The wife died, and her husband dreamed of his wife for help for help for many days, and dug the coffin of the dead wife for the truth.

"What? You want to open your wife’s grave!"

Lao Lin patted his thighs fiercely, and only pointed at the nose of the past.

His son -in -law, now he is going to dig his daughter’s grave!

This conversation occurred in Shaanxi in January 2019.

The year is approaching, and the lanterns are on the color, and the family reunion is everywhere.

However, the atmosphere of the Lin family is a bit unusual. Lao Lin and his son -in -law Xiao Chen are confronting.

Two people patted their thighs, one was around the neck.

"Create evil, make evil!"

All of this starts from several years ago.

In 2008, 30 Xiao Chen was recently worried about his big things in his life.

Xiao Chen’s parents are ordinary farmers, and they also go out to work outside the junior high school.

After turning to Xi’an and Qingdao, he decided to go home after saving some money.

The boss is not too small, and there are some money in his hands. He is doing some lives in his hometown and married a daughter -in -law.It is also convenient to take care of parents.

Therefore, he first picked up some sports cars at home.

Later, I simply opened a grocery store. The small grocery stores made little money, but it was enough to live.

Xiao Chen is very satisfied from the truck driver to the small grocery store.

In fact, the current condition of Xiao Chen’s family is already very good for their family.

In this remote mountain village belonging to Shaanxi, the most important thing now is to marry Xiao Chen to marry a daughter -in -law.

Because of the conditions at home, Xiao Chen dropped out of school in junior high school.Now that I finally live slowly, my parents are very anxious about his marriage.

In fact, there are not no relatives and friends to introduce, but young people always have their own preferences.

Anyway, because of various reasons, it was not achieved in the end.

What’s more, in the final analysis, the conditions of Xiao Chen’s family are not good.Is there any parents willing to marry their daughter in suffering?

Xiao Chen actually looked very open.

He almost didn’t want to get married. He just opened the shop and guarded his parents.

Although the money is not much, it is completely okay to maintain normal overhead, and there are some of the remaining money.

Of course, Xiao Chen was open, but his parents were even more anxious.

Chengjia set up a business and set up a business.

Xiao Chen has all been established, and it is time to become a family.Otherwise, isn’t it incomplete on this day?

Xiao Chen was also anxious under the persuasion of his parents.

Some things are nothing, but if you think too much, you will become "annoying", or the "knot" in your heart.

His parents asked others to help him introduce a daughter -in -law.

There are finally hope this year.

A matchmaker introduced Xiao Chen to know the girl in the neighboring village.

The girl is called Xiaoju, and she is the youngest daughter in their family. She is almost the same age as Xiao Chen.

It stands to reason that I don’t worry about marrying, but I have some small problems with one leg of this little daughter.

In the big talk, it can be regarded as a small disability.

So although this minor problem does not affect normal life at all, there are always people wearing some colored glasses.

No one wants to marry her daughter to Xiao Chen’s family to live a poor life, and no one is willing to marry a cumbersome to serve.

They married their daughter -in -law, they wanted to marry to take care of their families and make money.Marry Xiaoju back and do not do housework.

The two have some sympathy for the same disease. From then on, you don’t think my family is poor. I don’t think you hurt.

Xiao Chen originally thought that Xiaoju, who had not married, should not have a good personality.

But in fact the community is a quiet personality.Quiet, not many words, people are easy -going.

He was irritable because he had a problem with his legs.

Through getting along, the two are also very good.

Xiao Chen feels that there is such a woman to be his wife, which is his blessing!

The two got married.Both parents had a mind at the same time.

The wedding is simple, but very warm.The people present congratulated them from the bottom of their hearts.

They soon had children, and their family relationships became more and more harmonious.

Life is slowly coming out.

But unexpected appearances are often caught off guard.

In 2018, Xiaoju suddenly fainted when she worked in the ground.

When Xiao Chen was rushing to the hospital, he learned that his wife was suffering from cancer.

The arrival of the disease is completely unreasonable.

He is preparing to use all his family to treat his wife.

He was told that Xiaoju was already in the late stage of cancer and could live in a few days.

And this time fainting is the signal given by the body.

This signal is like a meteorite in the sky, smashing this pretty happy family.

The wife couldn’t eat slowly.Drink a few sips of water a day, saying it hurts.

Xiao Chen watched his wife more and more embarrassed, and was thinning almost every day.

He seemed to cut the meat in his heart, and every time he cut it, he wanted to cry.

In December 2018, Xiao Chen accompanied Xiaoju at home.

Xiao Chen was distraught, but there were children who needed to pull, and parents needed support.

Xiao Chen looked at his wife’s burial, and he helped his wife clean up.

He also deliberately put a necklace into the soil together, which he bought for his wife before.His wife likes it very much, but he is reluctant to bring it when he is working.

