The wife couldn’t help but vomit during pregnancy.


A Ling was pregnant, and she didn’t know if she had been in physical reasons or was too bad. She couldn’t help vomiting.

What to eat and vomit!

It was too serious to spit out blood a few times.

A Lingzhong begged her husband Xiaohui to take her to the hospital for examination.

Then he stayed at the hospital, and the doctor said that he had to take medicine.

If you take medicine, it will affect the fetus!

But there was no way, A Ling couldn’t bear the pain of vomiting, so she ate.

After Xiaohui was busy, he was responsible for paying, buying meals, boiling water, etc.

Xiaohui’s job is a public institution. During his wife’s hospitalization, he had to ask for leave!

He didn’t want to ask for leave because he wanted to be promoted to a position, fearing that he would take a leave!

During the hospitalization, A Ling still vomited.

Xiaohui thinks that other people’s wives have given birth to their children quietly. When he arrives at him, why is his wife so worry -free?


A Lingguang took care of his physical uncomfortable, and he did not have the energy to dress himself. Every day, he was facing the sky. He just put on a piece of clothes and put on it. His hair was very oily, his skin was yellow, his shoes were dirty, and he looked very sloppy!

Xiaohui was a little disgusted, and the days he asked for leave, and some of the future promotion of his future.

Xiaohui was scared again. A Ling took medicine and was not good for the fetus in his stomach. He didn’t want to have an unhealthy child in the future!

At noon that day, Xiaohui bought A Ling with braised pork, tomato eggs, and rice.

A Ling took two sips, and looked for the trash basket everywhere, vomiting.

At that moment, Xiaohui really collapsed.

When his wife was vomiting, Xiaohui proposed to divorce Aling indifferently.

A Ling choked, and the large tears fell down.


A Ling said that she wanted to be quiet by herself, so she was holding a big belly and aimlessly strolling in the hospital.

She found a relatively quiet place, sitting there in lonely, recalling this relationship.

A Ling always knew that in this relationship, she was the one who paid more. She loved Xiaohui greater than Xiaohui and loved her!

The two met at a rainy day. At that time, neither of them had an umbrella, and they both hid the rain at the door of a supermarket.

The two saw the vacant seats at the same time. A Ling ran slowly and was rushed to sit up by Xiaohui.

A Ling originally thought that she had to wait for the rain to stop!

Unexpectedly, Xiaohui asked her to sit down very gentlemanly and said he liked to stand.

A Ling’s heart was warm and couldn’t help but look at the tall and thin man in front of him. The man was really handsome. A Ling heard his heartbeat accelerated.

What is even more fate is that a few days later, A Ling went to blind dates. The man of the blind date was the man who hid the rain in front of the supermarket, which was Ahui.

Ahui didn’t have any impression of the first meeting, but A Ling was different. She could be said to fall in love with Xiaohui at first sight!


Through understanding, A Ling knew some information. It turned out that Xiaohui had a marriage, and a three -year -old daughter, her daughter was sentenced to her ex -wife!

Xiaohui is an employee in the system. The family is good. There are four houses. Two houses can be charged for rent. Because of the good geographical location, there are quite a lot of rental money!

A Ling didn’t care that Xiaohui was a divorced person, and a little girl loved it like that.

Under the initiative of A Ling, the relationship between the two immediately heated up.

A Ling was very satisfied with Xiaohui here. Although Xiaohui did not hate A Ling before marriage, she did not like it very much.

When the two saw Xiaohui’s parents for the first time, A Ling dressed up that day. Because A Ling was too happy, when she walked in the community, she kept holding Xiaohui’s arm.

When Xiaohui’s mother went out to buy food, she actually saw A Ling.

Xiaohui’s mother believes that A Ling is a girl who is not very inspected. She holds her son’s arm under the day of light, just like she has never seen a man!


When A Ling introduced herself with Xiaohui’s parents, she greeted it simply.

A Ling was sitting on the sofa and linked with Xiaohui’s hand again.

Xiaohui’s mother thinks that this chick is too unsatisfactory!

The first time she met, Xiaohui’s mother said that she didn’t like A Ling’s every move, she didn’t like her appearance, and her job, her education was not satisfied!

When I met for the first time, I was unhappy!

Later, Xiaohui’s mother still did not agree with A Ling to enter the door!

A Ling thought that she had lived with Xiaohui for a lifetime. As for Xiaohui’s mother, she couldn’t hold it in the future anyway, so it didn’t matter!

In this way, Xiaoling only received a gift of 30,000 yuan, and Cai Li was still Xiaohui’s own private money.

Without any marriage ceremony, A Lingyi married Xiaohui without hesitation.

There is no banquet, no hardware, just pull a certificate!


After marriage, A Ling slowly became unhappy.

When she found that every time she watched TV, she wanted to put her legs on Xiaohui’s leg, Xiaohui would be impatient.

She went to work and sent text messages with Xiaohui, and he always disliked herself.

Xiaohui didn’t do housework very much. A Ling did housework, and Xiaohui was also picky.

Because of love, these Aling can tolerate.

What A Ling can’t bear is that Xiaohui knows her ex -wife and has the idea of remarried with him!

He didn’t keep a distance with his ex -wife.

Because Xiaohui’s mother has not accepted A Ling, A Ling did not go to her mother -in -law’s house after her marriage.

However, Xiaohui’s ex -wife always puts her and Xiaohui’s daughter in Aling’s mother -in -law!

Xiaohui, Xiaohui’s ex -wife, Xiaohui daughter, Xiaohui mother, they ate together, talk and laugh.

A Ling feels angry and feels insecure!


Sometimes, when Xiaohui was drunk, he always shouted a girl’s name.

A Ling heard that it was not her name, nor the name of her ex -wife. Who is that?

Moreover, Xiaohui’s family is actually quite rich, but Xiaohui is not willing to let Aling flower!

In this relationship, A Ling was suffering from losses, and always liked to stick to Xiaohui, hoping to be closer to him and closer.

A Ling loves to ask Xiaohui, you buy this with me, what do you help me get it?

Because A Ling has no sense of security, she wants to make a request. If Xiaohui does it, it proves that Xiaohui loves herself!

A Ling’s girlfriend said, saying that she had no light in her eyes, and she didn’t look like a rich wife at all.

A Ling also found herself, became particularly grudges, especially dull, and loved to cry!

She was so wronged. She was always pregnant when she was pregnant. Can she control itself?

The key is that A Ling is tired of looking at her with disgusting eyes, that makes her the most hearty!


A Ling is reluctant to divorce!

But what can she do?

Is she going to live a lifetime in a marriage without love?

She is really not confident!

This relationship between her and Xiaohui really makes her really tired!

Obviously she is four years younger than Xiaohui, and now watching her seems to be older than Xiaohui!

A Ling returned to the ward firmly, and she decided, but a divorce!What are there?

What does it mean to get a respectful marriage?

Ten days later, A Ling had an abortion surgery alone!

Three months later, A Ling and Xiaohui led a divorce certificate!

A Ling didn’t know what the future, she just knew that she no longer wanted to cry for this person who didn’t love herself …


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