The wife died, and the husband dreamed of his wife for help for many days.

After the death of his wife, the husband dreamed of asking his wife for help for a few days in a row. In order to "save" his wife, the man dug the grave disregarding the obstruction of the crowd.

However, the scene in the coffin was stunned.

What kind of changes have happened in the coffin?Is the wife’s dream of dreams true?Or is the man who misses his wife too much?

A Qiang is from Shaanxi. Although the culture of his parents is not very high and he is not strong at hand, they still support A Qiang to read.

However, Aqiang was not the material of reading. After graduating from junior high school, Aqiang decided not to study and go out.

In a blink of an eye, Aqiang has been in his early twenties. According to his hometown’s customs, he should have been married, but because A Qiang has been working hard for so many years, he only wants to work to make money, so there is no girl who has no relationship.

When parents saw that A Qiang was not attentive about his lifelong events, he began to treat Aqiang Zhang Luo in the village.

However, there were no success in the consecutive consecutive. It was either think that the conditions of A Qiang’s family were not good, or that A Qiang was not high and could not make a lot of money.

Just like this, A Qiang, who was going to be 30 years old, was still full of body.

When his parents felt that Aqiang was going to fight the bachelor’s life, the matchmaker suddenly ran through to introduce a girl from a neighboring village to Aqiang. The condition was a bit bad.

A Qiang’s parents asked the matchmaker where the other party had a problem.

The matchmaker said that the girl in the neighboring village was called Xiaoru. She was almost the same as A Qiang’s age. It was because she was sick when she was a child.

After listening, A Qiang’s parents did not feel wrong, and felt that as long as it was not a congenital genetic disease.

So, with the persuasion of his parents and the matchmaker, A Qiang and Xiaoru met.

Soon, the two entered the palace of marriage. One year after marriage, Xiaoru gave birth to a white fat eldest son.

After the child was born, Aqiang chose to go to a long -distance train driver in a long distance, and Xiao Ru stayed at home to take care of the child.

Just when everyone thought everything was in a good direction, Xiao Ru suddenly fell ill.

At first, A Qiang’s parents and Xiao Ru thought they were too hard to take care of their children, so they were not in mind.

But gradually, Xiao Ru had a headache every day, and it was not used after taking painkillers.

Xiao Ru, who really couldn’t stand the headache, decided to go to the hospital to see what disease he had.

After a series of examinations, the doctor said that Xiaoru had cancer, and the discovery was too late, and it was late.

The news was like a thunderbolt, and A Qiang rushed back after learning that Xiaoru was sick.

A Qiang wanted to give all the savings at home to Xiao Ru, but Xiao Ru disagreed, indicating that his illness was a bottomless hole, and no matter how much money he was, he could not cure well.

A Qiang was very sad, but still respected Xiaoru’s wishes. He brought Xiaoru to go home and accompanied her to spend the last time.

A few months later, Xiao Ru left the world.

A few days after Xiao Ru’s death, Aqiang often dreamed that he and Xiao Ru’s life before. Every day in a dream like watching movies, watching himself and Xiao Ru’s knowledge.

A Qiang, who misses his wife, is the most anticipated thing every day is to sleep, because only so can he see his wife.

However, two weeks after his wife died, A Qiang dreamed of his wife again. This time, his dream was no longer beautiful, but was a bit scary.

A Qiang dreamed that Xiaoru was standing in a strange place, stretched out his hand to A Qiang, and shouted loudly to let him save himself.

But when A Qiang wanted to approach Xiao Ru, he found that Xiao Ru was getting farther and farther away from himself, and gradually disappeared into the darkness.

Dreaming of this, A Qiang would wake up instantly, and was soaked by sweat.

A Qiang thinks that Xiao Ru will encounter something bad, otherwise how can he have such a dream.

In the early morning of the next day, A Qiang told his parents about this. After listening, his parents advised A Qiang to think so much. Perhaps he wanted to be too much, so he would have such a dream.

But A Qiang didn’t think so, he felt that Xiao Ru must have encountered something.

Sure enough, that night, A Qiang dreamed of asking Xiao as for help from himself, but he couldn’t catch her.

For three or four days in a row, A Qiang’s dream was always this. In the dream, A Qiang wanted to ask Xiao Ru where Xiao Ru was, but he went to save her, but found that he couldn’t say anything. When he ran to Xiaoru, she leftFarther and farther.

Every time A Qiang woke up from his dream, he decided to go to Xiaoru’s grave to see, maybe Xiao Ru really encountered any difficulties in the ground.

A Qiang brought a lot of paper money to Xiaoru’s grave, and asked if she was missing money. If she encountered any difficulties, she must tell her.

After burning the paper money, A Qiang was reluctant to leave for a long time. He wanted to accompany Xiao Ru.

However, when A Qiang was preparing to add a new soil to Xiaoru’s grave, he found that Xiao Ru’s favorite necklace was gently covered by the soil.

Looking at this, A Qiang was not calm, thinking that at the time, he clearly put the necklace into the coffin. How could it appear outside the grave?Could it be Xiaoru’s death?

When A Qiang returned home, thinking of the dream he had made before and the necklace found, he felt that there would be a monster if he was abnormal.

So he made a bold decision to dig out the small coffin and see what was the situation inside.

When the two parents learned that A Qiang’s decision was learned, they both opposed it.