I can’t work now, I must think of this necklace.

He put the necklace in his hands into the soil, and the necklace was covered up by the soil, and his heart was like dust in the land.

In January 2019, the countdown of the New Year never stopped.

Xiao Chen went up the mountain with his hoe.Leave Lao Chen, sighing again, and a bench.

Lao Lin failed to stop his son -in -law.And he is going to dig his wife’s grave now.

Not because he has any perverted psychology, nor is it because he and his wife have any hidden contradictions.

In fact, he has had a dream of seven or eight consecutive days.

"Husband, save me …"

Xiao Chen fell asleep early tonight.After coaxing his son, he entered Dreamland.

Suddenly, he came to a foggy forest, and the fog was surrounded by the branches, which set off the entire environment and faintly.

A woman was crying.He wanted to go closer to see it clearly, and found that this place was weird.

It is particularly difficult to move, and the feet are heavy.

At this time, he looked up, but found that the figure had turned around -it was Xiaoju!His wife.

He almost dared not recognize. When he was buried, he had changed his wife for his wife.But at this time, Xiaoju went, his eyes contained tears, and his clothes were tattered.

His wife’s lips kept opening and closing, and he heard that his wife was asking him for help.

Just as he wanted to ask further, his wife’s figure disappeared.

Xiao Chen sat on the bed and looked at her legs.

This is not the first time he has had this dream, but this time it is particularly real.

The tears in his wife’s eyes were so true that he was so distressed.

He thought he had an illusion because he was too missing.It’s not that you have thought about what day, and there is a dream at night.

His wife just left, and before a month, she really missed her every day.

But this dream has been done for seven days, maybe something really happened when he didn’t know.

It seems that when people encounter some special things, they will have a hunch.

Xiao Chen prepared something to worship.

This goes to find doubts.

At first glance, the wife’s grave bag was fine, but there was an extra bait on it.He turned around the grave.

There is a bead chain blocked by the grass.

He was put in the bead chain that he went to accompany his wife.

The dead wife suddenly disappeared.

Xiao Chen believes that someone moves his wife’s grave.So he hurried back to discuss with Laozhang.

"What do you want?"

"Open the coffin to verify the corpse."

Xiao Chen felt that only when opening the museum to dig a grave can we know what happened.However, Laozhangren resolutely opposed.

Xiao Chen carried his hoe and went up the mountain, and the villagers who heard the wind came to persuade him.

Some elderly people even scolded him directly.

And worried about his wife, Xiao Chen opened the coffin.

Seeing the scene in front of him, Xiao Chen was loosened, and his hoe fell directly to the ground.

Even watching Laozhang people exclaimed, "How can this!"

Xiaoju’s body is gone.The relics are also messy.

This was very appalling, and Xiao Chen immediately reported the police.

It is reported that after the police came to check, they found traces of repeated vehicles nearby.

However, according to understanding, this area as the cemetery in the village is extremely remote, and the most prominent feature is that there are few people.Without a funeral, no one will drive here.

So this incident is most likely a group of criminal gangs.And it is a gang specializing in corpse.

"Stealing someone else’s body?"

Xiao Chen was angry and hated. His wife’s bones were not cold, and those who killed thousands of swords began to remember.

And his old man, Lao Lin, was even more angry and fainted.

It is reported that the police quickly locked a black car by taking the monitoring of nearby small roads.After investigation, this is a gang of resolding the corpse.

They often inquire about new funerals everywhere.After finding it, I started squatting.

Quietly transport the body away, and then sell it far away to match "Yin Marriage".

And Xiaoju’s body was transported away by them.

The surname of this family is pitiful. The son is a dementia. When he lives, he failed to marry his daughter -in -law. After his death, his parents felt that he owed the child, so he spent 50,000 yuan to buy Xiaoju’s body.

Moreover, when the Chen family came to ask Xiaoju’s body, the family was still very hard.

They feel that this is the daughter -in -law who spent money to buy her son, how can there be a reason to give people flat for no reason!

Dig out the grave of other people’s wives and ship out!Xiao Chen can’t do it.

Didn’t this steal his wife and sell it as a wife for others?That’s it!

After less than a month of burial his wife, he would be disturbed.

It can be seen that these grave robbers have no conscience.

Finally, the police came forward to mediate, and the Duan family was released.

Xiao Chen was fortunate to re -enter his wife into the soil, and brought the group of people who stole the corpse to court.

The gang was sentenced to 6 months to 2 years in prison and confiscated all their crimes and vehicles.

It is bad to get a bad money.

Parents who buy a corpse for their son -in -law are distressed their son. The things that can be done are really bad and to be toion!

Some people in superstitions such as "Yin Yin Marriage" actually believed that they were believed and actually formed a trading chain.

Poisoning, no need to expand, everyone can know.

Be respectful to the deceased, do not harm people because of their greed.

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