The woman derailed others during pregnancy and was arrested by her husband. His wife: He came to repair the sewer

Recently, the life of a newlywed couple has shocked.A pregnant wife was found to have a relationship with another man on the spot by her husband, but she claimed that the other party was just to repair the sewer.The incident caused her husband’s anger, and he made a divorce request.

Mr. Zhang and his wife Ms. Wang have been married for more than a year.Although they met through friends, they quickly came together and soon held a wedding.The couple began a happy and happy life.However, a few months after marriage, Ms. Wang came with a good news -she was pregnant with Mr. Zhang’s child.Mr. Zhang was very happy to accept the news and informed his parents to the good news, and his parents generously gave it to Ms. Wang’s 10,000 yuan red envelope.

However, the good times are not long.Because Mr. Zhang is busy with work, he often needs to travel.Before a day of business trip, Mr. Zhang explained his trip to his wife.However, after the afternoon of his departure, he found that there was a strange man in the family, and the man was a friend Wang met online.In terrifying, Mr. Zhang witnessed his wife and the man’s naked body, and they were playing cards on the sofa and bed.This scene made Mr. Zhang completely stunned, and he couldn’t describe everything that happened in front of him in words.

When Ms. Wang and her netizens realized that Mr. Zhang came, his wife hurriedly put on clothes, while the man hurriedly fled the scene.Mr. Zhang wanted to chase the man, but was stopped by his wife.

At this time, his wife argued to Mr. Zhang that the sewer at home was blocked, and the man just came to repair it.She claimed that she had a wrong behavior because of her confusion.However, Mr. Zhang expressed doubts about his wife and insisted on divorce.Ms. Wang knelt on the ground and asked her husband to understand and promised that she would not make the same mistakes in the future.

However, Mr. Zhang still had doubts in his heart, and he began to ask his wife about his child’s biological identity.He asked for a parent -child identification after the child was born. Only by confirming that the child was his own child would he consider forgive his wife.If the result shows that the child is not his biological child, he will resolutely choose to divorce.

This question has entered the intense stage of the relationship between the couple.During this time, Mr. Zhang was full of anxiety and anxiety.He started to remember the little bit of marriage, thinking about whether his wife had other signs to show her infidelity.On the long night at night, Mr. Zhang often lay alone on the bed, caught deep contemplation.

The wife, Ms. Wang, also realized that her mistakes brought huge harm to the family.She felt endless regret and blame.In order to restore her husband’s trust, she took the initiative to change her lifestyle and strive to improve her morality and family responsibility.She took the initiative to find a marriage consultant, hoping to use professional help to rebuild the trust and feelings between husband and wife.

With the guidance and help of the consultant, the couple began to conduct in -depth communication and exchanges.They faced each other’s pain and distrust, and also worked hard to understand each other’s inner distress.Ms. Wang, his wife, showed Mr. Zhang’s determination to regret and change to Mr. Zhang without reservation.She frankly admitted to Mr. Zhang’s mistake and promised to use action to prove her change.She expressed her willingness to accept any punishment and challenges, and only hoped to restore this marriage.

Gradually, Mr. Zhang felt the sincerity and change of his wife.He saw her efforts and dedication for this family.He began to realize that marriage is a journey that requires the joint efforts and tolerance of both parties, and the love and commitments they have existed.After a period of hard repairs, Mr. Zhang decided to give his wife the last chance to wait for the child to perform parent -child identification after birth.

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