Xiaoru’s parents said angrily: "If you insist on digging Xiaoru’s coffin, then my family will not have you, the son -in -law, just a dream, you will dig my daughter’s grave?"

A Qiang said: "Xiaoru’s coffin is definitely a problem, otherwise why she was so painful in her dream, and why kept making me save her."

Because at this time, Xiaoru’s death was less than a month, and now digging out her coffin is simply destroying Feng Shui and violating common sense.

But no matter how the two parents and relatives oppose, A Qiang insisted on digging the small coffin.

What everyone didn’t expect was that Xiaoru’s coffin really had huge problems.

When A Qiang was about to start digging Xiaoru’s grave, the people in the village came, and they were all curious about what the ghost in the grave was.

With the help of everyone, A Qiang lifted Xiaoru’s coffin out of the pit. When the coffin covered, the scene inside stunned everyone present.

There is no one in the coffin!

Seeing such a scene, everyone guessed whether it would be a "fraud". After all, the spiritual things did not exist.

A Qiang didn’t believe this kind of "fraud" rumor, he immediately reported to the police.

After the police arrived, it was also very puzzled about the matter.

Subsequently, through the police’s investigation, it was found that there was a wheel printing at a meter of the grave.According to common sense, no one will drive the car in this kind of place.

The police immediately launched an inspection and did find a suspicious van through nearby monitoring.

After the police found the van, they compared their wheels with the wheels next to the grave. They found that the two belonged to the same object. This van must have a relationship with Xiaoru.

Through a few days of squatting, the police caught a group of people taking a van.

After the interrogation, the identity of these people was exposed. It turned out that they were grave robbers, but they did not stole gold and silver treasures, but corpses.

The grave robber gang said that at that time they received a "live", and the silly son of a household died. Because of his head problems, he did not marry a wife during his lifetime.

But his parents wanted to find a daughter -in -law for his son in the underworld, so that he was not so lonely below, and found them, hoping that they could find a female corpse.

After taking this "living", they passed by a graveyard and happened to find that Xiaoru’s family was holding a funeral ceremony for her. After seeing the photos, learning that Xiao Ru was a woman, he decided to wait for the night to dig out Xiao Ru, and give it to that.The silly son of the family is matched with the underworld.

In the end, they sold Xiaoru’s price of 50,000 yuan to the parents.

Through the police’s persuasion and enlightenment, the family who sold Xiao Ru’s body would return Xiaoru to Aqiang.

In the end, the grave robbing gang was also punished.

"Xiaoru gave Aqiang’s dream" Perhaps this thing, maybe there is a soul existence after the death; or maybe Aqiang was caused by his wife too much.However, no matter how fortunately, there is A Qiang’s persistence, Xiao Ru can rest in peace.

Although all this can be explained, everyone still has to believe in science and don’t be too superstitious.

Xiaoru’s experience is not an example. The marriage giving the dead has always existed beside everyone.

Just like the previous year, a female net celebrity with more than 600,000 fans decided to decide her life because she had been suffering from depression for a long time.

At that time, the female Internet celebrity was broadcast live and committed suicide by drinking pesticides, so it caused a lot of sensation on the Internet.

About a month after the women’s network celebrities died, when everyone gradually forgot about this, some media broke the news that the ashes of the net red were packed with a beautiful marriage!

This matter can be said to be beyond the bottom line of everyone, and there are many discussions on the Internet, and the police immediately launched an investigation after learning about it.

It is reported that this incident was reported by the funeral home, and the transaction process was recorded throughout the process.

Zhang opened two Shoushou clothing shops around the hospital and the funeral home, so he was more familiar with the situation of each deceased.

Therefore, Zhang bears the "heavy responsibility" of locking targets and contacted the buyer.After that, perform the package operation.

Finally, the driver Lei Mou drove to the funeral home in advance. After getting the ashes, he drove to the buyer’s location quickly.

After the incident was revealed, Zhang’s wife did not repent at all, but instead said that the wedding was not rare.

The reason why this incident was revealed, Zhang’s wife said that because the competition between peers was too fierce, others deliberately pitted their husbands. After all, they could make 50,000 to 70,000 to "one order".

He also said that the reason why the female net red has not yet succeeded because the buyer did not have her.

In the end, the ashes of the women’s net red returned to their parents and brought them back to their hometown for burial.

From the words of Zhang’s wife, we can know that they may not do this kind of thing once or twice, and the industrial chain behind them may be very complete.

According to media reports, now in the domestic wedding market, less than 150,000 yuan cannot even buy a bone.

And some people will inspect in front of the grave every day after matching their children’s wedding, so as not to dig away the child’s "object".

In fact, the reason why the phenomenon of downtime has always existed is inseparable from the beliefs of ancient folks.

Many people think that if the child leaves the world without getting married, the days after their death are full of loneliness.

This is not only bad for the deceased, but also affects the living people.Therefore, they will find people who do this kind of business to find an underworld target for their children.

It has been a custom since ancient times, but it must be treated rationally without excessive obsession.

If the bad atmosphere of the wedding is prevailing, it is likely that the situation of malicious injuries to sell corpses is likely. This behavior is extremely bad and inhumane.

Custom beliefs can be retained, but vulgar and superstitions need to be changed.The state can also introduce relevant laws to severely crack down on this illegal act, and give the deceased a respect.

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