The wife gave birth to two sons in the same day, doctor: not twins, the husband became furious

Yaoyao was finally pregnant after six years of marriage. After inspecting the doctor, he told Yaoyao that there were two babies in his belly. Yaoyao’s husband and in -laws were particularly happy.But when Yao Yao gave birth to two sons, the doctor claimed that the two babies were definitely not twins.The doctor’s words not only made Yao Yao’s in -laws doubt, but also made Yaoyao’s husband furious.

Yaoyao married her husband at the age of 24, but after more than three years of marriage, Yaoyao had no signs of pregnancy.

Listening to people behind them, Yao Yao and her husband’s heart were uncomfortable.In particular, Yaoyao’s father -in -law and mother -in -law also began to be cold or hot.

Yao Yao’s mother -in -law often carried Yao Yao and chatted with her son. In the words, he knocked on his son beside his son, which means that if Yaoyao has a problem that you ca n’t give birth, do n’t delay each other. It ’s better to divorce.

Yaoyao and her husband have a good relationship, but it is always an obstacle to marriage for marriage.Under the pressure of the father -in -law, Yaoyao’s husband frowned all day.

Yaoyao is a smart woman. She usually knows that her father -in -law’s attitude towards themselves knows that they put a lot of pressure on her husband.

When I got up one morning, Yaoyao looked at her husband carefully and said, "Is it better to go to the hospital and take a check?"

Seeing that my husband was silent, Yao Yao said, "I have been to the hospital several times, and the doctor said that there is no problem. This infertility is much more, what’s going on?Yao said to push a husband.

After a while, the husband seemed to have a big determination, got up and nodded, and said with a hard head, "I’m going!"

Yaoyao’s husband’s husband was very embarrassed. Considering the face problem, he was afraid that he had a problem, and he was afraid that relatives and friends would talk about it.

As a result, Yaoyao’s husband had no abnormalities after he went to the hospital for examination. The results of the examination showed that Yaoyao’s husband was fine and he was healthy.The doctor suggested that Yao Yao and her husband should not have too much psychological pressure, and emotions will affect pregnancy.

Since the body is fine, it can only follow everything.After Yao Yao and her husband knew that the two people had no problem, they suddenly felt a lot of relaxation. They could not have a birth, probably the fate with the child.

One day Yao Yao and her husband said that she would take a leave for a day. Because her high school classmates had to meet, she had not met with her old classmates for a while. She wanted to meet and contact her feelings.

Yaoyao’s husband heard that Yao Yao was going to attend a high school classmate party, and his face was not good -looking. "Is your first love?"

Yao Yao stunned and said with a smile: "I don’t know, I haven’t been in contact."

"I suggest you don’t go, but it’s just a high school classmate party. Everyone has their own lives. What are the good contacts in Tiannanhai and the North."

Yaoyao showed a very embarrassing expression, "But I have agreed to go to my classmates."

"Then you go, but don’t drink alcohol, we are during pregnancy."

"Hmm!" Yao Yao nodded with a smile.

Time is like a breeze passing through the mouth, and it is disappeared as soon as it is.After more than a month after the classmate party, Yao Yao found that her body was a little uncomfortable. The menstruation did not come as scheduled. She often felt tired and sleepy.As soon as the hospital was checked, it turned out to be pregnant, and the doctor told Yao Yao that she had two times this time.After being surprised, Yao Yao was ecstatic. She danced happily, and was glad that she did not drink when her classmates met.

After returning home, Yao Yao told her husband about her pregnancy that her husband and Yao Yao were as happy. He quickly told his parents about Yao Yao’s good news.

Yaoyao’s father -in -law’s mother -in -law hopes that her grandson is looking forward to more than three years. Now Yaoyao is finally pregnant, and she still conceives two at once, making Yao Yao’s father -in -law’s mother -in -law be happy.

From then on, Yaoyao’s father -in -law and mother -in -law’s attitude towards Yaoyao also turned 180 degrees, especially Yao Yao’s mother -in -law began to change his body to make up for Yaoyao.

But this time, the days when the family was held in the heart, and the birth of the two children in the belly of Yaoyao was over.

Yao Yao had been fat to more than 160 pounds when she was in production, and walking was a problem.The doctor suggested Yaoyao’s delivery, saying that although Yaoyao’s belly was pregnant with two, but her physical condition was good, and the child’s fetal position was fine. If she was afraid of pain, she could have painless delivery.

Although Yao Yao was a little scared, he decided to obey the doctor’s advice.

On the day of production, because of the first child, Yao Yao was still crying by pain. When the palace opened to the four fingers, the doctor gave Yao Yao painless.It didn’t take long for Yao Yao’s first child to be born.But after the first baby was born, the second baby did not show signs of birth.Because of the retraction of Gongkou, the doctor had to perform a cesarean section surgery for Yao Yao.

