The woman associates with two men, and after pregnancy, I do n’t know who the child ’s father is.

Wang Ling was born in rural areas, and his face was bumpy. He chose to work in a big city after graduation.Looking at the prosperity of the city, she was determined to be out of place, but she went to astringent because of her inconsistent mind.

At first, Wang Ling thought that he could stand in the city with his own efforts to stand in the city and live an ideal life.A few years later, his career has not improved.Her heart feels anxious and embarrassed.

Occasionally, she met a man named Yang Peng.Yang Peng belongs to the working class. Although the income is not high, the work is very stable.When the two sides knew, Yang Peng was attracted by Wang Ling. She took her to get off work every day and asked her to dinner. When she had time, she would accompany her.

For Wang Lin, Yang Peng couldn’t give her life she wanted. She didn’t want to be trapped in Chaimi oil and salt so ordinary, but under the fierce pursuit of Yang Peng, the two still determined their love relationship.

Soon, Wang Ling met a man named Li Youfu. He claimed that he was single because he was busy in his career in these years. He was 37 years old and opened the company.Successful career is Wang Ling’s ideal object.

Li Youfu also looked at the youthful and beautiful Wang Lin.After the confession, Wang Ling stood up and accepted it.Li Youfu rented a apartment for Wang Ling.The two often went out to play, shopping, eating … Wang Ling felt happily beckoning her.

For Yang Peng, Wang Ling did not break up with him, but the relationship was much more indifferent.

After waking up one morning, Wang Ling saw that there was a person’s note in Li Youfu’s mobile phone as "wife".Under her questioning, Li Youfu confessed that although he was married, seven years have passed, but he has no children with his wife. Now that his relationship is broken, divorce is sooner or later.

Wang Ling felt that she was played by Li Youfu. Her dream was to marry rich people, but now, her dream is broken again.She packed out and moved out of the apartment. Her bottom line was not a primary three.

Wang Ling returned to his former residence, and the whole person’s will disappear, and he could only use wine to sorrow … When Yang Peng called Wang Ling, he learned that Wang Ling was drunk, and he hurried over.Looking at Yang Peng, who was busy in front of him, Wang Ling was guilty for the first time, and felt that this kind of ordinary life was also good.

During that time, Wang Ling and Yang Peng had a good relationship and found that she was pregnant soon.After the date, the child should be drunk, but she can’t figure out who the child is?Because the two men did not exceed one day.

When Wang Ling was puzzled, Li Youfu called to apologize and asked her to go out to meet.Wang Ling went to the appointment, and she wanted to take a look at Li Youfu’s view of her pregnancy.Li Youfu’s family has been a single transmission, and he has always wanted children after marriage. Unfortunately, he failed to do so.After learning that Wang Ling was pregnant, he transferred her 50,000 yuan on the spot to keep her good for her body.

Li Youfu also promised that he would divorce his wife when he went back, and then married Wang Ling.Li Youfu promised so much that Wang Lin’s heart was shaken again. Seeing Li Youfu’s obsession with the child, her heart had burying hope.

After a while, Li Youfu still had no movement. Thinking of divorce to divide the property, it would definitely not take a short time.Wang Ling didn’t want to have a child unmarried, and looked at the big belly of the day, she thought of a way.

Wang Ling said that she could find someone as a "pick -up man". She could marry Yang Peng first. After Li Youfu dealt with the divorce, she divorced.Then they can get married brightly.Hearing Wang Ling’s saying, Li Youfu only had a difficult consent.Wang Ling told Yang Peng about pregnancy. Yang Peng was ecstatic, and the two quickly got married.A few months after marriage, a boy was born.

Wang Ling had planned to divorce Yang Peng, but Li Youfu said that if he wants to divorce, he can only go out of the house and drag.Wang Ling was so angry after listening. He felt that Li Youfu was deceiving her again, and he didn’t want to divorce at all.In order to prove that the child was Li Youfu, Wang Ling went to a parent -child identification.The identification results are the opposite of her thoughts. The child is Yang Peng.

Wang Ling was desperate, but she didn’t want to give up the opportunity to live a good life.Since those who can’t get him, then get his money.She carefully fabricated a lie, and she told Li Youfu that the child needed 1 million surgery fees to get a serious illness. If he didn’t get the money, he would disappear with the child.Looking at Wang Ling, who was vowing, Li Youfu made money to her after a few days.

After Qian got his hands, Li Ling told Li Youfu that the child did not rescue him, and then hung up the phone and disappeared completely.Li Youfu thought that he had never even seen his children, and he must be deceived by Wang Ling.He didn’t dare to stretch, but 1 million was not a small number. Soon, Li Youfu’s wife called the police.

In the end, Wang Ling was sentenced to 7 years in prison for fraud. After divorcing her with her, Yang Peng asked the child’s custody.Evil.

Here here, marriage is like a transaction.And "the child is the man"?As a mother, Wang Ling has never considered the physical and mental health of the child, and just wants to live a good life.Anyone should follow the discipline and law, "gentleman loves money, takes the way". If you want to live a good life, you can only rely on your own efforts.

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