the life of the tight couple


Is it really not true to choose a caesarean vaginal vagina?

Unfortunately, whether it is a delivery or cesarean section, it is actually difficult to escape the "loose".

Although caesarean section can avoid tearing damage caused by vaginal delivery without vaginal delivery, before that, the pregnancy itself may cause vaginal relaxation.

After pregnancy, the weight of the uterus and fetus continues to increase, and the pressure on the abdomen of the pregnant mother gradually becomes larger. In order to maintain the center of gravity, the waist and abdomen will protrude forward.On the shoulders of the muscles, the full pregnancy was boiled, and the bottom muscle of the pot was like a rubber band that was pulled hard for a long time, slowly losing elasticity and looseness.

In addition, if you do not fully recover after delivery, you will participate in heavy physical labor, which will also cause vaginal relaxation, so you must take a good recuperation after delivery.

Do not give birth

In fact, you can’t completely avoid looseness

In addition to fertility, there are many factors that cause vaginal relaxation.

For example, aging.

As we all know, aging will slowly lose its elasticity and relax our skin. The vagina is the same. As the age increases, female ovarian function is reduced, estrogen levels are lowered, vaginal connective tissues shrink, muscle tissue will slowly lose shrinkage.Power, decreased elasticity, and finally lead to loosening vagina.

For example, long -term constipation, cough, obesity, smoking, and long -term squatting or transportation heavy objects, long -term work in singing and playing instruments.

These factors look at 10,000 miles away from the vagina, but they all have a common "role" -the increased basin-abdominal pressure for a long time.As mentioned earlier, for a long time, "work" under heavy pressure, the bottom muscle of the pot will be "rot".

However, the vagina is not "the pot of one cause". The above -mentioned major "culprits" are related. Under their common "effort", the vagina gradually becomes loose.

sure!It is not terrible to become loose. The terrible thing is that you don’t even know it is loose.

Therefore, we can simply do a small test: insert your fingers into the vagina to see if it can squeeze normally or clamp the fingers.

(Before the test, please clean your hands full.)

A finger is inserted into the vagina, and the vagina feels completely clenched when the vagina is not forceful, which means that the vagina has not yet relaxed.

, ️ At this stage, everyone can prevent it, do Kigel exercise, vaginal dumbbells, etc., and exercise the bottom muscles, but it is best to do it under the guidance of a professional doctor, so as not to make mistakes and lose.

If the two fingers (half) can be inserted side by side, the muscle contraction is good, but the sexual sensitivity is reduced, and the tight grip disappear, which means that the mild vaginal relaxation has occurred.

If the three fingers can be inserted side by side, the muscle contraction is weak, and you feel relaxed and have no sense of grip. When you "Papa", the private parts will even leak and have no sound, which means that the vulva relaxation is already serious.

When mild and moderate relaxation, we need to be vigilant.

一些️ First, change some bad living habits, such as smoking, drinking, wearing tight pants, excessive defecation, excessive labor and labor … Eat more foods with high dietary fiber, drink plenty of water.

肥 ️ Second, if there are problems such as obesity, long -term constipation, long -term cough, etc., it should be treated, do not delay.

轻 ️ Finally, it is recommended to seek medical treatment as soon as possible during mild relaxation, and receive professional treatment, such as electrical stimulus and biological feedback technology, radio frequency technology, laser technology, drug and traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture intervention.

If you can insert a four -finger side by side, muscle contraction is more weak. At this time, the vaginal relaxation is very serious. When applauding the love, you should obviously feel poor experience.

Severe vaginal looseness will seriously affect the quality of life. The training and stimulus mentioned earlier are not enough to improve this situation. Usually, it can only be repaired by surgery.

For vaginal relaxation, many people have already perception -affect sexual life experience.

Indeed, the loose vagina will make women’s "tolerance" and men’s "tight grip" worse.Wait, these will seriously reduce the quality of our sexual life.

In addition, there are many vaginal relaxation hazards, such as affecting your physical health and reducing your quality of life –

The relaxed vagina can make the vaginal wall unable to close, and the vagina is often in an open state, which will make various germs "unobstructed", causing gynecological diseases such as vaginitis and cervicitis;

The vaginal relaxation causes the distance between the vagina, urethra, and anus to get closer. The bacteria of the intestine are more likely to invade the vagina and urethra, which leads to recurrence of urinary tract infection.

When the vagina is relaxed, laughing, running, jumping, etc. can cause stressful urinary incontinence. If you accidentally leak the urine "social death";

When the vaginal relaxation is severe, it may also cause serious consequences such as uterine prolapse, bladder swelling, and rectal prolapse.

Therefore, don’t not make the vaginal relaxation seriously, prevent early prevention, and treat early to enjoy a happy life easily and confident!

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Hunan Medical Chat Special Author: Xie Xiaoxiao, Hunan Women’s and Children’s Hospital

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