When Yao Yao’s second baby was held out, Yaoyao’s mother -in -law and husband were all happy.Yaoyao’s husband looked at the two newly -born sons carefully looked at it for a while. He felt that the two children were obviously twins but why they looked different. There was no place like each other.

Unexpectedly, Yao Yao’s husband laughed at the doctor. The doctor said seriously: "The two sons of your family are definitely not twins."

"Isn’t it twins? Obviously it was born from my daughter -in -law’s belly, or on the same day, how could it be not twins?" Yao Yao’s husband was confused, and Yao Yao’s mother -in -law was puzzled.

The doctor smiled again and explained carefully: "The two sons of your family are really not twins. Although they are born on the same day, if the second is not a cesarean section, it is likely to wait for two days.Pregnancy and pregnancy. That is to say, after the first baby was pregnant, he became pregnant again after two days, so he was pregnant with two babies. Their size was different. And twins are generally a fertilized division and development. Your family is this.Two babies can only be regarded as brothers, developed from two fertilized eggs. "

Yao Yao’s husband instantly understood the doctor’s words, and his face gradually became a little ugly.

Yaoyao dismantled and went home for a week after she lived in the hospital.Because Yaoyao gave birth to two, Yao Yao’s mother -in -law couldn’t be busy, so Yao Yao proposed to let his mother come to help and ask for another month.Everyone can be busy during confinement and will not be busy.

Yaoyao’s husband heard that he would invite a month to be unbalanced.Thinking of the doctor said that Yao Yao was pregnant in the same period, and he felt bumpy.He remembered that Yao Yao had attended a classmate party before pregnancy, and her first love heard that she had gone.

Yaoyao’s husband still remembers that Yaoyao looked a little awkward after returning home.Asked her, she said that everyone was very happy to drink. She couldn’t drink because she was preparing for pregnancy. At that time, some classmates still strongly persuaded to drink, which was a little embarrassed.

Yaoyao’s husband became more and more doubtful. One child had an extra child.He started searching for information about the rehabilitation of the same period on the Internet. This searched does not matter. There are many rehabilitation in the same period. The probability is very low. Generally, children who have re -pregnancy are the same mother.These make Yaoyao’s husband more awkward.

During Yaoyao’s confinement, Yaoyao’s husband was restless and couldn’t sleep.Yao Yao’s husband agreed to take Yao Yao’s mother to help, but he was unwilling to invite Yueyue.

Yaoyao was unwilling to invite Yueyue when she saw her husband. She was very uncomfortable. She always felt that her husband’s attitude was particularly awkward.Otherwise, she was particularly cold to her, unlike she always sticking to her before, asking her warmth.

Yaoyao was in a mood very depressed, and she was in a bad mood after giving birth. She felt that she might be suspicious.A few days later, Yaoyao’s husband hurried out from the house with a sealed plastic bag. She thought that her husband was a company’s document and didn’t care too much.

When eating at night, Yao Yao’s mother -in -law said to Yaoyao’s husband at the dinner table, "What did you pull the two children’s hair at noon? The child cried for a while."

Yaoyao’s husband’s face suddenly embarrassed.When she heard her mother -in -law say something, Yaoyao looked at her husband instantly. She remembered the bag in her husband’s hand and thought of her husband’s attitude towards her after giving birth to two sons. Her heart suddenly reached the bottom of the valley.

Yaoyao suddenly felt particularly wronged, and suddenly patted the chopsticks on the table, staring at her husband with tears, and asked, "What do you mean?"

Yaoyao’s husband naturally knew the meaning of Yaoyao’s words, and also tried to throw the chopsticks on the table. He was furious and replied: "What do you say? If you don’t have a ghost in your heart, what are you excited?"

Yao Yao’s mother -in -law and mother did not know what happened. I don’t know why the two were very good, just to make trouble for the two hair.Both of them hurriedly dissuaded, saying that Yao Yao took confinement, let Yaoyao’s husband go out first, don’t make Yaoyao angry, in case of anger, it will be troublesome.

Yao Yao’s husband came out of the door angrily, and left without a few sips.

After her husband left, Yaoyao had no mood to eat.After thinking about it, this is what her husband does not trust her anymore. What is the meaning of this marriage?

Although Yaoyao’s husband was very puzzled, Yaoyao had been restrained during confinement.But her husband took the hair of his two sons to do parent -child identification. It was like a thorn in Yao Yao’s heart, stabbing her.

After the confinement, Yao Yao would bring his two sons to his mother’s house.She said that marriage needs to trust each other. If her husband does not trust herself, this marriage is boring.If the husband does not give her an explanation, there will be no need to live in the future.

Yao Yao’s mother advised Yao Yao that the child was innocent. Now there are two sons. If you leave your mother -in -law, how does Yaoyao take two children?

If you are Yaoyao’s husband, will you secretly hold your child’s hair for parent -child identification?

What if you are Yaoyao?

I am a mother who is happy and candy, thank you for reading, welcome to leave a message to share your feelings!

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